Rocky Aur Rani Ki Prem Kahani Full Movie Explained || Rocky Aur Rani Ki Prem Kahani Movie Ending

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Movie ReviewRocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani
Jaya Bachchan
Shabana Azmi
Ranveer Singh
Alia Bhatt
Directed byKaran Johar
Written byIshita Moitra
Shashank Khaitan
Sumit Roy
Produced byHiroo Yash Johar
Karan Johar
Apoorva Mehta
Release date28 July 2023
Budget₹160 crore

Movie Review

So friends, once again you are welcome in this, here we are going to explain the love story of Rocky and Rani Movie. The story of the film begins with Rocky Randhawa’s family. In fact, Rocky is the heir to the city’s biggest confectionary family. Punjabi Rocky, who wears hot clothes, is busy making Dole Sholay by taking protein shake.

He does not know how to speak English and he has nothing to do with general knowledge. So Rocky lives with his joint family, where his strict grandmother Dhanalakshmi, who rules not only the house but the sweets business, rules the entire household. Without him, even a leaf doesn’t move and in his house there is father Tijori, who follows the instructions of his grandmother,

who is Rocky’s father, and he obeys his mother’s every word, and in his house there is Sayar Dada, who has lost his memory, whose memory sometimes comes back. But Dhanalakshmi does not pay attention to him at all and also Rocky’s mother who considers her husband as God and has now compromised with all her dreams, so here Rocky gets along well with his grandfather.

It is another matter that their memory remembers less. But Rocky loves living with his Grandfather and Rocky also has a sister. Whose name is Gayatri. She is a victim of obesity. For this reason, she is not able to get married and she also does trading secretly. But he hasn’t told this to anyone yet. Next we see Rocky dancing in a club. He is entertaining everyone here.

But then his father Tijori and his grandmother Dhanalakshmi come here. Actually an event was going to be held in this club, so everyone was invited and his grandfather Kamal was also present here. And here when an old song is played, some old memories of Kamal ji come back and he goes from here in his wheelchair to a woman speaking Jamani Jamani and kisses her cheeks.

Everyone is surprised to see what Kamal ji did and the next day even when the doctor was treating Kamal ji, even then he was speaking only purple. So Rocky was surprised to see him that after all we are always in front of him. Even after this, instead of remembering our name, he remembers the name of a woman named Jamni.

And when Rocky checks his grandfather’s diary, there was also a photo of a girl named Jamni in it. Some address of Jamni was also written behind it. Then Rocky along with his best friend starts extracting information about Jamuni. Then he comes to know about Rani Chatterjee on Google who is actually Jamani Chatterjee’s granddaughter.

And then further we come to know about Rani Chatterjee that actually Rani is a very big news anchor. She easily shuts the mouth of big people. Just then we see Rocky and his friend coming into his office. He meets Rani here and starts talking nonsense to her as soon as he meets her. Till now nothing had been talked about the point and Rani was smiling seeing this.

After which Rocky tells him that Jamni Chatterjee is your grandmother and he wanted to know whether Jamni Chatterjee is alive or dead. But here Rani tells that she is still alive. Rocky tells that your grandmother’s photo was in my grandfather’s diary and after years a name has been remembered, so I want that once Jamani ji comes in front of my grandfather, maybe his memory will come back a little.

And because of this, maybe they remember us a little too. So here Rocky gives his golden card to Rani and leaves from here. Now in the next scene Rani’s family is shown in which her mother is a senior professor of English in the college and her father is Chandan. He is a professional dancer of Kathak.

She never got a chance to dance on stage but she knows that whenever she gets a chance to dance on stage, she will do wonders. Now at night when Rani tells her grandmother about Kamal ji, she becomes emotional. And she tells Rani that sometimes even a moment’s companionship can give you the love of a lifetime.

Rani tells that she went to Shimla in 1978 and there she met Kamal ji and fell in love with him. While those people just stayed there for seven days. But she is still remembered for seven days. She could have spent her whole life with Kamal ji but she chose her family. Rani felt pain somewhere in her grandmother’s story, so she immediately calls Rocky and says that I have to talk to you urgently.

So Rocky calls Rani to an akhada where a huge event was about to happen. So here Rani tells Rocky that I want to get your grandfather and my grandmother to meet, so you come to my house with your grandfather. But this was not possible because Dada ji does not go anywhere. So Rani says to him then it is okay I will come to your house with my whole family.

After which there is a solid dance performance and Rani and Rocky had just met a few times. But Rani was now starting to feel special to Rocky. The way he was looking at the queen as if he had fallen in love. Now Rani reaches Randhawa Paradise with her entire family.

Here Rocky’s family is very annoying and his grandmother and his father are very strict. After which all those people meet here and then after some time Jamni who is here meets Kamal ji. Here she tries to remind him everything but it was not making any difference. But seeing all this, Dhanalakshmi was very jealous and when the queen’s family starts leaving from here.

So Kamal ji starts singing a beautiful old song for Jamni here, that too standing from a wheelchair. Everyone was surprised to see that the person who could not even get up from the wheelchair, is singing a song for someone today. But seeing this, Dhanalakshmi feels very strange. So she asks all of them to leave from here.

But be that as it may, Rani Rocky had understood that Kamal ji and Jamni love each other and when they have spent so many years without each other, now it is bound to make them meet. Because of their grandparents, both of them also started spending time with each other and now they also started liking each other somewhere. And then the next day, Rocky gets Kamal ji to meet Jamni, hiding from his family members.

On one hand these two meet and on the other hand Rani and Rocky’s chemistry started forming. Both were happy with each other and they started doing a lot of romance together. And then one day Rani’s grandmother Jamani asks Rani, have you started loving Rocky? But here Rani refuses and says that I don’t have any feelings for him and we are very different. Here Jamani explains to her that if you find true love, never let her go, otherwise you will remain as an example like me.

After a few days it was Rani’s birthday and Rocky took her to a small room where it was very well decorated and here was not her cake but there was a huge laddoos cut and here Rani Rocky On seeing Rani, I understood that he has feelings for me and he has started loving me and when Rocky tries to get close to Rani, Rani tells him that I have to go home, then Rocky leaves him home.

But the next day, Rocky again takes Rani to a beautiful place and confesses his love to her. He asks her for direct marriage but Rani tells him that there is nothing like this between us. Neither you know about me properly nor I about you and whatever happened between us happened on our own free will.

We didn’t force each other and the bigger problem is that we both have very different families. I can’t live with your family and we have nothing in common. After hearing all this, Rocky feels very bad and tells Rani that I either want everything or nothing and after saying this, Rocky leaves emotionally.

Now after this, Rani also started feeling very bad because somewhere she felt that she had hurt Rocky. Because of this he was feeling very bad. She also calls Rocky several times but Rocky does not pick up any of her calls. Now Rani comes to Shimla in connection with her work. She thinks that by coming to this beautiful place, maybe she will be able to heal herself and forget all those things.

But here the reverse happens because somewhere Rocky was now dominating Rani’s mind. Even during his work, he could only see Rocky Rocky. That’s when Rani realized that somewhere she too is in love with Rocky. After returning from here, she immediately reaches to meet Rocky. But here nobody wanted to talk to Rocky Rani. So he leaves from here. Rani tries hard to stop him but Rocky doesn’t listen to her and drives away in his car.

After which Rani had no other option so she rammed Rocky’s car. Due to which Rocky has to get down from his car against his will and here they both have a fight. And then finally Rani had told Rocky about her heart. He had told that I also started loving you, so both of them started loving each other. But a huge problem is that his family is very different.

Neither Rani’s family will accept Rocky nor Rocky’s family will accept Rani and now they have to do something to make their families like each other. Here let’s make a plan that for three months we switch each other then stay with my family and I with your family. So Rani’s family did not have much problem because they were educated people and she is a very modern family.

So there was not much problem in convincing him. The problem was at Rocky’s house, because the law at his house is very strict. When he keeps his words here, his father starts shouting at him and grandmother also starts shouting and his father reaches to raise his hand on him.
But finally Dadi stops and says that if she stays with our family for three months, we will get you married to her.

But if he is not able to stay with our family for three months, then you will have to marry a girl of our choice and Rocky also agrees to this. After which Dhanalakshmi takes her son Tijori alone and she says that I have seen love in Rocky’s eyes and I do not want us to lose our heir as these things create rebellion. Let that girl come, she can’t spend three months or even a week in this house.

Then Rocky and Rani start having a showdown. Rani at Rocky’s house and Rocky at Rani’s house and both have completely different families. Educated family on one side. On the other hand very strict family. Now as soon as Rocky meets Rani’s family members, he tries to hug and hug everyone here and all those people here were finding it very strange.

And one, Rocky doesn’t even know how to speak English and the English he speaks is also not understood properly by Rocky. After which Rabindranath’s photo was pasted on the wall, seeing which Rocky starts saying Namaste. Dada ji understands but here people tell him that it is not Dada ji but Rabindranath Tagore. After hearing this, Rocky tells him that I know it is Rabindranath Tagore.

Someone has put a filter on him, that’s why he could not understand. Here, on the other hand, Mata Rani’s aarti is being performed at Rocky’s house, so Rani also reaches there quickly. So as soon as Rani reaches there, Dhanalakshmi immediately asks Rani to cover her head which is her biggest culture. On the other hand, at Rani’s house, Rocky has to serve things himself.

But he wants to make coffee but he doesn’t even know how to light the stove. And the biggest problem is that Rocky does not understand his English. He understands English a little, but his English is of a very high standard, which was going bouncer over Rocky. On the other hand nothing was going well between Rani and Dhanalakshmi.

The atmosphere was very disturbed as Dhanalakshmi was not liking the queen at all. Rani was here trying her best to win Dhanalakshmi’s heart. But Dhanalakshmi is very strict. Winning her heart is not an easy task. So, like this, some days of Rani and Rocky are spent in adjustment. But after a few days a little problem starts coming between them.

When some cultural programs were happening at Rani’s place, Rocky comes here, but seeing him, Rani’s mother tells him that there are all educated people here and you will not understand anything. That’s why you do one thing, go to your room and do a workout.

After hearing this, Rocky felt very bad because some people here were even laughing at him, which Rocky did not like at all. Here Rocky didn’t say anything and quietly leaves from here and here on the other side Rani who is there starts befriending Rocky’s mother and his sister.

Rocky’s sister loves trading and she steals and Rocky’s mother loves to sing and sings very well. She used to sing in Prasar Bharati earlier. She wanted to become Asha Bhosle but after getting married she compromised on her dreams. Here Rani starts supporting Rocky’s mother and sister. But Rocky’s grandmother didn’t like Rani at all. She just wanted to get Rani out of here by any means and everyone goes there when Rocky’s best friend is getting married.

Rani’s entire family was also present in this marriage and Dhanalakshmi knows very well how to insult them. So Dhanalakshmi gets it announced on the stage that Rani’s father Chandan dances very well. Then on everyone’s request, Chandan reaches the stage and he actually has a dream to dance on the stage in front of the entire public.

But it was a Punjabi wedding and they do Kathak. Doing Kathak is an art anyway, but seeing all of them, that dance was very strange and everyone started making fun of them and the entire public was laughing over Chandan here. Seeing this, he gets embarrassed and goes to his home. Rocky also follows them and here Rocky apologizes on behalf of everyone and here Rocky comes to know the back story of Rani’s father where no one ever supported him for Kathak.

Even his father did not support him till date. If someone supported him, it was his mother. After listening to this, Rocky gets very angry for the people and he starts speaking wrong things here. After hearing this, Rani’s mother interrupts her. After which Rocky gives a very emotional speech and after speaking so much, he makes them emotional and impresses everyone. Then Rani’s family had accepted Rocky but Rani was yet to be accepted.

Now from the next day the person who did not know how to light the stove started making coffee for everyone. He was happy with all of them and they were also very happy with Rocky. But here on the other hand the atmosphere was still very sour as Dhanalakshmi was not liking the queen at all. After which an invitation comes from Rani’s house to worship Maa Durga and everyone has to go there.

Rocky’s entire family was here and Rani’s father Chandan was about to give a solid Kathak performance. Initially he also dances but after a while Rocky also joins him and gives a solid Kathak performance with him. Seeing this, Rocky’s family members i.e. Dhanalakshmi and Tijori do not like it at all. After which everyone dances here, seeing which Dhanalakshmi feels very bad.

And she leaves from here in the middle of the Aarti. Rocky also follows them. Rocky tries to stop them but a fight ensues between them. Rocky’s father was speaking in reverse about Rani’s family which was overheard by Rani. In return, Rani starts narrating the opposite and in a fit of rage, Rani jerks Rocky’s father’s hand.

Due to which Rocky felt as if Rani had raised her hand on Rocky’s father. Seeing this, Rocky feels very bad and he also starts telling wrong things to Rani. Rani tells Rocky that she will never meet him after today and this relationship is ending here. Now when both the families reach their respective homes, the atmosphere of Rani’s family was completely different as they all started liking Rocky.

Rani was feeling that Rocky is not right for us, but according to Rani’s family members, Rocky is absolutely perfect. Here, on the other hand, the atmosphere of Rocky’s family was completely different. Everyone was yelling at Rocky badly. It is here that it is revealed that Rocky’s mother has actually auditioned for the song, due to which Tijori starts raising his hand on her.

Here in the middle, Rocky stops them and says that when Rani raised her hand on you, I left that relationship while she did not even raise her hand on you.
You are raising your hand on a woman whom I consider a god. Then I will have to break this relationship too. But then here Kamal ji calls his son Tijori which he had not done for years. Here Kamal ji tells Tijori that never break the family and after saying so much these were his last words.

After which they go to the other world. After the departure of Kamal ji, Rocky was in a very bad condition and somewhere his son Tijori’s eyes were completely opened. And when Kamal ji’s last rites were being performed, then Jamni also came here and for the last time she bowed down to Kamal ji. After which we can see Rocky’s mother and father talking.

Here Tijori apologizes to his wife. He says I have done many mistakes which will be very difficult to forgive. But I promise you that I will try my best to rectify all the mistakes and here he also argues with his mother i.e. Dhanalakshmi and quarrels with her. Now after a few months everyone is seen sitting at Rani’s house. Tijori had also come here and Tijori’s wife Poonam had also come.

Actually all these people had brought Rani’s relationship for Rocky and they tell Rani that someone is waiting for you outside. After hearing this Rani runs out where Rocky was waiting for her with Phool Baaraat and here they both forgive each other in front of everyone and promise to be together forever and then finally Both of them get married with pomp. And Dadi means Dhanalakshmi had also bowed down on her knees and had sent a peace settlement to the queen.

So friends people say that the old era of Bollywood is back or hit. He also says that the film may not be like Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham but it has a perfect mix of happiness, laughter, fun, family, relationships, comedy and masala.

Although some people have also told the love story of Rocky and Rani as average and one time watch and after a long time Karan Johar has brought the love story of Rocky and Rani as a director, in which he has given Bengali tadka in his trademark Punjabi style film. A family love story has been made while putting. The only new thing is that in the film, all those juices have been added about entertainment, which today’s youth get in webseries and Hollywood films.

The movie delivers on its promise of entertainment. The movie laughs somewhere, makes many cry and at the same time leaves with a message. Just the length of the film is a bit long which slows down the pace a bit. But on the whole, Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt’s amazing chemistry keeps the film together and there are loads of funny moments in Mumbai.

But most notably the banter between Bengali and Punjabi families. Apart from this, the romantic moments of Dharmendra and Shabana Azmi are very funny. Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt have come together for the second time. The chemistry of both is the life of the film. The rest of the cast like Dharmendra, Jaya Bachchan and Shabana Azmi have brought a different color to the canvas of the film than their characters.

Ranveer Singh is the Rocky Bhai of Bollywood. Be it his perfect body, dance sequences, his Delhiwala swag, cool demeanor or his childlike cries, Ranveer touches the heart. Earlier it was felt that Alia, who gave back to back hits, would eat them. But Mr. Singh is powerful. Rather, Ranveer will leave an impression on you anyway, will meet again with a powerful explanation of the new movie.

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