OMG 2 Trailer Review: Akshay Kumar became the messenger of Shiva, good or bad, how is the trailer of Akshay Kumar’s film ‘OMG 2’?

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Movie ReviewOMG 2
Prithviraj Sukumaran
Shruti Haasan
Jagapathi Babu
Directed byAmit Rai
Written byAmit Rai
Produced byAkshay Kumar
Pankaj Tripathi
Yami Gautam
Release date11 August 2023
Budget₹150 crore

Movie Review

Akshay Kumar’s film is finally going to release and has come with UA certificate. Its trailer has got UA certificate and the film has got A certificate. UA means unrestricted. But parental guidance may be required. Because the trailer is about to be uploaded online, baby don’t miss the Full HD video. So do you understand what this thing is? Talking about the trailer, the length of the trailer is more than three minutes, in which it is clear that what was hidden in the teaser.

And very cleverly it is shown in the beginning of this trailer itself that Akshay Kumar’s character will not be of Lord Shiva, but of someone from Shiva’s clan. Now this change has been made after the cuts of the censor board, whether it was already there or not, I don’t know. After watching the trailer, it does not seem anywhere that there should be any objection on such a subject.

But we have our own thinking brother. How can someone’s thinking be affected by someone else’s thinking. Well, the plot that is being understood from the trailer is that Kanti is going to fight a court case starring Sharan Mudgal (Pankaj Tripathi) in which he himself is the complainant and the accused.

It will be known in the film itself but he is going to fight against the false immoral allegations leveled against his son. Whose son has been expelled from the school because of some wrong information. In which Akshay Kumar’s character in the avatar of Lord Shiva’s messenger will help! Now again let me tell you that Oh My God 2 has nothing to do with Oh My God One.

Touted to be a spiritual sequel like Dreamgirl One, it had no relation to Dream Girl 2 or Munnabhai MBBS, Lage Raho Munnabhai. Except for the characters, the concept of Oh My God and Oh My God Too is the same.
If someone is in great trouble, how does the Lord himself help him. Whether he is a theist or an atheist. So in this film too, like the previous film, focusing on a social issue, questions are going to be raised on the system.

Not just social issues, an issue which is not talked about or discussed in public. This is considered the subject of Chi Chi Thu Thu. And when questions are raised on a film against the system, then in real life all the people of the system run it, who really do wrong.

Then boycott campaign is done through someone else and slowly people also become part of that boycott system. I would not like to get into it too much. The budget of the film is 150 crores. I mean it must have been made in 50 itself, the rest is the cast fee.

Tell people about the plans by speaking loudly. And yes, our Lord Shri Ram i.e. Arun Govil ji is also going to have a confirmed role in this. But but not in the avatar of Shriram ji, but in the role of the trustee of the school.

Anyway, after watching the trailer its potential is being known that brother it cannot be taken lightly. Gadar 2 is coming so is there anything new about Gadar 2? Bhai Sahib is just a mass audience film. But daring to make a film on a social issue like the one being brought to the fore in Oh My God Too is a big challenge in itself. Rest both will earn money in their own way.

And anyway, it would be foolish to judge the film just by watching the trailer. So it may be that this movie is better than the trailer or worse than the trailer. If you have seen the trailer, then how did you like it, do tell by commenting.
See you again with the new movie review.

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