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Movie ReviewOMG 2
Prithviraj Sukumaran
Shruti Haasan
Jagapathi Babu
Directed byAmit Rai
Written byAmit Rai
Produced byAkshay Kumar
Pankaj Tripathi
Yami Gautam
Release date11 August 2023
Budget₹150 crore


The collections of OMG 2 and the estimates for the 6th day of OMG are now out in front of us and the movie has shown a good promise so far. Movies made in the budget of 160 crores are released on 1500 to 2000 thousand screens. Then somewhere its collection cannot be expected to be very big. That too when it is clashing with a tsunami-hitting film like Gadar.

So here we are showing the promos of Akshay Kumar’s OMG 2 Coffee which released on 2000 screens. By the way, Akshay Kumar was in great need of a single hit and in such a situation OMG 2 would have been a hit somewhere, I do not see because how long this film would be able to run. It will be necessary to watch and in the coming days some more good movies will be released which will definitely compete with OMG.

So in such a situation, the biggest thing is to understand what is going on in OTT at this time. Looking at this, if Akshay Kumar has released his film in the theatre, then he must have hoped that the movie will do well. In the midst of all this, a big thing came to the fore that Animal Jo was in front of Bhaiya Gadar 2. He postponed his release and the postponement of Animal’s release was somehow beneficial for Animal.

If we talk about the collection, then first of all understand that what is the condition of OMG in advance booking. Aaj ka to aaj ki advance booking OMG ki koi koi is not looking so special. Its advance booking of only 1.8 crores was done till 5 in the morning. Obviously very few tickets were sold. Only 68,000 tickets have been sold so you can’t expect much collection anyway.

On the other hand, the collection prediction we had made from OMG Tour, we had told yesterday’s prediction that this movie would probably earn up to 20 crores. But that prediction also turned out to be wrong and the movie earned only ₹18 crore. In fact, looking at the budget of ₹ 160 crores, it seemed that this movie can earn very well on Wednesday.

Because Wednesday means it was a working day in a way, but the concept of the movie seemed good and that’s why the advance booking for Tuesday was also good. But here advance booking has also suffered a setback and many other things seem to be deteriorating here. So the biggest thing here is that whatever things you should understand, these are all. But still things are not coming out. For example, this movie has done advance booking of 1.8 crores.

If we talk about its collection against it, then the collection is visible only for 5.8 crores, which is really a big blow for this movie of Akshay Kumar. And it is not a big deal that this collection means CBZ collection. Even less than this, the original collection of 5.8 crores came out because it is obvious that somewhere if you look at a collection, you can understand where the movie is going. So in such a situation, its total collection has reached by including its collection.

To recover OMG 2’s ₹80 crore and ₹160 crore budget, it needs to earn the same amount of money. After that there will be talk of a hit somewhere, so at the moment the road is looking very difficult for OMG here. Looks like a lot of trouble. Now it has to be seen how its collection turns out.

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