Sunny Deol Charged Only Minimum Fees For ‘Gadar 2’ | SHAME On High Paid Actors

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Seeing the fees of Sunny Deol, the face of many actors will bow down in shame today. Actors who take 100-200 crores even for flop films will probably learn something by watching Sunny Deol. Gadar 2 has taken the box office by storm. It is as if the whole of India has broken down to see the film which returned on the screen after 22 years. Today there is a huge crowd outside every cinema hall. Gadar 2 earned ₹83 crore in India in just two days and took out the entire budget of the film. Director Anil Sharma spent only ₹ 80 crores to make Gadar 2. With such a huge cast, he disposed of the film cheaply by putting up huge sets.

Be it Bollywood or South Cinema, nowadays every hero charges such a fee which reaches even above the budget of the film. Taking 100-200 crores for a film has become very common for a hero these days. His films also get beaten, but under no circumstances do heroes reduce their fees. But for Gadar 2, Sunny Deol not only reduced the fee but also said that his money should be used to make the film. Even today Sunny Deol does not take much money for the film. The film’s director Anil Sharma himself said that Sunny Deol reduced his fee for Gadar 2.

According to the report of Spotboye, Sunny Deol has taken a fee of only ₹ 20 crores for Gadar 2. Whereas Ameesha Patel has got ₹ 2 crore for the film. Nowadays heroines charge eight to ₹ 10 crores just for a cameo in a film. And in Gadar 2, the rest of the cast’s fee has been between ₹ 1 crore to ₹ 50 lakh. It is the greatness of Sunny Deol that one, he has already reduced his fees and secondly, for Gadar Two, he reduced his fees even more. Prabhas whose film Adipurush flopped, he took 100-50 crores for that. Whereas Aamir Khan took Rs 100 crore for Lal Singh Chadha.

Akshay Kumar also charges 100-120 crores for his films. Now whether the actors will learn something from Sunny Deol or not, only time will tell. Has your fee increased for a hero or to become a film? Tell us what you think in the comments

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