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Satyaprem Ki Katha 2023 Full Movie Explained || Satyaprem Ki Katha Movie Ending Explained

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Movie ReviewSatyaprem Ki Katha
CastKartik Aaryan
Kiara Advani
Directed bySameer Vidwans
Written byKaran Shrikant Sharma
Produced bySajid Nadiadwala
Shareen Mantri Kedia
Kishor Arora
Release date29 June 2023
Budget60 crore

Movie Explained

If a girl says no, then she means it, doesn’t it? This film gives this message in a good way and this is the biggest feature of this film. This film tells that rape does not happen because of the short clothes a girl wears, but because of someone’s poor thinking. Friends, today we are going to explain the story of Satya Prem which has been released recently.

So the story of the film begins with Satya Prem aka Sattu living in Ahmedabad who is unemployed. After failing in L.L.B final year, he currently lives at home with his father, mother and his sister and as all his friends are married, Sattu is the only bachelor boy in the locality. Although the name is Satya Prem, but people fondly call him Sattu. No one just talks with love.

Her household dynamics are also different with her father handling the household chores and her mother and sister running the household. Actually her mother and sister give Garbe classes. Meaning that Garba works to teach and it becomes clear from the beginning of the film that Sattu has only one wish that now he too gets married. Everyday he only dreams of this thing and it is not that Sattu has not liked any girl yet.

He liked a girl. A year ago, when Sattu had gone to a function, he had seen Katha for the first time there and on seeing her, Sattu had fallen in love with her at first sight and he liked Katha very much. Here Sattu also tried to talk to Katha, but even before the conversation started, Katha had told Sattu that she also has a boyfriend named Tapan.

On which Sattu told him that even your hashtag does not work with your boyfriend. We should become such that we both have a name. Like the story of true love. Sattu tells the story here that how is his relationship with his boyfriend. It means life long commitment or eating and drinking. Because I want to be with you for life long.

When both of them are talking, then Katha’s boyfriend Tapan comes here and as soon as Tapan comes here, he takes Katha with him and Sattu feels very bad seeing here. And this was the meeting when Sattu met Katha for the last time a year ago, then the story again comes to the present. Where we are shown that neither a girl nor the family is being found for Sattu.

We are making an effort to find a girl for him. And the only friend of Sattu is his father. Sattu shares everything with his father here and the father of Sattu is called Panchayati Chacha.
Because he knows all the things of the locality and he tells one of these things here to his son Sattu. He says that Katha has broken up with her boyfriend Tapan and is completely single now.

Now after knowing this, Sattu immediately reaches the party because Katha always performs there. But this time Katha did not perform there. Here Sattu comes to know through Katha’s father that he is unwell and therefore he is at his home. Now after knowing this, Sattu immediately reaches Katha’s house because he wanted to tell her about his heart.

Now as soon as Sattu reaches here at Katha’s house, he is surprised to see Katha. Because Katha was crying then and she had also cut her wrist vein with a blade. Then Sattu, without delaying much, immediately takes Katha to the hospital. Here Sattu was feeling very bad because all this happened because of her boyfriend. After some time in the hospital, Katha’s father comes here.

He meets Sattu here and says thank you. Sattu also talks to Katha’s father here and Katha’s father was also liking Sattu’s words. Now a few days pass and Sattu started going to Katha’s house where he started meeting his parents and the parents liked Sattu very much. But the condition of the story is still the same. Although Sattu was now very happy. Now Katha’s father wants to marry Katha but she is not getting married.

Because wherever they take the relationship, all those people know about Katha’s boyfriend Tapan. While Katha’s father is very rich and then he thinks that true love will be the best for our story. Although Katha was not ready for the marriage, but Katha’s father somehow emotionally blackmailed Katha and convinced her, and without delaying much, Katha’s father reached Satya Prem’s house here the very next day with a relationship.

And after a few days both of them get engaged. Now preparations for the marriage of both of them also start soon. On one hand, Sattu was very happy in the preparation of Sattu’s marriage, but on the other hand, Katha was not at all happy here because the marriage was happening a little against her wish. She was getting married only on the advice of her father. It is not his will at all.

But Sattu was very happy with this marriage because it was his dream that he could marry Katha and here they both finally get married. Now in the next scene, we see that both of them had their first night and due to non-availability of personal room, Sattu arranges his honeymoon in Sattu’s mother’s Garbe studio.

Where there was full AC and Sattu on the first night. Here the legend tells that he is still a virgin. Till date he has not even touched anyone. Neither he ever had a girlfriend nor has he done anything like that. And Katha here tells her that she is very tired today so she wants to sleep and she falls asleep. they both sleep here

But at night Sattu suddenly starts snoring which was his habit. But Katha was unable to sleep because of these snoring, so Sattu has to go down from here. Many days pass by with his father and so on, neither Sattu’s snoring was stopping nor he was getting a chance to sleep with Lata. But one day Finaly wanted to sleep with Katha here so he tries to get close to Katha. But here the narrator tells such a bitter truth to Sattu that tears drip from his eyes.

Here Katha tells Sattu that she is sexual. Meaning that the desire to have sex is never expressed in these people. And here Katha had also told Sattu that due to some reason my boyfriend had broken up with me. Sattu feels very bad about all these things. Then the very next day he goes to meet Katha’s father and tells him about all these problems. But here Katha’s father tells Sattu that it is also possible that Katha may be lying to you.

Katha’s father here explains to Sattu that he had tried to commit suicide. From this you can understand at what level his mental state would be. Katha’s father tells Sattu that you should keep her comfortable. All these things will get fixed automatically and from then onwards Sattu starts taking care of the story here.

Now Sattu starts trying to understand the story. Also started spending a lot of time with him. Both talk among themselves and here Sattu speaks whatever comes to mind from the story without thinking. Because it is his habit that he does not think before speaking the truth, then Sattu talks very well with Katha and somewhere now Katha also started liking Sattu. He slowly started spending a lot of time and then one day the story goes that he sleeps with Sattu, so they sleep together.

And Katha had also told Sattu here that he is not sexual. Now the closeness between them started increasing again, but suddenly Katha starts getting nervous and she starts shouting that don’t act as if someone is raping her. And Sattu was watching all this while standing and seeing the story here, Sattu understood that his condition is not good at all.

He understood that something very bad must have happened to Katha in the past and did not want to tell her. Now because of all this, Sattu was very upset. Then the very next day Sattu reaches Katha’s father and he tells him that I only want to know one thing why Katha tried to commit suicide, on which Katha’s father tells him, if he don’t want to be together

So slap her a couple of times and she will come on the line. But after hearing this, Sattu’s hand gets up. Here Katha’s father tells the whole truth to Sattu. He says that Katha was pregnant a year ago. Tapan had made her pregnant. But Tapan did not want to take the responsibility of this child. That’s why she was aborted and for this reason Katha even tried to commit suicide.

But the whole truth was not hidden in what Katha’s father told, because only Tapan can tell the way Katha was suffering. That’s why Sattu, who is here, reaches Tapan’s office running and starts washing him like dogs. Everyone tries hard to save him but here Sattu hits Tapan a lot. Because of this Sattu gets jailed but in the evening he is released and reaches back to his home with Katha.

And Katha here tells Sattu everything as the truth while crying. She says that she went on a date with Tapan and she was raped there. She says that she had refused him many times but he did not agree and she was raped and due to this rape she became pregnant and she did not want to tell about this pregnancy even at home, so she quietly aborted.

Got it done But Katha’s father came to know about this through a doctor and that’s why Katha tried to commit suicide and since then she is afraid to go near any man. That’s why she can’t be intimate with you. But Sattu had accepted the story in every way. There was no need for him to go near her. He takes her on a long vacation where they both enjoy a lot. They spend a lot of quality time. Many times it happens that the closeness of both of them becomes very less but in spite of this he controls because he does not want anything to happen with the story.

He doesn’t want to go till base3 with Katha. But its solution has to be found. Now the next day Satyanarayan’s Katha was at his house where Sattu comes with a complaint file in which he wanted Katha’s signature. But here there is an argument between her father and Sattu. Because they don’t want the society to know all these things.

Sattu tells in front of everyone that when girls are raped, 99% of the girls do not file a complaint fearing that their reputation will be tarnished. But because of this, she does not even get justice and she spoils her entire life. And if Katha does not sign this complaint file today, then she is going to live with the guilt for the rest of her life that she did not even try.

Then here Katha signs it. Here Katha also tells Sattu that he had the courage to commit suicide but did not have the courage to sign this paper. But finally Katha had signed that paper and then after a few days an arrest warrant comes out for Tapan and he gets punished. Friends, if tea is not cooked completely then it does not taste good. But if the tea is cooked too much, it becomes bitter.

In a scene of the film, Kiara says this to Giriraj Rao, who is playing the role of her father-in-law. Of course, for the film’s director Sameer Vidwans, it was a big challenge to cook his film in a perfect way. To prevent the film from overcooking and becoming bitter, he chose the safe option of cooking it on a low flame. In such a situation, his film did not become bitter and the taste was also good, but due to taking a long time to cook, it definitely tests the audience.

Director Sameer Vidwans has made a great film on the best story, but the story of the film slows down at some places. And the dialogues too. You may also find it difficult to understand some Gujarati words. In the first half, the film entertains you a lot and also sets the plot of the story. But in the second half, it takes longer than expected to reach the climax. However, in the climax, the film gives a strong message of women empowerment that a woman’s no means no.

And to those who say that new age couples don’t know the meaning of love, this film tells them that new generation couples are ready to go to any extent for each other’s sake. Karthik Aryan has done a great job in the film. He not only makes you laugh but also comes across as a perfect husband. Surely after watching the movie every girl will look for a husband like Sattu.

On the other hand, Kiara has not only looked very beautiful on the screen but she has done a great acting in emotional scenes. Giriraj Rao has done a great acting in the role of Sattu’s father. At the same time, the rest of the actors are also frozen in their roles. The songs of the film Gujju, Pataka, Bansuri Nu and Sun Sajni are already on the lips of the youth.

This film has been shot in Gujarat and Jammu Kashmir and Satya Prem in the film. He is a man who speaks without thinking. Admits that thinking before speaking the truth is not a clever type of person but Karthik carries his decency. However, at some places, instead of Satya Prem, Karthik Aryan is also seen and this has also been done intentionally.

Like at one place a monologue similar to Pyaar Ka Panchnama is seen. Makers wanted to do this for Kartik’s fans otherwise it had no meaning. Ignoring these things, Karthik has done the right thing here. Seeing here, it seemed that he is trying to do better. The name of the film may be Satya Prem Ki Katha. Everything is happening in the world of true love, but the hero of the story is fiction.

In the end, it becomes clear in a scene that Sattu does not try to be her savior, he becomes the supporting hero of her story. Kiara, who has become a story, understands her character. Looks under control. Those who show emotion through their gestures, they reach you. Kiara is not just a commercial heroine, she also gets dance etc. right.

But beyond all this, she is also a good actor and at one point in the second half of the film, you will feel that the story is over. But the film goes further. Second half is more emotional. The pace of the story is like khichdi cooked on low flame. But for the kind of serious topic this story is tweeting, it is very important to cook it on low flame. Talking about acting, Karthik Aryan has appeared in full and energy in this film too with his same bright smile.

But you will love Karthik’s stay in the second half. The philosophy of Sattu’s character is to think before speaking the truth and this is what he shows. After watching Kartik while watching this movie, I remembered his previous movies like Pyaar Ka Punchnama or Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety and can say that this movie alone washed away all his past sins. Although Karthik Aryan has also worked in films like Akash Vani before Satya Prem Ki Katha, which talks about such a serious subject.

This film of Karthik will always be seen shining in his filmography. Kiara Advani has portrayed the character of Katha very well on the screen. His eyes clearly show you the pain that has been told in this story. Kiara looks beautiful in her character. Giriraj Rao and Supriya Pathak are converging as ever and Satya Prem Ki Katha is a romantic film that talks about more than just romance. Just keeping this story in front, there is more use of emotions and less use of entertainment.

At some places the film becomes heavy, but there are many parts in the second half which make you realize that as we were thinking perfect till now, that too is to impose ourselves on someone. There may be many shortcomings in this film but this story is an important story which with its emotion and message will probably force you to change your point of view. Talk about Kiara Advani, Kiara Advani is the director’s actress. If she gets a good director, she shines. Here too Kiara has surprised her critics with her performance.

When she speaks her dialogues in a simple and simple manner, her facial expressions are worth watching. Exercise done to keep the budget of the film Satya Prem Ki Katha balanced. Apart from its supporting cast, Giriraj Rao and Supriya Pathak are seen in included characters and the film is a strong film at the level of the story idea of Satya Prem. However, if you look carefully, this film was made on similar stories.

Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Abhishek Bachchan and Hrithik Roshan are like a cocktail of a dozen films. The cinematographer of the film, Asanka Bose, has not created any special new image in this film. Although Anayaka, who has been cinematographer in films of Shahrukh Khan, Salman, Abhishek and Hrithik, did a brilliant job in Karthik’s previous film freedy and with this the explanation ends here. Do tell in the comment box how you liked the film and how many stars you would like to give to this film.

Anyway, see you again with a strong explanation of the new movie, thanks. Jai Hind Jai Bharat. Jai Shri Ram.

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