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Old Letter of Shahrukh Khan Goes Viral On Social Media!

Old Letter of Shahrukh Khan Goes Viral On Social Media!
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Shahrukh Khan’s hand return letter remains in the limelight on social media. This is a six page long letter written by Shah Rukh Khan during his college days. Yes, when Shahrukh used to study at Delhi University’s Hansraj College. However, no date has been written on the letter which is going viral. But according to reports, Pathan wrote this letter when he was in the final year of college. So let’s know what Shahrukh has written in the letter which is being mentioned and what things he has disclosed.

Actually, in this letter, Shah Rukh Khan has written about his childhood. In the letter, he has mentioned his family and school. Shahrukh has also written in the letter how he got the idea of ​​acting and how he started acting. In this letter, Shah Rukh Khan has also written that he had a lot of interest in sports in his childhood and used to play football, cricket and hockey. During my school days, my interest in acting started increasing.

In fact, since childhood, I was very good at imitating and copying people. I started mimicking Hema Malini. By the time of graduation, I had learned to mimic even Devanand, Raj Kapoor, Prithviraj Kapoor and Raj Babbar. Raj Babbar remembered how I got into acting. My father had a chain of restaurants in and around Delhi. Shahrukh Khan further wrote, I used to go to the restaurant’s mess often and used to watch the plays that people used to perform there.

It was the time of great directors Ibrahim Alkaji and Raj Babbar, Rohini Tangdi, Ajit Wadhwani, Surekha Sikri. Many of these people used to act there. At that time I was probably 9 to 10 years old. I used to write Urdu poetry and had dimples on my cheeks. Because of these things, I used to get a lot of attention from these actors and directors. Perhaps seeing him, I had decided that I want to be like him.

He got the role of Kallu Bania in the school drama, Andher Nagari Chaupat Raja and this was his first acting project. Although Shahrukh did acting plays etc. during his college days and his father’s restaurant chain, in which he used to go. Along with this, he used to watch plays with director Ibrahim Alkaji and famous people like Raj Babbar, Rohini, Garhi Aziz and Jaane Surekha Sikri.

Then his interest developed and Shahrukh later started learning acting. Yes, all these things were also mentioned by Shahrukh and now this thing of Shahrukh is going viral in the form of a letter. remains the subject of debate  Stay connected with us for Latest Bollywood News Council Movie Review Song Review

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