Salaar Teaser Review: Hit debut with the teaser of ‘Salar’, Prabhas’ cool style will make you sleepless

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Movie ReviewSalaar: Part 1 – Ceasefire
Prithviraj Sukumaran
Shruti Haasan
Jagapathi Babu
Directed byPrashanth Neel
Written byPrashanth Neel
Produced byVijay Kiragandur
Release date28 September 2023
Budgetest. ₹200–250 crore

Movie Review

If you too woke up early in the morning without washing and saw the teaser of Salaar at exactly 5:12 am, then congratulations you are officially declared the Greatest Fan of KGF Universe. Now let’s talk about teaser. After spoiling his name in Adipurush, Prabhas has come up with his new project which is related to KGF Universe.

To be honest , look at the confidence of the makers, brother, for the first time any director or maker in the Indian film industry has dared to come up with a teaser at five in the morning, when people are in their deep sleep at five. But this subah subah wala funda was also useful in the time of KGF when the first day first show was held at 04:00 am and that too was housefull.

Brother, this is called craze. Talking about the teaser, Prabhas’s look is only partially revealed here. I wish such a front look would have been revealed, it would have been better and if a dialogue would have been given, it would have been even better. But somehow we will manage with a fan. And also the music which is quite a departure from KGF, is sounding new fresh and different.

But the same time. The backgrounds that are being shown. The color scheme used justifies it completely. The kind of people being shown to the KGF universe. It seems to be a part of an African country, from which a lot of theories can come out. Will also make a separate video on this.

This salaar is not going to be just a film. Its actually first part Cease Fire will come on 28th September. So this film will be made in more than one part. Also if you do not know the meaning of salaar then it is actually a Muslim word then problem. Prabhas’s character will be that of a Muslim.

Also, the meaning of salaar is leader. But Prashant Neel himself said in one of his statements that salaar means the right hand man of king general so salaar is a person who is most loyal to his king and also the leader after the king. And who is the king, I hardly need to tell.

By the way, the budget of this movie is being said to be approximately 200 crores and I do not know how true or how wrong it is, but if Prabhas was there in KGF made in 100 crores, then its budget would have been only 200 crores. The stardom of Prabhas is such that he can get all the theaters houseful on the first day itself.

Anyway, the name of KGF has been added to the above. Now even if you organize the first show at 03:00 in the night, it will still be houseful. The dialogue that has been shot in the teaser was very good. Lion, Cheetah, Tiger Elephant are very dangerous but not in Jurassic Park. Here salaar has been directly compared to dinosaurs. Most dangerous dinosaur.

The length of the entire teaser is only 1 minute 46 seconds, in which only what is required has been shown to us and a lot has been hidden. The overall look and feel looks great and many people will be comparing it with KGF for now which is AVS.

I will wait for its trailer as there is not much time left for the movie to release. It will be fun if the trailer also comes in such a hurry. What is your opinion on the rest? After watching this teaser, let me know in the comments along with the review of the new movie.

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