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Rocky Aur Rani Ki Prem Kahani Movie Review: Karan Johar’s glow has not faded even after so many years, know how is Ranveer-Alia’s film

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Movie ReviewRocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani
Jaya Bachchan
Shabana Azmi
Ranveer Singh
Alia Bhatt
Directed byKaran Johar
Written byIshita Moitra
Shashank Khaitan
Sumit Roy
Produced byHiroo Yash Johar
Karan Johar
Apoorva Mehta
Release date28 July 2023
Budget₹160 crore

Movie Review

The film Rocky and Rani’s love story, directed by Karan Johar, has been released. I have seen the movie and let’s talk about how it is. When the trailer of this movie came, a big thing was hidden in it, which is a good thing. If you see in the movie, you will also understand. In the first half itself, it will be known what was hidden. But honest speaking. Even if what was hidden was not in this film, I personally do not think that its main story would have made any difference.

Because that story only worked to increase the length of this film. The rest of the overall story is of Rocky and Rani. Both Rocky and Rani belong to very rich families. Like we have been seeing in other films of Karan Johar. The family civil war goes on between big families and their loved ones, you know what I mean, both Rocky and Rani fall in love, but both do it to understand each other more.

Family Exchange Both will spend three months with each other’s family and if all goes well, they will marry only if both the families accept the boy and girl. Now what happens after that, how it happens, that is the story of this film. The film is almost three and a half hours long, in which family drama, family emotion, love emotions, right and wrong emotions.

Ranveer Singh’s comedy in the first half is tadka and minded. Ranveer Singh’s character is shown in this. His comic timing, the dialogues given to him. Will definitely bring a smile on your face. From above, whenever Ranveer will be on the screen in the first half, there will be a tinge of comedy. One thing has been confirmed, brother, no matter how settled the girl of the world may be, she likes chapari boys only.

Anyway, after watching the whole movie, it will seem to you somewhere a female centric story, where a lot of messages are given about women empowerment, which is a good thing, but that thing is dragged from starting to end, which is a bit It is too much. Locations, background setup in this film is quite grand and beautiful which makes the film feel rich. Many dialogues are very well written.

Ranveer takes Alia to the Garden of Light, which he calls the Garden of Galaxy. There is a dialogue about Ghajini and Sajni which has been put very creatively. Some things go beyond the mind. Light Alia and Ranveer have an accident in the beach road which you must have seen in the trailer as well.

The person hitting each other’s car has had an accident in the middle of the road and no one is bothered to come and inquire about the situation in the crowded road. So, there are one or two such scenes which you will enjoy only if you watch without using your mind. While there is little fun in the first half of the film, emotions are maximum in the second half and all the songs etc. have been included.

Very good at it. They are Kamli or Tum Kya Miley songs and that jhumka song is good. Overall, the film represents a typical family drama for me, with the only new thing being that they move into each other’s houses. You will get to see the rest of the same 3D material. Important thing, most important thing. Actually it has kissing scene five times.

There are four good liplock scenes between Rocky and Rani and the one shot kiss scene will leave your mouth open. Brother is in the first half only. Now this is basically a family drama film, but whether you will watch it with family or not depends on your thinking. It is worth watching once, you can go watch this movie. Go. Watch, enjoy and forget.

Yes, I can say so, because there is not a single scene or a single character in it that can be remembered for centuries. Its climax has also been made absolutely filmy i.e. as expected. It will happen as you would guess. So overall, this film gets two point five stars out of 5 from my side.
See you again with the new movie review.

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