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OMG 2 Vs Gadar 2 Box Office Collection, Gadar2 Box Office, Omg2 Box Office,Akshay Kumar, Sunny Deol,

OMG 2 Vs Gadar 2 Box Office Collection, Gadar2 Box Office, Omg2 Box Office,Akshay Kumar, Sunny Deol,
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Movie ReviewGadar 2
CastSunny Deol
Ameesha Patel
Utkarsh Sharma
Directed byAnil Sharma
Written byShaktimaan Talwar
Produced byAnil Sharma
Release date11 August 2023
Budgetest.₹100 crore
Gadar Movie release Date
Movie ReviewOMG 2
Prithviraj Sukumaran
Shruti Haasan
Jagapathi Babu
Directed byAmit Rai
Written byAmit Rai
Produced byAkshay Kumar
Pankaj Tripathi
Yami Gautam
Release date11 August 2023
Budget₹150 crore


So bhai finally now we have reached the 6th day of the release. I have brought in front of you an early estimate of the earnings of both Oh My God Two and Gadar Two on their sixth day. In this I will tell you about advance booking and we will talk about its collection. Together we will talk about where OMG 2 is finally seen standing. Where to start? Start from anywhere, but it is important to know that no one can compete with Bhaiya Gadar 2.

Bigger hit than Gadar to Pathan. Believe it or not, Gadar has become a huge hit movie of today’s time in terms of mathematics. On the other hand, if we try to understand the collection, then this collection of Gadar has come out very well even today. But let us first talk about the collection of OMG 2 here. First of all, if we see how much the advance booking of OMG 2’s Six Dekha has happened, then you will be surprised to know that its advance booking has also fallen drastically.

Where we saw yesterday, its advance booking was still quite good. But if we talk today, it means that Wednesday’s advance booking is very bad. Actually, its advance booking was only 1.8 crore, which means even 2 crore was completed. Its advance booking has not been done. In such a situation, how much money Akshay Kumar’s movie with a budget of 160 crores will be able to earn now. Some doubts started coming on this. At the same place, if we talk about Gadar 2, then there has been a huge drop in the collection of Gadar 2 as well.

There has also been a considerable drop in advance booking. But in spite of all this, it has still maintained a strong hold. In fact, if we talk about advance booking of Gadar, then advance booking of about ₹ 10.25 crore has been done and about 4 lakh 46 thousand tickets have been sold. Although it sold almost 4.5 lakh tickets on Wednesday as well which is a huge collection and has now collected ₹10 crores on its sixth day which is a great advance booking.

If we talk here in terms of collection, then in terms of collection, it is OMG to Jo, now it seems to be slowing down a bit. Where we had seen that its advance booking was very good yesterday, in such a situation, yesterday’s consolidated collection came out to be around 18.5 crores, the prediction was 20 crores. But I think somewhere the collection dropped a lot. And then now we have come across this collection which I feel is much less than expected. Means yesterday was also a holiday of Independence Day. It was Independence Day.

In such a situation, OMG 2 should have earned me at least 25 crores this week. But here it failed somewhere. So, in such a situation, a collection of 18.5 crores has been imposed and in today’s early estimate, its collection is seen to be falling a lot. The collection seems to be falling by almost 70% and only ₹ 5 crore ₹ 82 lakh earning is being shown. Out of which 1.8 crore advance bookings were done. Although there may be a little up and down, but there is not much hope.

He has more, less will be more. So how OMG 2, which will now reach 160 crore mark, God knows, because it still has to earn around ₹ 80 crore more. Means to recover your budget. But it seems to me that the makers are probably relying on the digital rights as well. On the other hand, if we talk about Gadar Two, then Gadar Two has still kept its entire Kajaria of earning by tearing thatch. If we talk about yesterday’s earnings, yesterday’s estimate was 57 crores, but now the collection is 55 crores, which I do not feel right somewhere.

I have a feeling that if something is wrong because there was an advance booking of 33 crores, after that the collection of 55 crores seems to be wrong somewhere. That means apart from advance booking how ₹ 22 crore was earned is a big question. In this sense, if we talk about today’s collection, today’s advance booking of 10 crores of Gadar is being estimated here in front of ₹ 25 crores on Wednesday.

If this happens, then this movie will touch the figure of 250 crores in six days and it will become the second movie of this year to do so, which has touched such a big figure so soon. But the thing to be understood here is that the collection of both the movies has turned out to be very good and if we look at the box office, then 70 crores out of 250 crores means OMG 2. Both these movies alone have earned about ₹ 320 crores for Bollywood in just six days.

If we add the jailer’s earnings to this, then this figure will cross almost 600 crores. So it is obvious that this week is going very well for Bollywood. It is going quite promising, what do you have to say about it? Do tell by commenting.

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