Marlins ball boy tosses Dodgers fair ball into bleachers in wild gaffe

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Marlins ball boy tosses Dodgers fair ball into bleachers in wild gaffe

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A recent blunder by one of the Marlins’ ball boys has caught the attention of online spectators. Positioned along the first base side of loanDepot Park on Thursday night, the ball boy mistakenly thought a fair ball hit down the line by the Dodgers’ Freddie Freeman in the top of the sixth inning was foul. In reality, it was just inside the line.

Reacting to this misconception, the ball boy snatched the ball with his glove in foul territory and hurled it into the stands, just as Miami’s right fielder, Jesús Sánchez, was approaching to retrieve it. It wasn’t until he was about to return to his seat that the ball boy seemed to realize what had occurred.

As a consequence of this mishap, Freeman was granted an automatic double, with Mookie Betts scoring. The Miami crowd could be heard expressing their dissatisfaction with a chorus of boos.

Fortunately, the situation ended on a positive note. Sánchez approached the ball boy later, draping an arm around him as a sign of forgiveness. The ball boy, in turn, tossed another ball into the stands.

Freddie Freeman was awarded second base after the incident, and Jesús Sánchez reassured the @Marlins ball boy that everything was alright, urging everyone else to calm down too.

However, not all responses on social media were as forgiving. One user humorously speculated that the Marlins ball boy might be reassigned to don the Pepito costume for the remainder of the season. Another playfully suggested that the ball boy may have secretly bet on the Dodgers. A third individual on the platform mused that the ball boy might be released from his duties.

Ultimately, the blunder had minimal impact on the game’s outcome, as the Dodgers emerged victorious with a commanding 10-0 lead over the Marlins.

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