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Outrageous Advertising That’s Outrageously Successful: Created for the 99% of Small Business Owners Who Are Dissatisfied with the Results They Get from Their Current Advertising By Bill Glaze Full Book Summarize

Outrageous Advertising That's Outrageously Successful: Created for the 99% of Small Business Owners Who Are Dissatisfied with the Results They Get from Their Current Advertising By Bill Glaze Full Book Summarize
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Outrageous Advertising That's Outrageously Successful: Created for the 99% of Small Business Owners Who Are Dissatisfied with the Results They Get from Their Current Advertising By Bill Glaze Full Book Summarize

About Book

Did you know that you see 3,700 marketing and sales messages every day? Perhaps you do not know because these ads are mostly boring which do not have much effect on you. If you want your ads to be remembered by people for a long time, then in this summary you will get answers to all your questions. This summary will teach you how to be outrageous.

Who should read this summary?

  • People running small and medium sized businesses
  • To the students of advertising field
  • People working in the marketing industry

About the Author

Bill Glazer (Bill Glazer) is a writer, marketing strategist and speaker. In 2002, he was honored with the RAC Award, which is considered to be one of the biggest awards in the world of advertising.
Bill is currently a consultant to many well-known businesses and companies and provides out-of-the-box advice for marketing growth.


Does the word “outrageous” make you think of dangerous stunts? You may remember a scene from an action movie. But can you use the word Outrageous for the ad you see everywhere everyday?
So the answer would be – yes. If you want to take your business up then you have to be outrageous. You can learn this skill from writer Bill Glazer, who tells his philosophy of life to do something outrageous from everything.
In this summary, you will read about some elements of outrageous ad. Once you master these elements, people will not be able to ignore you. In this, you will also learn to make the best ad for your product and service. So are you ready to step out of your comfort zone?

Take the Outrageous Path to Outrageous Successful

When you hear the word “outrageous”, you can think of many things. You may remember something or event that is very dangerous or bold. If you want your business to be successful, then you have to do something outrageous or different from others. It is not necessary that you take too much risk or change everything. This change may be so small that you only have to change the font of your ad material. It is meant to say that it is not necessary that you make huge changes. You can become outrageous even by changing small things in your business. Being outrageous just means that you can easily get out of your comfort zone.
Writer Bill is known for this. He always tries to do something new in his business. His most successful advertising technique was to write his own sales letter. Instead of typing it, he wrote it with his own hand, which proved to be very good for him because Bill got a reward for it and a lot of money along with it.
Bill wrote his sales letter on yellow legal paper and it was 5 pages long. You might be thinking, “Who would read such a long letter?” But you will be surprised to hear that many people had read it. It was a bit weird. But it was something different and hand written.
That’s why these letters attracted the attention of many people.
What was in Bill’s sales letter that took 5 pages to write?
On the first page, Bill explains the reason for writing his sales letter. He is not at all shy to say that he wants to be successful. Many businessmen who want to grow their business further or want to be more successful, they all are adopting different methods like Bill.
If you want to sell something to a person, it is important that you tell him the reason for doing so. If you do not tell the reason, then that person will keep wondering what are your intentions. What else did Bill do differently? He wrote the reason for writing his pages like a story. People love stories so never be shy to unleash your creativity.
On the second page, Bill had given very important information or say that he told what the sales letter is about, what he wants to sell, how much the buyer will have to spend. How much can Bill sell at most etc. He also made sure to reach out to his buyers easily. This is everything a good ad should be
Your business name, address, hours of operation, phone number, your product or service, and website link.
On the third page, Bill told how much a person can save by taking advantage of coupons. He didn’t just tell a little bit about the coupon but gave all the information in depth. In a coupon, Bill promised the customer that he would get designer socks as a gift if he shopped at his store.
On the fourth page, he wrote a personal message to his customers and reminded them once again what Bill wanted to sell. He also mentioned about his store called “Gage”. Above all, Bill also talked about the coupons that were present in his store.
On the very last page, Bill talked about the last day for the coupon, but he didn’t just say “use it before June 15”. Bill tried to make the coupons as outrageous and beautiful as possible. He used a lot of arrow (-) and exclamation mark (!) so that the attention of the reader would definitely go to it.
Due to this different thinking of Bill, he became famous. As mentioned earlier, his letter got many rewards and customers started coming to his menswear store. Most importantly, his sales letter got a lot of recognition.
Many well-known CEOs, accountants, doctors and lawyers invited Bill. They all told Bill that writing a sales letter was a great move. Because of the way he wrote, everyone’s attention got on him because it seemed very important. If he was not outrageous and wrote his sales letter in a simple way, no one would have paid attention to him. So never be shy to change the way you create your ads. Bill didn’t shy away and you know what the results were.
The good thing about Outrageous Ads is that you can get an idea from anywhere. When Bill went for a walk with his wife, he got a unique idea. For example, when he was on a cruise to Alaska, postcards were not a new thing at tourist spots. Then he got the idea from there and made his own customized postcard.
He wrote “I was thinking of you even when I was on vacation”. He sent these postcards to his customers and promised them a 10% discount on their next purchase. Surprisingly, the postcard method worked. Bill’s customers loved the postcards because they had a lot of familiarity and were very nice and personalized.

Defining Advertising and the Three Possible Responses

Advertising is a difficult job. As mentioned, you should measure your success by the income generated due to advertising. If you want to make your brand famous then this summary is not for you.
The purpose of building a brand is only to make your brand famous. But Bill does not accept this because he believes that it does not measure your success properly.
Bill tells that you should choose such advertising in which you get direct answers from the customers. This type of ad will help you to tell your real success. Direct advertising is the one in which you can track the response of the customers. On the other hand, in brand building, you bring your brand name in front of people. All they have to do is make you famous. They do not pay attention to whether you are earning or not.
There are three essential parts of direct response advertising – headline, offer and deadline. We will understand all these very well later.
You must be wondering if you want to do direct response advertising and brand building together? So the answer is that it absolutely can be done.
Suppose you are successful in Outrageous Direct Response Advertising, then you will get the benefit of being famous simultaneously.
Bill often mails his customers and tells them about the different types of menswear he sells. Even when Bill stopped sending mail, customers used to come to his store.
To make your advertising successful, you need to understand three things. Like Bill understood how people see advertising and divided the answer into different groups.
Group A – is a positive file. These are the kind of ads that people see in every situation. You are forced to open it, like your medical test report or your child’s report card.
Group B – This is a maybe file. In this, your customers show interest in the ad, but they are not so sure about it, so they separate it.

Group C – This is no file means when the customer does not take any interest in your ad. Like you asked a company today to repair your gutters. Next week you get an add mail about gutter. You throw it in the dustbin because you are no longer interested in it.
People always think that people like ads or not. But Bill knows that group B which is May be file, anything can happen there. In business ‘no’ does not mean ‘no’.
‘No’ can also turn into ‘Yes’ later.
Two things come to the fore here, first of all those people come who want to buy something but they don’t say yes or no. They like ads but not so much that they buy anything. At such a time, he finds a middle way.
Second, people like an ad but they do not want any pressure to buy it. No customer would want to get information about an ad and be pressurized to buy something.
It is a simple thing that you just pay attention to the fact that your customers should know about your products on their own free will. Give maximum information about your products on your website so that the customer can know better. This small thing will easily take you from group B to group A.
Never ignore a customer who keeps telling you ‘maybe’, finding more outrageous ways to persuade them. The more customers you have, the more you will profit.

Applying Outrageous Advertising

Bill is always on the lookout for outrageous ideas. This is what sets them apart from others. He does not ignore any idea that comes to his mind. In fact, he also uses his personal experience for outrageous ads. The story of sprinkler is one of his such ideas.
Like other days, Bill came early to his menswear store. Everything was fine except that there was three inches of water because one of the sprinklers had gone bad and the water had pooled.
Bill quickly called the insurance company and told them what had happened. They quickly made an agreement, but due to the process of closing the company, Bill had to sell his product as soon as possible.
So Bill made an ad and wrote about all the things that his store is flooded due to sprinkler fault and he has to sell his product as soon as possible. Bill also wrote the name and policy number of the insurance company so that people believe that Bill is telling the truth.
After that Bill presented the ad in an absolutely outrageous manner. Often an ad is posted just as it is. But Bill wrote his ad in such a way as if you are reading something in the newspaper. He made an advertorial or rather an ad which was also an editorial. It looked very beautiful and necessary to see. It got a lot of attention and a lot of people read it. In this way, due to another different idea, Bill’s product sold very well.
Being outrageous means that people notice you. This is a great way to let people know about your business. Don’t make your ad boring because people will definitely see it but will not be interested in it.
Be outrageous and make such ads that people have to look at them.
Daryn Ross is the owner of Megafast company which makes products for promotion.
Daryn does not shy away from doing anything different, he always thinks and does something different and innovative, one of his unique ideas was a superhero named ‘Meagaman’.
Daryn was known by everyone in his industry. So it was no big deal that he was called to speak at a conference. Whatever conference Daryn used to go to, he used to wear a superhero costume like tights, cape and mask. It’s very strange, isn’t it? But his method worked. The audience used to listen to his every word very carefully.
Not only this, MegaMan was also giving a limited time offer. They showed several training videos made by MegaMen and then told people about a deal that would reward the first 450 people who shop at their booth. A DVD will be given as a prize, which costs around $300. As soon as the conference was over, there was a crowd of people at the booth of Megafast. So you see, Outrageous methods also work.
Bill Glazer tells you 7 ways to follow. This will help you to be outrageous or do something different everywhere in life. Be it ad or business, your career or your life.
First of all, you have to understand that any kind of ad can be outrageous. You saw how Bill profited from a bad sprinkler and Daryn went to the conference dressed as a superhero. Being outrageous can bring you success.
Second step always understand that you are not your own customer. Whenever Bill used to give a speech about outrageous ads in any seminar, someone or the other would always come to him and say that the seminar was very good and different. But they cannot use it in their business. But what was the reason for this? This was because they thought that because of outrageous things, their customers would get confused or would not be able to understand things properly.
But Bill finds such thinking people wrong because often we like such things which are different from others. If a customer pays attention to your different ad, then he would definitely like to buy it. But don’t be afraid to try something different. Bill is the best example of this that outrageous ads work. Bill was called President of Bank, Doctor, President of multibillion companies, whom others called “sophisticated”.
The third step is to find ideas from the right places. Keep an eye on what kind of ad or trend is going on around you. Can you turn this into an outrageous idea? You can find a good and different idea even from a boring thing, it is important that you always keep your eyes open.
The fourth step is that you keep searching for ideas at different places as well. Bill had trained his mind in such a way that he could think of something new everywhere. Even when he went for a walk, he used to search for some new idea. For example, when he was riding a donkey in ‘Greece’, he was still looking for some different and new idea.
The fifth step is to dive into the world of outrageous campaigns. Don’t use outrageous methods only in business but also use them in your product and service. Use outrageous in every part of your life.
The sixth step is swipe and deploy i.e. using the idea effectively. Many times such a time will also come when your outrageous ideas will fail but it does not apply completely to your business and you. Bill only suggests that you just keep looking for ideas and use what you think is right. In other words, if an idea is not working for you, sell it to another business that can take advantage of your outrageous idea.
The seventh step is to have fun. Enjoy every step of outrageous ad, enjoy creating and advertising it because you will not only learn something from this but you will also be successful.

Presenting Critical Components

Yanik Silver (Yanik Silver) is a very good friend of Bill and is also creative like Bill. yanik sold a lot of leftover products lying in the basement of his house with the help of an outrageous idea.
Yanik’s wife Missy was angry with him. He was repeatedly telling her that he would remove his product from the basement. Their basement was full of product and they needed space. yanik used to sell educational products CD, DVD, Books etc. His basement was no less than a treasure. But this treasure of his was not in very good condition. Some had defects, some were torn from the edge.
Yanik decides to sell everything. His condition was not good but still very informative. yanik took the help of internet and sent an email saying “Help me to bring back the happiness of my wife”.In the email yanik told how much trouble he is in. One morning Yanik’s wife was yelling at him pointing to the stuff in the basement, that’s all he wrote. He further wrote that if the reader wants to read further then come to yanik’s website. All the information related to the sale was available on this website.
You can see how different this idea was but it worked and was very successful. Yanik was happy because all his products were sold and Missy was happy because her basement was all cleaned up.
Yanik’s idea worked because he used direct response ads very well. He used all the elements which were necessary like headline, offer and deadline.
Yanik’s headline was “Sales help save yanik’s marriage”. If you get such an email, you will definitely want to read it. Your attention will definitely go to this because it looks interesting and not boring.
Yanik’s offer was as interesting as the headline. yanik thought that he would give a discount on his products so that people would buy them. The CDs and DVDs contained a lot of information, so he didn’t want to throw them away or return them to the supplier.

Yanik did not set any deadline for this. But still there was a sense of need in his email. He had said that if anyone is interested then hurry up as he has limited product.
If you use direct response ad, never forget three things that – Your headline is the first thing that a reader sees. When you are making the headline, then definitely pay attention to whether it is answering the questions of your reader or not. Like why should I care about this? What do I get from this?
Next, make your offer more attractive. People will respond to your ad for a few reasons – such as when they feel that they will lose something by not responding or that they will be rewarded for responding. You have to think carefully about how you structure your offer. Ask yourself “what will the customer lose if they don’t see my ad” and what will they gain by seeing my ad?

Deadlines also happen for a reason. This forces the latetiff to do some work. That’s why it is important that you give a deadline in your ad. Deadlines are mostly of two types – date wise or quantity wise. There is a fixed time in the ad and also the date. The quantity deadline is similar to what yanik used in his email.
Bill Glazer mostly uses both types of deadlines in his outrageous ads. This helps in putting pressure on the late customers. But you should be very careful when using deadline with date. Don’t give people too much time to answer. Give them at most one and a half week time.
While giving the deadline based on the quantity of things, do not show that you have a lot of products, otherwise people will feel that your stock will not end and they will not buy the product soon.

Using Premium to skyrocket Response

Premium is something that the customer gets for free. This is a way to increase your business and attract customers because who does not like a free product? Not only this but with the help of premium the customer response can increase up to 30%.
If you want to use premium to grow your business, then you have to take care of some things. The price of a good premium should always be quoted to you more than its actual value. For example, when Bill paid the premium, he said it was worth $30, but he bought it for only $5.
The cost of the premium is very important. This makes the customer feel that you are giving them something very valuable.
This also makes your business seem interesting and your customer will keep wondering what gift he will get next time he buys the product.
Bill surprises people every time by doing something new. They believe that not everyone will like the premium given by them. So he started “Aapki Paasand” premium scheme. As we can understand from the name, everyone was given a chance to choose the premium of their choice.
Bill wrote on a postcard that this whole product is 25$ and the customer can choose between 35mm camera and stationery set. This was a good move because everyone has different preferences and because of their choice, they did not want to miss the chance to get a free product.
While paying the premium, three things must be shown – the picture of the premium, its features and benefits and the retail value i.e. what is its price in the shop.


So you learned that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to advertise your small business. For success, it is necessary that you do something different, that is, you have to make your ad outrageous.
You know that to become outrageous, you need bold and different thinking. You have to make your ad so interesting that people cannot live without seeing it.
You also learned that Direct Response Advertising is the most effective method of advertising. Direct response advertising is when you can track the customer’s response. There are three main factors of this type of ad – Headline, Offer and Deadline.
You understood the power of out-of-the-box thinking. Think so differently and well that you are known for your outrageousness and ads.
There is no such thing as a “sophisticated” customer. Bill had such different and unique ideas, yet people like lawyers, doctors were his customers.
You also learned about the premium. Premium pricing is very important to put your business first in front of the customer.
If you want to be successful then you have to do something different from others. Never be shy to bring something new and unique to the world. Who knows, only one outrageous idea is the distance between you and building your empire.

Finally, if you have reached the end of this summary, then Congratulations, there are very few people who invest time on knowledge, otherwise you could have wasted time elsewhere. See you soon with a new summary

Jai Hind

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