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Review of Taali: Sushmita Sen’s fearless and harrowing program is packed with heart and drama

Review of Taali: Sushmita Sen's fearless and harrowing program is packed with heart and drama
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Friend, I have a question in mind, if India is a masculine word, then why do we call India Mother India? If you know the answer then do tell in the comment. A web series has been released for free on Jio Cinema called Taali Star Sushmita Sen S Gauri Sawant. Although the series was scheduled to release on 15th, but a day before at 09:00 pm on 14th, all its episodes went live. So how is this series? First of all let me tell that this is a biopic series which is the best.

On the story of a transgender activist whose real name is Mr. Gauri Sawant and long ago you must have seen him in a short film ad of Vicks and in that short ad his whole life was told. He has tried his best to get the respect of the people of his community in real life.

Due to which today the people who are called third class eunuchs or sixes got recognition and Taali is the story of getting that recognition. Dekho series has only six episodes and that too of 25 to 30 minutes.

So hold on like this series is like a movie which will be over in three hours. Now because this series is a biopic, then the back story of Gauri Sawant from Ganesh to becoming Gauri and what difficulties she had to face till she fought her battle after becoming Gauri.

Will you watch this whole series? But where Sushmita Sen’s acting shines, the makers of Impact could not fully present Gauri Sawant’s real life story. Don’t know why the whole series got over but didn’t feel even a drop of pain. There was no feeling of sympathy or belonging in such a heart.

Although its first two episodes are very good and engaging. At the same time, the third and fourth episodes look a bit disoriented. But in the fifth and sixth episodes, the story also returns to its line. And you get to see a powerful performance by Sushmita Sen. If I call this the best work of his career, then it will not be a big deal. When she becomes completely Gauri, then her acting comes to the fore even more.

But whenever she is in the character of Ganesha, her make-up and hair look very fake. You must have seen in the trailer as well and don’t know why the camerawork is so awkward at some places. For example, Gauri Sawant, whenever someone is speaking a very loud dialogue, the camera will enter in such a way that it seems that it really should have been avoided. Throughout the series, a transgender has to fight a huge battle for her identity, survival and equality.

And if you see, even today you actually have to keep fighting. How he proves to himself that he is different, but not wrong. The focus is on that. There is a little mild profanity throughout the series, not too much and nothing like nudity. The series has also got UA certificate. So if you are 16 years or above then you can also watch it with your family. If you have got free time from Gadar 2 and OMG 2, then you can enjoy this series for free sitting at home.

Although I personally felt that the element of emotion in this series would have added even more. Sushmita is shown to be even more aggressive when she is angry. His one hand was shown in a fierce form which he has also mentioned. So with creative liberty the biopic could have been made a bit more entertaining. Rest, I salute Shri Gauri Sawant ji for whatever he is doing in real life.

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