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OMG 2 Vs Gadar 2 Box Office Collection, Gadar2 Box Office, Omg2 Box Office,Akshay Kumar, Sunny Deol.

OMG 2 Vs Gadar 2 Box Office Collection, Gadar2 Box Office, Omg2 Box Office,Akshay Kumar, Sunny Deol.
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Movie ReviewGadar 2
CastSunny Deol
Ameesha Patel
Utkarsh Sharma
Directed byAnil Sharma
Written byShaktimaan Talwar
Produced byAnil Sharma
Release date11 August 2023
Budgetest.₹100 crore
Gadar Movie release Date
Movie ReviewOMG 2
Prithviraj Sukumaran
Shruti Haasan
Jagapathi Babu
Directed byAmit Rai
Written byAmit Rai
Produced byAkshay Kumar
Pankaj Tripathi
Yami Gautam
Release date11 August 2023
Budget₹150 crore


So brother, you must have come to know about Gadar by now. If it is not known, then I have made a review of the collection and posted it. Must go and see it so that you will also understand what a ruckus the brother is creating. Let me tell you first from the point of view of Gadar. So you should understand that the people who provide parking for Gadar 2 movie are also becoming millionaires, aren’t they? Why? Because brother, there has been only so much parking.

People are reaching full. There are big cities like Delhi, Mumbai where tickets are not available. This is the situation of Gadar Two on 15th August and in front of it is OMG which is running at its own pace. But somewhere OMG has been hit by the popularity of Gadar 2. From advance booking to collection, everyone is tearing the curtains down on Gadar 2.

It is obvious that the response that Gadar is getting, somewhere behind it the story of India-Pakistan which has been told, plus the history of Gadar itself, is also playing a big role. I told you yesterday also that a similar atmosphere was seen during the time of Yamla Pagla Deewana when Dharmendra Paaji was in it. He came with Bobby Deol and Sunny Deol. Even then people had arrived to watch the movie exactly like this with music and music.

And now once again we are witnessing the same phase. The biggest thing to be understood here is that the manner in which the craze that has been created among the public regarding mutiny in one sense is surprising. There was not much promotion of this movie, not much branding. Whatever was his, was ours. It means that this Gadar is being released, so curiosity had arisen among the people. Ever since its trailer and teaser came out, people started saying continuously that you should not be light-hearted about Bhaiya Gadar.

Animal lovers have understood this thing because of Ranbir Kapoor’s energy Dheeraj Sarkali Apni Movie. But Akshay Kumar was feeling that if his movie is good then it will probably play well. Absolutely good movie. But could not stand in front of Gadar Two. Despite having good content, Akshay Kumar’s movie could not get the space or the public it probably deserved. So here one thing is certain that Ranbir Kapoor saved his honor by saying Bhagte Bhoot ki Langoti kuffi and sidestepped the movie.

If we talk roughly, the first advance booking of the collection comes, then OMG has made a very good start in terms of advance booking. Means the advance booking of OMG which came out on the fifth day was better than its opening day and these people sold around 3,14,000 tickets for 15th August. Now 3,14,000 tickets have been sold. His price was around 8.5 crores to ₹ 8.5 crores. So OMG 2 earned only from advance bookings.

This is also a huge figure and almost the same collection if you remember OMG! On its first day also, a collection of 10 crores was taken out, it was on its first day and the advance booking on that day was around 5.5 to 6 crores. Now the thing to be understood here is that what was the response of Gadar to this. Because there will be advance booking of Gadar 2. There is no advance booking for Gadar 2. Just understand that one day advance booking of this movie has been done more than the lifetime collection of many movies released in Bollywood.

The advance booking for Gadar for 15th August has been done. Overall ₹33 cr. Selfie of Akshay Kumar. Karthik Aryan’s Shehzada lifetime collection could not come out that much. Let me tell you that the collection has turned out to be 33 crores. Now in such a situation, people are saying that brother, what will this movie do in terms of collection. On August 15, if we talk about tickets, then about 13,82,271 tickets were sold by the people. His 13 lakhs against OMG’s 3 lakhs. You yourself can understand. Then there is no question left of comparison. On the other hand, if we try to understand this a little more. 

33 crores which was the advance booking collection. Out of this, majority is from national chain only. So here now the main collection which is to come out is to come out from single screen and we all know about that. How do people respond? Well, now take the car a little further and let us move towards the collection, the collection is also no less. The collection has also been very strong. If we start with OMG on the first day, then what was the first day collection of OMG.

It was around 10 crores, which according to a chart was fine according to the promise. Wasn’t too bad. But just in front of that, the first day collection of Gadar, we can say that it was a very huge collection, which was 40 crores. So in such a situation, Gadar’s collection was almost four times more than OMG 2, so it was a big record in itself. Wherein, when the vehicle moved towards the second day, then it was of the second day.

OMG’s collection has increased a lot. It increased by 50% but despite that the collection was 15 crores. But the second day’s collection of Gadar reached around 43 crores. Here Gadar 2 was sitting at 43 crores and our OMG was sitting at 15 crores. So, in this way, here too, what was clearly a gathering has gone a long way. Talking about the third day, a very slight jump was seen. Despite Sunday being a holiday, OMG didn’t get as heavy a response as they might have expected. And in this the collection was only 17 crores.

But on the other hand Gadar tore the curtains here and the collection that came out on Sunday turned out to be very good and it turned out to be around 52 crores out of 52 crores which is a huge amount. Means almost triple quadrupled this OMG to se. After this it was the turn of Monday test. Many movies fail on Monday Test. But here you have to see that the next day of 15th August means today was still a holiday. So in such a situation, many people had already taken leave on Monday.

So in such a situation, the collection of OMG 2 on Monday has gone down. If 11.5 crores is less than 10 crores, then we would consider it failed in the Monday test. But because 11 crore is in double digit. That’s why we are taking it as a positive response, except that when we talk about Gadar 2’s Monday collection, it collected almost 39 crores, which is still a big deal. In between, let me remind you one more thing that there is also a row over the number series here. Akshay Kumar’s Jo To Hai released on only 1500 to 2000 screens.

Whereas Gadar Jo Hai Bhai Gadar has been screened on over 4000 screens. So here there is a big difference in the amount, that is probably also because the number of screens that Akshay Kumar’s movie has is very less. So there is also a big effect there. Now comes the main day. Today means that 15th of August is August 15th, a holiday and patriotically engaged in Gadar to theatre. So it is obvious that the enthusiasm of the people is also boiling and people who are reaching with more tractors to watch this movie.

Now here the collection of Monday, now the collection of 15th August which is being told of OMG 2 means that if we see in terms of OMG it is really good 8.5 crores we talked about advance booking If it has happened, then in that sense, the estimates of the collection that are coming after its advance booking, they are telling about ₹ 20 crores. Earning in car today. But on the other hand, if we switch over to Gadar Two, then this figure increases a lot and here this figure is reaching 55 crores.

55 crore figure is a huge figure and after seeing this figure one would wonder what happened. It is a simple matter that the collection of ₹ 55 crores is being told. Today’s collection is huge. No one has seen such a huge collection on August 15 in terms of cinema, so here Gadar to Jo Hai can also create a history. We will see what will happen in the coming days. What do you have to say about this? Good, bad Whatever it is, whatever it is, write it in the comment section.

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anyway, will meet again with a powerful explanation of the new movie.

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