Mission Impossible – Dead Reckoning (2023) Film Explained (Summarized)

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Movie ReviewMission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One
CastTom Cruise
Hayley Atwell
Ving Rhames
Simon Pegg
Rebecca Ferguson
Vanessa Kirby
Esai Morales
Pom Klementieff
Mariela Garriga
Henry Czerny
Directed byChristopher McQuarrie
Written byChristopher McQuarrie
Erik Jendresen
Produced byTom Cruise
Christopher McQuarrie
Release dateJune 19, 2023 (Rome)
July 12, 2023 (United States)
Budget$291 million

Movie Explained

It is said that the success of a film depends on whether the three-hour film keeps the audience glued to the seat or not. Tom Cruise’s new film (Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One) has completely lived up to this. Friends, today we are going to explain Mission Impossible 7 movie, the film starts with an experimental secret mission running on Russian submarine Sevastopol and at the same time another submarine is seen by this submarine.

The Captain of Sevastopol immediately orders the submarine destroyed, but after some time the submarine disappears. This missile was then released to destroy the suspected submarine. That missile falls in Sevastopol itself. After this the test kits of Sevastopol fly away and all the people who were in Sevastopol are killed.

But the most destructive weapon of this submarine also comes on the sea shore. We were not properly told about this weapon but this weapon is very dangerous. If someone gets hold of this weapon, it can destroy the whole world and this weapon can be operated with the help of two keys. The weapon can be fired only when both the keys are together. After which IMF’s Secret Soldier Ethan Hunt is shown

Joe was recalling his past memory when a man shot Ethan’s mother and Ethan was standing there when the man shot Dhan’s mother. But till then it was too small. But still Ethan remembers the man’s face perfectly. Now let’s see further that Ethan gets the mission of the same Sevastopol weapon. But here Ethan is not told anything about that weapon.

While he is told that he has to find a key and this key is actually with Alice and Alice snatched this key from the courier and killed the courier on the spot. That’s why the whole world is after Alice. Alice has become wanted and a reward of 400-500 crores has also been placed on her. Ethan must find Alice as well as the key, as Alice’s life is in danger, and prevent the key from falling into the wrong hands.

And recently it has been revealed that Alice is hiding somewhere in the desert. But many people are after her because Alice has now become completely wanted. Here many people attack Alice, but at the right time Ethan came here and gave a signal to Alice. Then Alice and Ethan together face all these people and manage to escape from here safely.

Now further we see that some government officials were talking about these weapons and keys that if that weapon goes into wrong hands, it can create havoc in the whole world. But without that key the weapon is of no use and this key was with Alice and recently they have got the news that Alice has been killed in the desert. Then a man comes here and he gives a box to a man named Kittridge.

Like when the boss opens the box, here the man leaves everyone unconscious by releasing poisonous gas. And there was actually a mask in that box because he didn’t want to knock the guy unconscious because he wanted to talk to Kittridge. Actually the man here was Ethan. Ethan puts on the face of the man after which he talks to Kittridge and it is here that Ethan learns that Kittridge had actually sent a group of men into the desert to kill Alice in order to retrieve the key.

While Kittridge sent Ethan here as well. Then here Ethan Kittridge clearly says that until he knows what is going to happen to those weapons through these keys, till then this key will remain with him and he will find the other key as well. . Now Ethan immediately assembles his team. Meaning Luther and Benji. Both are the main men on Ethan’s team and Ethan trusts them a lot. Here Ethan tells them about these keys and also explains the whole mission. Also tells them that a man is coming tomorrow

Which should tell us something about the second key deal at the airport. We will definitely make a deal with that man but before that we will know what he is going to do with these two keys together. After this the scene of the airport is shown and here we come to know that in fact a lot of people are engaged to find Ethan and here Ethan was searching for the man who has the second key.

After searching here for a long time, he does not see it, but here after a while he sees a girl who had stolen the key from the man with whom he was about to make a deal, and the name of that girl Grace happens. Ethan sees that Grace has stolen the key. Then immediately goes behind that girl and tells her that this key might not be of use to you.

Ethan had secretly stolen the key from Grace as well. Ethan asks Grace here what they are going to do with the key and who sent you. But here Grace does not tell him anything and leaves from here. On the other hand, Benji learns about a nuclear bomb inside a bag at the airport. Those people immediately reach that bomb and after defusing it, they come to know that the nuclear bomb was not inside it at all.

Only then does his team learn that they are actually being trapped here and it is here that Ethan sees the man who killed his mother. The name of this person is Gabriel and soon Gabriel also disappears from here. Ethan felt very strange after seeing this, after which when he is with his friends and when he puts his hand in his pocket, here he comes to know that he does not have the key in his pocket.

Which means that the key was stolen by Grace again. Now further we see Grace in another country, where some officers had arrested Grace. Because Grace is a thief and a fraud girl. There were many allegations against him. While all the officers are interrogating Grace, Gabriel comes here. Gabriel was actually trying to find out from those officers what happened to Grace, because all she needed was the bow keys.

Then here Grace is told that her lawyer has arrived and as soon as she goes to the lawyer, she finds out that the lawyer is none other than Ethan and here Ethan knows very well that Grace is here behind A lot of people are lying because they wanted the key at any cost and Ethan here wanted it too. But he also wanted to protect Grace here. Grace was followed by CIA men, Gabriel’s men and many other agencies. but here somehow grace escapes

That’s why he chases her and Ethan knows very well that Grace is an expert in escaping, so he ties handcuffs in her hands and in his hands and to escape from here, Ethan had a small yellow color car which That the people of IMF had hired. They had no other way so they have to run away from here by sitting in that car. Many people are following them and many of them even want to kill Ethan and Grace. Among these there was a girl named Paris who was hired by Gabriel.

She was trying to kill them and wanted to grab this key. But somehow these people manage to escape from here. But in the end, it is here that Grace betrays Ethan again and escapes with the key from his hand. But Grace had told Ethan that she was going to deliver the key at a place tomorrow night at 12:00 and Grace had told Ethan about that place. That’s why he assembles his team but only Alice and Ethan go to that place.

Now at that party we see Gabriel who was with his entire team and this is where we see Grace as well. Grace had a feeling Gabriel might have hired her. Here Gabriel talks to him to steal this key. But while talking to her here, Grace comes to know that this man did not hire her but White Widow had done it, which had come here during their talking and here White Widow told Grace That I only told you to steal this key and in return you will get money. And then Ethan was also here. Everyone had gathered here.

And talking about the key. Actually, Gabriel had made a deal with the White Widow for that key. But now somewhere she started feeling that all these people are wrong so she hides the key and here the man named Gabriel wanted this key in any condition and he tells everyone that I should give this key to him.

There is not much desire to get it because tomorrow this key will automatically come to me because you people have no idea of the power behind me. Here the White Board does not know what the key opens, but Gabriel knows very well what the key opens, and Ethan tries to convince the White Widow that if If we hand over this key to Gabriel, he will destroy this whole world.

Here Gabriel White Widow says that you have no idea of my strength and if you want to try my strength then I tell you that someone will die tonight and it will be either Greece or Alice. Gabriel says that he has written Eden’s fate, now if you want to write yours too, then talk. After hearing this, White Widow gets scared somewhere. That’s why she stays by Gabriel’s side. But after a while a fight starts here and Greece runs away with the key. But now Ethan must somehow save both Alice and Grease.

So here Ethan runs after Grace and here Benji and Luther are showing him the way to reach Grace. But after a while they come to know that Gabriel has hacked their device and now Gabriel takes Ethan in the voice of Benji and Luther to the place where Gabriel wants to take him. Now when he reaches a narrow street, Paris and a man were waiting for him there and Paris is a very dreaded girl.

Here a fierce fight takes place between Ethan Paris and the man. All three of them were competing against each other but in the end, Ethan defeated them both. Paris wanted to kill Ethan here, but in the end, Ethan spared Paris’s life after winning this battle and somehow reached Gabriel here while running away to Greece.

After reaching Bell, Grace even tried to fight him, but Grace was completely unsuccessful in fighting him. But after a while Alice comes here, who had a sword in her hand. After taking out the sword, she starts a fierce fight with Gabriel here. But in the end, Gabriel kills Alice and he correctly said that either Alice or Grace will die tonight. Alice dies as Benji, Luther and Ethan were very sad because she was part of their team.

Here Ethan also felt very bad. Then here Ethan tells Grace that now you will work with us because you are not safe at all. You can live outside for a few days, so now you will work with us and the key that the White Widow is going to deal with on the Oriental Express, we have to go there and find out what they are going to do with these keys. So they make a plan that they will go on the Oriental Express to exchange White Widow and her security guard Zolo for the deal.

But here with the help of the machine, he makes the face of the white goon, but before he could make the face of Jolo, here the machine breaks down. Now this mission was to be done by Grace alone but Ethan promises her that he will reach that train in time. After which we are shown the Orient Express and here we are shown the White Widow who was about to make a deal with a man and this man is none other than Kittridge.

White Widow makes a deal with Kittridge, but it is here that we learn that the real White Widow is none other than Grace. Because the real White Widow was knocked unconscious by Grace in the bathroom. On the other hand, we see Gabriel, who is still on the Oriental Express, and here we see a very senior government official talking to Gabriel about the Sevastopol submarine. He says that I am the only person who knows about the weapon in Sevastopol, but Gabriel also knew about it.

While Gabriel seemed to be just Gabriel about it. knows, but when he learns that Iso knows about it, Gabriel kills the guy and finally tries to kill Paris too because he knows she is going to betray him. Because Ethan had spared Paris’ life and Gabriel had failed all the brakes of this train and left the train at full speed. Here it was known that it is not White Widow but Grace. But Grace had somehow managed to get hold of that key here and run away.

On the other side we see Ethan who missed the train because it was not slowing down Ethan was left with no other way and he was on a hill on the other side Zola takes Grace at gunpoint He takes it and snatches the key from him and when he is about to kill Grace, Ethan enters here and saves Grace by coming at the right time.

But taking advantage of this, Gabriel snatches the key from them and runs away. Here Ethan tells Grace that all the brakes of this train have failed and you have to stop this train at any cost. Ethan, on the other hand, goes after Gabriel, who is on top of the train. Here he wanted to snatch the key from him,

so there is a fierce fight between them and in the end Ethan wins in the fight but Gabriel takes this key with him and in the end Ethan and Grace escape the train together. Take out the engine. Next comes the bridge where Gabriel had planted a lot of bombs, as soon as the engine reaches that bridge, there is a huge explosion here and all the bogies move slowly in this circle.

She starts falling down and Ethan and Grace were also in these bogies. They try to get out of here somehow but in the end both of them were about to die that’s when Paris comes here at the right time and here she saves Grace and Ethan’s life but Gabriel injures Paris a lot. Had given. Despite this, Paris tells Ethan everything here.

About the Sevastopol submarine and finally because they have only one parachute, the ether goes from here and Grace, who is here, gets arrested by the police. But Ethan has already told Grace about a man named Kittridge that we can trust. Next we see Gabrielle checking her pocket to find that she doesn’t have the key. In fact, Ethan has the key.

This mission is not completely over yet, because this mission will tell about the Sevastopol weapon, what it can do. It is of high quality and this has been proved by Tom Cruise and Christopher McQuarrie in this film as well. In the film, along with action, Christopher has also inserted emotional scenes in between.

Although the dialogues seem a bit boring at some places, but once the action starts, you are unable to take your eyes off the screen. Be it the desert action in the beginning, Ethan trying to save his life in a Fiat car in Venice or the train scene in the climax, most of the action shows its effect in the blink of an eye. Ethan jumping off the bike and train scenes are amazing and here Hunt and his team are faced with Artificial Intelligence this time.

This AI Ron has gone rogue and is threatening to destroy the world Fuel and IMF have to find the key to this AI and stop him from doing so. This key is central to the plot of the film. But it is also worth noting here that the audience is not watching Mission Impossible just for interesting stories. Since 2011’s Ghost Protocol, Tom Cruise has been on a mission to be himself as an actor and entertainer.

Since then, he fights with himself in every film of the franchise. Despite his growing age, he breaks his boundaries in every film and his stunts stun. Dead Reckoning Part One is no different. Here too Tom Cruise jumps while riding a bike on top of the mountain. Action on a moving train and a collapsing bridge, and Tom Cruise, who did not use a body double or stuntman, did his own stunts in this film as well.

Tom Cruise’s energy at age 61. No less than a 16 year old teenage boy. Tom has worked on three Mission Impossible series with Christopher Macquarie. This pairing of these two is showing the tremendous side of each other in this film, which is a visual treat for the audience to watch. Tom has proved this Mission Impossible Seven to be the best action film with his acting and action.

Be it the beginning of the mission by sitting on a desert horse or the bike stunt done in the air using a small aeroplane, many scenes are done in such a way that the viewers get goosebumps. At the age of 61, Tom Cruise does dangerous stunts like never before. Kadam action scenes as well as emotional scenes in the film. Tom Cruise has played very effectively in the film. The action scenes of the train in the film are amazing.

Especially when a bogie of a hanging train falls on the river valley, the eyes of the audience are stunned. Hayley Atwell plays Grace in the film. Her character is projected as a destructive force of nature. Hayley Atwell plays her role effectively in the scenes shot with Tom Cruise in the film. It is a delight to watch him as Tej Chor in the film. The climax of the film ends at such a point where it is known that Hayley Atwell’s role will be special in the next part of the film as well and the story of any hero seems interesting only then.

When the villain is stronger than him. This thing cracks Mission Impossible Seven or has a saying for the villain. Enemies are everywhere, but they are not visible. Ethan’s enemy is not just any human being to be defeated to win the battle. It is such a weapon that the governments made, misused for their own benefit. Now he has become stronger than his father. The meaning of reality for a person can change. Messes you up with perfection.

Election is the most fundamental right of a human being. The enemy can snatch away the freedom to choose in every situation. How can one defeat such an enemy? The makers have corrected this story by dividing it into two parts. After the villain, let’s talk about the hero of the story. Mission Impossible i.e. Tom Cruise. Both have become synonymous with each other. Tom isn’t just getting older with each Mission movie. He is also raising his bar higher.

There are three grouping scenes in the film. One is the bike and car chase sequence. Da Tom and Hayley Atwell’s characters are on the run. The second is the scene where Tom jumps over a ditch with a motorcycle. The third train sequence. The way Tom holds himself in these scenes is commendable. At some points, I was fearing for his life, how can this man do all this.

And while Tom Cruise may be full of confidence while shooting, it shows on screen if Ethan is scared to jump over the chasm. He understands his character very well. Mission Impossible Dead Reckoning Part One was written and produced by Christopher McBarry. The last two Mission films were also made by him. The direction of Mission Impossible Seven is very good.

Christopher knows exactly what he wants to capture on camera. Also, so much understanding of the craft that they will be captured. There are two big action sequences in the film and there is no let up from shooting to editing. Keeps his audience engaged and brings a Dutch angle to the film when Ethan and his team are clueless about the key.

But as the picture starts to clear up, the camera regains its balance. Credit goes to cinematographer Fraser Traeger along with Christopher McBarry. Mission Impossible Seven is a typical mission film and this is also its strength. The story does not pull only on the basis of its action, but it is truly a master blaster film. Anyway, see you again with a strong explanation of the new movie, thanks. Jai Hind Jai Bharat. Jai Shri Ram.

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