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Movie ReviewOMG 2
Prithviraj Sukumaran
Shruti Haasan
Jagapathi Babu
Directed byAmit Rai
Written byAmit Rai
Produced byAkshay Kumar
Pankaj Tripathi
Yami Gautam
Release date11 August 2023
Budget₹150 crore

Movie Explained

The movie Oh My God 2 is a true call of the changing times. What is true is beautiful, what is beautiful is shiv and the concept of Satyam Shivam Sundaram is also the same. There is a lot of hue and cry when we see fake films based on fake stories of fake society, in which there is no such thing as changing the direction of thinking of the audience. And when it happens, films like Oh My God 2 are made. So friends, today we are going to explain Oh my God to movie, the story of the film starts from Mahakal city where Kanti Mugdal played by Pankaj Tripathi is shown Prasad outside the Mahakaleshwar temple of Ujjain.

Runs a shop without offering. Kanti, who lives in the shelter of the high priest of the temple, is the biggest idol image of a true believer devotee and his shop outside the temple also runs well. After which Kanti’s entire family is shown. In which a son and a daughter live in his house along with his wife. In which son’s name is Vivek and daughter’s name is Damayanti and Dammu. Kanti’s daughter studies in a small school. While his son Vivek studies in an international school.

But whether the school is international or a town, it is in India and the students who come there are from our society. One day Vivek is his friendK goes there and tells the family that he will spend tonight at their house and when the next morning comes, Vivek is found in the hospital. After hearing this, Kanti immediately goes to the hospital where he meets his son. After which Kanti meets the doctor. So the doctor tells such things to Kanti that Kanti does not understand anything. The doctor tells Kanti that Vivek has taken some pills due to which Vivek is awake all night, so Kanti tells the doctor what is the big deal in it.

If any child does not get enough sleep, he will fall ill. Then the doctor tells the real truth to Kanti. He tells that Vivek has used some pills which we use during honeymoon and also tells doctor Kanti that Vivek masturbated whole night. After hearing this, Kanti gets very angry on Vivek and Vivek shouts a lot because in the eyes of Kanti all this is a sin. But the biggest thing is that why was Vivek doing all this?Then Kanti Vivek finds out everything from a friend. Vivek’s friend tells Kanti. While preparing for a dance competition, Vivek became the partner of a girl.

He was dancing very well, but some jealous friends separated him from his favorite partner. His friends made fun of him and the biggest joke was that he created doubts in his mind about the size of his penis and even if the child asked to whom. What is the size and type of the same penis? I wander to quacks, herbalists and then fall ill after consuming fake pills from a medical store. When Kanti came to know all these things, she felt very sad. He prays in front of Mahadev that his son should come out of all these problems.

But Mahadev knows that Kanti’s son Vivek is going to face a lot of problems now. So Mahadev sends his messenger to earth, who is none other than Akshay Kumar, whom Kanti always calls Maharaj. After a few days, the principal of the school calls Vivek and his parents i.e. Kanti to the school and she is told that because of what Vivek has done, we are expelling him from the school. Kanti could not understand what Vivek had done for which he is being thrown out of the school. Kanti is then shown a video in which Vivek is masturbating in the school bathroom.Happens and this video was made by some jealous friends of Vivek and shared it everywhere.

That’s why the school decides that now they don’t want to keep Vivek in this school under any circumstances, so they throw him out of the school and gradually this video goes viral in the whole city. The video goes viral in such a way that this video reaches his house as well and now Vivek and his family are not able to tell their face to anyone. When Kanti sees all this, he gets very angry because her image is that of true devotion and faith. But now he cannot talk to anyone even by raising his eyes.

So he decides that he is not going to stay here any longer and now he will move to some relative in another city. They start going to one of their relatives the same night. They reach the station where they were waiting for the next morning train. But then suddenly Vivek who is there reaches the railway tracks and starts trying to commit suicide. And it is here that Kanti meets Maharaj once again. i mean akshay kumarMaharaj who is here from Mahadev tells Kanti to look at his son Vivek, maybe he is not here. He must have gone somewhere else and was giving hints that he has gone to commit suicide. Then here Kanti runs after him. He tries a million times to save her but he is unable to save her because she was saved by Maharaj i.e. Mahadev.

Mahadev saves Vivek after which Mahadev talks to Kanti. Here Kant tells them all his problems but Kanti finds him a bit crazy because he talks in riddles. Mahadev tells Kanti that the whole world is finding your son wrong. You also feel that wrong. But have you ever tried to know whether Vivek is actually wrong or not? Kanti had understood all these things very well that whatever mistake Vivek did, it was not his fault, but ours, the school’s and the medical store owner’s and those Baba’s too.

Because if he had got the knowledge in the right way, then maybe today he would not have made such a big mistake. That’s why files a case against four people. One on school, second on medical store, third on Babas and fourth on himself. Because if Vivek had got proper knowledge then he would not have been a victim of ignorance today. Kanti reaches the court. The judge was also surprised to see the person who sued himself for a lawyer.

Let’s go Kanti tells them that I want to file a defamation case against these four people, because due to the negligence of these four people, my son became a victim of ignorance. I want all the people to apologize to my son and in return these people give me an offering to Mahakal. ₹11, ₹21, ₹51 and ₹101 and get my son back in school. But then there is the entry of a lawyer named Kamini, who is a very sharp lawyer. She tells Kamini that this case should be dismissed immediately, but should get a chance to speak. So Kamini takes this case in herself and the lawyer who was with Kanti leaves the case as his defeat is certain in front of Kamini.

Then Kanti did not have any other lawyer nor would anyone want to take this case. Then here he tells the judge that you give me the same date that he always gives, then the judge gives him the next date. After which Kanti gets involved in this case. He could do anything to solve this case. That’s why first of all he tries to understand this case and then studies a lot. He arranges for a lot of books which were already kept with Vivek. Kanti was very serious about this case. He was preparing for this case by working hard day and night and researching everything.Was living, in which his daughter Damayanti was also supporting him.

On the day of the date, Kanti reaches the court room. Where the condition was very bad. He had already seen it. So here Kanti first of all cleans the court thoroughly and requests to handle this case himself. To which the judge also says yes and first of all he thanks them because Kanti had cleaned the courtroom very well. Here Kanti had taken off her shoes and slippers outside as well. He says that this is the temple of justice and he does not come to the temple wearing slippers. The things which the judge liked very much, but this case was not yet accepted and the same was being discussed here. Kanti here tells everyone about the four pillars of Sanatan Dharma, Dharma, Artha, Moksha and Kama, which also have obscenity.

And if people start reading about these obscenities, they will not find it obscene. But Kamini says that we cannot make it in school by picking any topic. Every school has credibility within which they are. Then Gandhi tells them that if all this had been taught, today everything would not have seemed wrong, otherwise after many debates, the judge here would have registered the case. So finally this case was registered because of which Kanti was very happy. Although this case

He had not won yet but he was as happy as if he had won the case. But this is just the beginning as Kanti does not have much knowledge and there are many hurdles ahead. So in future, Kamini had understood how to solve this case. She had come after all studies and hence she calls Vivek here in the court. She introduces him in the dock and asks questions. Here, Kamini asks Vivek very opposite direct questions, to which Vivek is unable to answer and at the same time, he is unable to raise his head and runs away from this court.

And when Kanti reaches her house, she meets Mahadev outside her house. Mahadev tells Kanti to speak what pleases the ears, speak what the society likes. Gandhi tells him whether anyone understands all your words or not, on which Mahadev tells him that he understands what I have to explain. After some time here, Kanti is understood as to what Maharaj was saying. After considering his words, the next day heAgain appears in the court and gives a solid speech in front of everyone.

Kanti knows that Kamini who is next is going to present her daughter Damayanti and his wife in the dock. That’s why he had already done his homework, because the questions Kamini was asking his wife and his daughter, his daughter and wife were giving very open minded answers. By giving that, Kamini also understood very well that Kanti has already done her homework. Now next it is Kamini who introduces a woman in the dock and that woman is actually a prostitute and here Kamini tells everyone. Their child also studies in the school and the school also allows him.

Whatever you do outside school, you have to stay within limits in school. If the school has taken an action regarding discipline regarding its student, then what is wrong with it. So here Kanti stops speaking and then the next day she meets Maharaj. The king who is here, tell him one thing in the riddle that if you do not ask questions, then from where will you get the answer. There is a question within the question. After the question there is an answer. Question after answer. All questions are answered. Kanti understood very well that she has to answer many questions here. So Kanti calls the same prostitute back and starts questioning her.

he talks to her about some positionsHad been. Here that woman was also answering him. Kanti tells them that he goes away after satisfying his hunger. Do you like it, on which the woman flatly refuses. She says that some people come to scratch, some people come to do the wrong thing, and if they are unable to do anything, then they keep crying sitting in front of her. So Kanti tells them that if all those people had already known all this then maybe you would not have any problem on which that woman also says yes. Now Kanti wants to ask him the last question that your child studies in the school, where would you like to see him? In the crowd of ignorant people who come to you.

Educated here, knowledgeable of sexual science, who respects his girlfriend, wife, wife, whose mind and body, then that woman is completely satisfied with Gandhi’s second point. After saying so much, she starts leaving from here. Then Kanti bows down to him and everyone asks him why are you saluting him?Kanti tells them that he is saluting a mother who is risking everything to educate her child.

There is no greater teacher than him, because the school cannot stake anything of its own. After which there is debate again and this debate reaches again. Due to the mistake of this school, if everything had been taught in the school, Vivek would not have made this mistake today. Actually Kanti was talking about sex education. Then Kamini says that no one has any other way to teach this topic. If you have any method, then you tell, but no one had any method.

Then Kamini says that if you don’t have any way then you will withdraw this case. If there is a way, then you will tell us. Now after a few days, Kanti meets Maharaj ji again. Here Maharaj starts giving him his knowledge again. He tells her not to suppress the truth, tell the truth because truth is always naked. Tell it as it is because truth is beautiful and only Shiva is beautiful. Both of them were also eating Kachori here and here Maharaj while giving a Kachori to Kanti also says to eat after seeing Kachori because there was some very good information on the paper in which Kachori was there which could be of use to Kanti.

Now Kanti had understood this thing very well.That he is telling everything openly. So the next day he takes some posters of the human body to the court which were completely naked. Seeing whom Kamini says that it is vulgar and should be removed. But Kanti tells them that all the posters are found in the school and laboratory and all the teachers teach the parts of human body through these posters. Then with the help of these posters, we can easily teach about the genitals as well. Kanti also says that from birth certificate to death certificate his identity is gender and today we are ashamed to talk about the same identity.

Kanti gives a solid speech here due to which this case started leaning towards Kanti. But in the end, Kamini asks the public that who all think that this topic should be taught in schools. In which only one or two people are able to raise their hands and whatever the judge is, he gives the next date. But outside of all this, what happened in the morning was very solid. Everyone wanted that all these should be studied in the school and everyone also wanted the knowledge of all this. And now somewhere the principal of the school also felt that he was going to lose this case.

Since the matter had now come to the school’s reputation, he holds a meeting with Kanti and he gives a check of ₹1 crore to Kanti and in return demands that she withdraw the case, to which she agrees.Kanti also accepts that check and signs that paper. But somewhere he didn’t like all this. When he was returning home then suddenly he had an accident and he was in a very serious condition. And when he wakes up the next day, he finds himself in the hospital.

As soon as he regains consciousness, here Mahadev tells him that you are dead. I told you that truth is beautiful and beautiful is saved. I thought you would follow my path but you chose another path which resulted in death. After which Mahadev who is he comes to him in his real getup and tells him that he is Mahadev and he also says that because of your death your whole family is crying sitting in front of me. Whatever you did has a deep impact on the public.

And now I am giving you one last chance to rectify your mistake because today is the last hearing after which Mahadev makes her sit in his super car and here he takes her to the court in full speed. At last Mahadev blesses him and says that Mahadev is always with his devotees. So on the day of Last Sharing, Kant gives his last statement. He says that this story started in 1835 at the time of the British. A man named Lord Macaulay came here and after completing his studies in Gurukul, he brought his English studies here.And changed the whole education system.

Changed the studies of that Gurukul where Kamashastra was also taught. The education was changed by the British Act. But today it has been 75 years of independence, but still we are following his teachings by adopting the same method and where did the British people take the teachings of Gurukul with them. There they named this education as modern education and it went ahead of us and we remained the same. After a while Vivek also comes here and Kamini starts asking him questions whether he had done wrong that day to which Vivek tells her that whatever he did was not wrong. He did wrong at the place where he did it.

Then he apologizes to the school and once again requests for admission in the school. So Kamini tells him that it is very shameless that you do not accept the wrong you have done. But gradually the whole public starts supporting Vivek and says that Vivek has not done anything wrong because we also do it and everyone does it. All the people who had come here had come here after getting influenced by Kanti’s words. So in this way Kant wins this case.

The judge says that this mistake is of the education system, so the education system is requested as soon as possible to add this topic to the syllabus and the fourPeople have made a mistake, they should give ₹ 11, ₹ 21, ₹ 51 and ₹ 101 as compensation to Kanti so that she can make an offering to Mahakal and Vivek had also got admission back in the school. At last Kamini Kanti says why did you win this case? I would have told you that you were fighting for the family and I was fighting for the business.

At last I apologize to Kamini Kanti. Friends, usually the sequel does not recover from the shadow of its first part, but here the writer-director appears with a fresh approach. In the film, which released on August 11, the director handles a taboo subject like sex intelligently and logically without being vulgar, adding a dash of comedy to it. The story also seems interesting because all this happens in a desi environment with a middle-class family, where Kranti Kishore is also the father of son and daughter. The director has to be appreciated that he has established this issue between father and son in the family.

Due to the cuts of the censor board, jumps are felt in many contexts in the film. In the beginning of the film, the director takes some time to establish the story. But then the story picks up its pace and the courtroom drama proves to be effective. Kanti mentions the books of Kamasutra and Panchatantra in the court and argues that today when porn is available on the internet then why sex cannot be taught as a science in school?All these arguments given by Kanti seem very effective and if we talk about the music and technical side, the runtime of the film could have been reduced a bit. Had the music been more impressive, it would have been fun.

Although the song Harhar Mahadev has become good in the music of Vikram Muntashir. Its core graphics are also visible. The climax of the film is comforting. Talking of acting, this is Pankaj Tripathi’s film from every angle and this role must have been very difficult for him in terms of execution. Because a devotee from a religious background and small town to stand up against the society for his son in the court on his sexual act is very bold.

Anyway, will meet again with a powerful explanation of the new movie.

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