The Audacity of Hope Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream By Barack Obama Full Book Summary 2023

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Barack Obama wrote Audacity of Hope when he was a senator. In this book you will be able to know more about his life and his thoughts. Obama hoped for a better America. His love for his country and people is really praiseworthy. His same passion made him one of the best leaders of America. If you want to become a civil servant, then you must read this book.

Who Should Read This Book

Lawyers who want to become politicians Government workers who want to become leaders

About Anthar

Barack Obama is the 44th President of the USA. Before becoming president, Obama was a civil rights lawyer and served as a senator from Illinois.

Have done. He is from the Democrat Party. In 2009, Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize. He started the Obama Foundation in 2014.

The Audacity of Hope Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream


Do you know U.S. Barack Obama had been a senator twice before becoming the President of? Do you know what stand he took on issues like abortion and border control? Is he religious? Conservative Thinking or Liberal? You will find answers to all such questions arising in your mind in this book.

Barack Obama wrote Audacity of Hope when he was a senator from Illinois. He has written about the people he met and his family, his dream of making a better America, everything in this book. Some people think that he was the best President of America till now. Barack Obama US Everyone knows that Black was the President before, but you will get to know a lot more about him from this book.

Republicans and Democrats

Of course, it may not be the most beautiful part of the Capitol, but still the beauty of the Senate Chamber is worth seeing. Its long-wide walls and tall columns are made of marble. The color of the ceiling is creamy white oval in which you can see the American Eagle in the centre. 100 mahogany desk mounted in a semi-circle. Some of which have been kept here since 1819. If you open the drawers, you will see the names of those honorable members who are sitting here.

You can also see the signatures of Kennedy, Long, Taft and others. Sometimes I imagine my great senators giving inspiring speech here who gave their contribution in making this country. But you will find it strange to hear that me and my colleagues hardly sit in this senatorial chamber and that too when we have to cast our vote.

Before that we study the bills as to when to pass them. We discuss amendments with our committee chairmen, staff and majority leaders. At the time of vote, our position is already solid because our staff, lobbyists and interest groups are with us. By the way, we spend more time in our office only. Where we study law, attend our calls etc. and hold meetings with our constituents.

Sometimes we also go to television studios to do live interviews. Our working day is normally of 12 to 13 hours. I still remember the day when I took oath for 109th Congress. It was a very pleasant sunny day, my friends and family members came to support me. My two daughters Malia and Sasha were running around the hall in their beautiful dresses.

My wife Michelle and I were talking holding each other’s hands. We spent some quality time with our supporters in the Congress library. We laughed together, hugged each other, shook hands and clicked lots of pics. Everyone wished us good luck. But after the ceremony, my colleagues and I got busy with our work.

And we also came to know that the Senate is divided. There is always disagreement between Republicans and Democrats on every issue. Be it the issue of Iraq or gay marriage. From tax to immigration, trade, abortion and education etc., both are always opposite to each other. We disagree for our disagreement. We disagree on the nature of our disagreement and we disagree on the scope of our disagreement.

Now take the issue of climate change. The Republicans have their own views on the facts, causes, and culture of climate change and the Democrats have their own. Of course, it is also a fact that there is a lot of difference between the politics in the country today and the kind of politics that the country really needs. And in the midst of all this, millions of Americans go to work, pay bills, raise their children and get their health insurance done.

They have learned to take everything upon themselves leaving aside unnecessary talk. I think the senate needs to look into how to serve batter to people. Leaving the differences of our ideology, we will have to make some compromises. Above all, Republicans and Democrats need to learn that sometimes the other person’s point can be right. Americans are waiting for a Senate that does its job with more maturity, common sense and responsibility.

Our Constitution

No one knows the Senate better than Senator Robert C. Byrd. I met him when he was 87. He has been in the Senate for 47 years where he handled each and every position. He was the Majority Leader for the first six years and the Minority Leader for the next six years. Senator Byrd was from West Virginia. He grew up in a coal mining town in his uncle and aunt’s house. His memory was so good that even at a very young age he could remember long poems orally.

And he also used to play the fiddle very well. In his young age, when he did not have the money to go to college, he had to do jobs ranging from salesmen to meat cutters and welders. He joined politics after the World War. He became a Congressman in 1952. And joined the Senate in 1958. Senator Byrd always gave priority to the welfare of working class people.

He got many laws passed for union protection and health benefits of miners. Apart from this, he also did a lot of work for the infrastructure and electric source of the people of the poor community. After 10 years of becoming his senate, he took a law degree after doing a night course. If there was anything Senator Byrd loved next to his wife, it was the Constitution and the history of the Senate. He has written 4 volumes in Senate History. Senator Byrd always carries a pocket-sized copy of the Constitution with him wherever he goes.

I was advised by my senior colleagues that I should have a meeting with Senator Byrd. As I have just started my term, I may need their advice. Many books and old photographs were kept in the private office of Senator Byrd. I also requested to click some photos with him. We smiled and shook hands looking at the camera.

I asked Senator Byrd about the condition of his wife who had been ill for some time. I was looking at the photos hanging in his office and Senator Byrd started telling me the story behind each photo. After all this, I asked this respectable man, “What advice would he like to give me if I become a new senator.”

“Learn the rules” he said “not only rules but also set examples” Then he showed me the collection of thick binders. Each one of them was marked and labeled by him. “’Nowadays people do not like to read them because it requires time. And today’s senator does not have time to learn all this. We did the history of the Senate. We also discussed the presidents with whom Byrd had worked and the bills he passed during his time. “Don’t worry, you’ll learn everything,” Senator Byrd told me.

The important thing is that do not be in a hurry in any work. Many senators are eyeing the presidency. But they do not know that the Constitution of Senate is actually the heart and soul of the government. “Today there are very few people who read the constitution”. Senator Byrd took his own copy out of his brace pocket and said, “I’ve always said that this document and the Holy Bible are the two things I’ve always taken as guidance.” Before leaving, he showed me his entire Senate history.

Volumes Gift Key. I told him that it is a good thing that you get time to write. “Oh, I’ve been very lucky in this matter,” said Senator Byrd. “I’m rather thankful that I’ve had so much. Some follies of youth…”

“We all regret something or the other, Senator”, but we pray that God has mercy on us in the end” I replied.

He looked into my eyes and smiled softly. “Yes you are right, God is great. Let me put my signature on these volumes”.


To understand the American economy, I visited Galesburg town in western Illinois. This town is known for its rubber, steel and industrial parts manufacturing. But now all the plants here were closed. I specially went to the Maytag plant because the company was planning to move its operation plant to Mexico and lay off its 1600 employees. I met with union leader Dave Beward. He told that they tried every strategy to change the mind of the owner but it did not work.

Union spoke to the press, contacted investors, sought support from local politicians, but still the matter was not resolved. “It is not that the company is not making profit”, we have cut the salary, reduced our benefits, still the CEO wants to take the whole business to Mexico and is paying six times more to the workers there than here Is”. Dave spoke.

I offered Dave some solutions from my end such as we will improve retraining programs for future employees and remove tax breaks for companies that outsource their operations.” When I was leaving, a big man wearing a baseball cap came in front of me. It was Tim Wheeler, the union leader at a nearby steel plant. Due to plant closure, he was getting unemployment insurance but he was worried about his health care benefits.

“My son Mark is to have a liver transplant”. Tim said, we are still on the waiting list for a donor, but my health care benefits have run out. We don’t know if Medicaid will cover all these expenses or not and no one is telling us clearly. I have sold everything I have for Mark’s treatment, I have taken loans but still the money is falling short. Tim had tears in his eyes. I assured her that I would check Medicaid to see what might be covered. I left for Chicago alone. I kept thinking of Tim Wheeler who didn’t have a job and didn’t have any savings to save his sick son..

Americans got advantage from globalization. Flat screen TVs and the price of peaches had come down in winter, apart from this the purchasing power had increased and the inflation rate had also come down. However, globalization had its own disadvantages as well. In order to stay competitive and attract global investors, American companies were moving away or automating their operations. Companies had now become very strict regarding salary increment, health benefits and retirement plans.

And the result of this was that the condition of the economy had become “winner take all”. The people who were at the top of the society were only benefiting and the people of the lower level were traveling. Corporate leaders were talking of growth, productivity and profits while ordinary workers were getting none of it. For example, take tech companies like Google that hire top marketers, lawyers, consultants and engineers.

And these knowledge workers get full benefits of modern technology but what about the skilled workers of Maytag? Even machines or workers of any other country will easily replace them. So the question arises that what can the government do about it. I could see three solutions for how Americans can become more competitive in the global market. First is that invest in education, children especially black and Latino communities should get better life opportunities.

Second is that investment should be made in science and technology. Get more federal support for research, as well as provide more training opportunities for scientists and engineers. Third, investment should be made in energy. Those in power should be aware that the country’s increasing dependence on energy sources can become a threat to it. Therefore, alternative fuels and hybrid car production can get a huge opportunity as proved by many other countries.


I’ve always wanted to protect Roe v. Wade. Because of this law, abortion is legal in America. Each state has its own specific rules regarding the accessibility and condition of the medical procedure, yet abortion has been a controversial issue in America. The anti-abortion activists here bully women who go to abortion clinics. These people shout slogans loudly and show photographs of dead fetuses to women. There are some of them whom I have met in my campaign rally.

These people keep an eye outside the venue and stand silently with handmade banners. Although these activists do not disturb any of our events, but my staff remains alert. If protestors are seen at the event, my staff tells me to leave through the back door. But I tell my driver “I don’t want to go from behind. Tell them that I am coming from the front. I saw a group and went to them.

Introducing myself, I shook hands with him, “You guys want to come in?” I asked “No, thank you” said one of them. The man gave me a pamphlet. “Mr. Obama, let me tell you that I agree with most of your points”.

“I’m glad” I said.

“And I know you are a Christian man with children. He said.

“Exactly” I replied.

“So how can you support smothering babies”?

I told her that I can understand her feelings but I disagree with her point of view, then I explained to her that most pregnant women do not want to do this and they may have some compulsion behind abortion like poverty, disease, disability or Rape. If abortion is banned, I am afraid that these women may use unsafe procedures or seek help from unqualified doctors. And above all, I want to find such a solution that no woman should think about abortion.

The man politely listened to me and said “I will pray for you, I will pray that your heart changes”

My family background is not religious at all. When my mother was young, she heard some preachers say that three-fourths of the world’s population are ignorant and will be punished in heaven. And those people also used to say that Earth and Sky were created in seven days. Mom remembered how some religious ladies used to talk bad about people who were not like them, and there were some religious men who used to verbally abuse immigrant workers and pay them less salary.

It is not that my mother did not tell me anything about Faith, rather she taught me a lot. The Bible, the Quran, the Bhagavad Gita, the Norse and Greek and African mythology are kept in the bookshelf of our house. Mother used to take me to church on Christmas and Easter days. Often she also took me to Chinese New Year celebrations, Buddhist temples, Shinto shrines and ancient Hawaiian burial sites. My mother is more spiritual than religious. His sense of morality is great. Charity, kindness and love, it’s all in his nature.

It was my mother who taught me the lessons of Empathy, Honesty, Discipline and Hard Work. And she is very concerned about injustice and poverty. Many times he woke me up in the middle of the night to see the beauty of the moon. She used to close my eyes and tell me to listen to the sound of wind and rustle of leaves. He loved children, loved to hold them, tickle them and play games with them. My mother has seen and admired the beauty of this world.

I remember one evening, sitting at the dinner table watching my two daughters laugh and Michelle fuming that they hadn’t even touched the vegetables.

My younger daughter Sasha once asked me what happens after death? She said to me “I don’t want to die daddy?” I hugged her tightly and said “You don’t need to think about it right now, you have a long life ahead of you”, although I myself don’t know what happens after death, I don’t even know what happens after the Big Bang what happened before. But I do know for sure that when I was putting my daughters to bed that night, I was feeling like heaven.


“There is no such thing as Black America and White America, Latin America and Asian America—there is only one America, and that is the United States of America”. These lines are part of my speech which I gave in 2004 during the Democratic National Convention. Those who meet me for the first time, these lines speak to me. These words remind me of Martin Luther King when he said don’t judge people by their skin color but judge them by their character.

Since childhood, I have been dreaming of an America which is of diverse culture. My biological father was white and my mother was black. My half sister is black and Indonesian mix. One could be fooled by her looks to be Puerto Rican or Mexican.

Some of my blood relatives look like Margaret Thatcher and some like Will Smith. Our Christmas Reunion U.N. Looks like a journal assembly. And this is the reason why I am very open minded about race and tribes. I think that America has always welcomed those coming from outside with an open heart and this is its strength. Our country takes guidance from our constitution whose basic concept is equal citizenship and opportunity for all.

Most minorities live in California, Texas, Hawaii, New Mexico and Colombia. In the remaining 12 other states, 30% of the population is of blacks, Latinos and Asians. Experts believe that by 2050, America will no longer be the country of whites only. By the way, American society is not completely color blind either. Still a lot of work needs to be done here.

Latinos and Black people still lag far behind White people in employment, life expectancy and home ownership. Wall Street just needs more Latino CEOs or Black COOs. I am currently the only African American in this Senate. There are only 3 Latino and 2 Asian legislators. Personally, I have seen security guards following me in malls. Once I was waiting for the valet outside a restaurant. So some white couples threw their car keys at me.

It also happened many times that the policemen asked me to stop the car without any reason. I mean to say that even today the racial discrimination in the American society is still the same as it was in the time of Martin Luther King, despite his hard work and sacrifice, it has not completely ended yet. Our work is not done yet. Racial issues have already been battered in America but batter is not enough. Now we have to fulfill the dreams of Martin Luther King and others.

A group of activists came to meet me at my office during the immigration debate. They were asking me to sponsor a private relief bill that could give citizenship to the 30 Mexicans who were deported. These people left their spouses and children with legal residency. My staff Danny Sepulveda, who is half Chilean, handled the activist issue. He explained to the group that my sympathy is completely with him.

I was also one of the sponsors of the immigration bill, but I could not select only those 30 from lakhs of people who were stuck in the same situation and were struggling. Those activists accused me that I do not care about immigrants and their children. He also said that I am more concerned with guarding the borders than doing justice. He also told Danny that he is deceiving the people of his root and culture. I was getting very frustrated due to all these things.

I wanted to face the group and tell them that American citizenship is not a right but a privilege. If you do not have respect for border or law, then the opportunity and security you get will always be in danger. The most important thing is that I cannot tolerate people who abuse my staff, especially those who are supporting their cause. It was Danny who talked to me about it. He told me that meeting this group would be counter productive.

A few weeks later I attended a workshop on naturalization in Wisconsin where I shook hands with the workshop attendees. There I met a Mexican lady whose son was on duty in Iraq. I also met a young Colombian who was a valet at a nearby restaurant. He told that he is an accounting student at the local community college. I also met a little girl there whose name was Christina. She came to me and asked for autograph.

Christina told me that she studies in a government school and she would show my autograph to her class. She was in third grade, I told her parents that you must be very proud of your little sweet girl.

Seeing this little girl, I felt that America need not be afraid of newcomers. These people are also like European families who came here 150 years ago. These people have left their homeland to escape from war and starvation. Of course, they do not have any legal documents or any special skills that can give them hope to live a better life.

America has nothing to fear from people who look different and speak differently. But the country must take care that new comers also get equal rights and equal opportunities. Our democracy is not as much threatened by immigrants as it is by inequality and racial discrimination. I want Christina and my two daughters to live in an America where everyone’s dreams can come true.


I met my wife Michelle at a law firm where we both worked. At that time she was already a practicing lawyer while I was a summer associate. Michelle went straight to Harvard Law College after college. And I worked as a community organizer for 3 years. I had three suits at that time which I used to wash and wear, and one pair of leather shoes which were half size short. One morning it was raining when I reached my summer advisor’s office. Michelle was friendly but a professional young attorney. While working together for a long time, we started getting to know each other.

We used to meet in the cafeteria and also in the library or sometimes on outings which our firm used to organize. Everything was going well but she was still not ready for a proper date. She used to say that it is not good because she is my advisor. “This is a useless excuse” I used to tell him. “Come on, what advice are you giving me? You just tell how the copy machine works. You are telling me which restaurant to try and I don’t think just one date is against the firm’s policy.

But I was also not going to give up so easily, I kept trying and finally she said yes. One afternoon we were having ice cream at the Baskin-Robbins near my apartment. We were talking while sitting in a curb. I told Michelle that I worked at Baskin Robbins when I was a teenager. She told me that when she was little, for two years she only ate peanut butter and jelly and nothing else. I asked if I can meet your family then he said ok. Then I asked him can I kiss you, then he again said ok.

I kissed her, her taste was like ice cream. Michelle grew up in a good family. Her mom and dad were responsible parents. And his brother is a talented basketball player.

When Michelle was young, her father had multiple sclerosis, but despite this he continued to earn for his family. And his mom also made a lot of effort to keep everything normal. Many critics say that there is no more family culture in America, some feel that all this is happening because of gay parades and Hollywood movies. Some say that people are running away from family life because of low income and unreliable day care. According to social conservatives, the country benefits greatly from the traditional family system where the father is the sole bread earner and the mother is a homemaker.

These people blame the government for everything that we are providing contraceptives for youth, welfare support for single mothers and legalizing same sex couples. But I believe that marriage, sex, having children and divorce are all very personal issues. It is the duty of the government to protect every American family from things like bigamy, incest, child abuse, domestic violence and failed child support. However, the Congress and the President cannot force people to live a life that the government thinks is right for them.

We have no right to punish people for their choice of sexuality. I myself am from a broken family. When I was two years old, my parents got divorced. My father was not with me in my growing up years. My grandfather was very old and my stepfather lived far away. It was only my mother and grandmother who gave me a lot of love and always supported me.

Once on Father’s Day, I was invited for a speech in Chicago. I said that now the time has come that fathers don’t need to give any excuse if he is not with his family. Being a father does not just mean producing children.” There are some fathers who physically stay at home but are unable to connect emotionally with their children. Before we can set high expectations for our kids, we have to set high expectations for ourselves as parents.”

When our weekly session ended early, I got a chance to attend Malia’s soccer game. It was a very nice day. The stadium was full of White, Black, Asian, Latino families who came to support their children and cheer them on.

I sat next to Michelle and made Sasha sit on my lap. Malia was playing with full enthusiasm in the field. Seeing him, I was feeling so proud that I cannot tell. When it was half time, she came to us.

“How do you feel?” i asked malia

Great! Daddy, can I ask you something?”

“Shoot”. I said

“Can we have a dog?”

“How about we discuss this after the game?” I said.

“Ok”, Malia drank water and kissed me on the cheek. “I am so glad you live with us, daddy”.

Before I could say anything, she ran back towards the field.


You read Barack Obama’s ideas on Politics, Law, Opportunities, Faith, Race and Family Matters in this book. He was a senator from 2005 to 2008. And from 2009 to 2017, he was the President of the United States. In 2006, Barack Obama wrote Audacity of Hope. One quality worth remembering about him is that he is a very open minded person, especially in matters of race and religion.

Obama dreams of an America that is equal for all, and all the people living here get equal opportunities. This was his farewell speech when his time as a President was over” “I ask you never to give up your faith which is written in our founding documents.; We are the ones who have proved themselves by planting their flags from foreign battlefields to the moon. And inside every American lies a story he has yet to write”: Yes, we can, yes, we did, yes we can.”

His last words in Audacity of Hope are “My heart is filled with love for this country”.

Finally, if you have reached the end of this summary, then Congratulations, there are very few people who invest time on knowledge, otherwise you could have wasted time elsewhere. See you soon with a new summary

Jai Hind

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