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Movie ReviewLust Stories 2
Mrunal Thakur
Kumud Mishra
Angad Bedi
Amruta Subhash
Neena Gupta
Tamannaah Bhatia
Tillotama Shome
Vijay Varma
Directed byR. Balki
Konkona Sen Sharma
Amit Ravindernath Sharma
Sujoy Ghosh
Produced byRonnie Screwvala
Ashi Dua Sara
Release date29 June 2023
Budget60 Crores

Movie Explained

Hello friends, welcome once again, today we are going to explain Lust Story 2 movie which is going to be an andrology movie. First of all let me tell you the meaning of anthology. Anthology means having more than one story in a film or web series and there is no connection between the stories, it is called anthology.

This is also an anthology movie and there are four stories in this movie and there is no connection between these stories. So friends, let’s explain this film. So the first story of the movie begins and we see Vijay Varma who is going to the city to meet his girlfriend and on the way Vijay is talking to her on a video call. While he is talking to her, suddenly he gets a call from his boss, who is actually his father-in-law. And here we come to know that Vijay is actually the CEO of his company.

But recently he has to go back due to an urgent meeting. But here Vijay quarrels with them for a long time that he cannot come back but later he has to go. But first he talks to his wife who also works in the same office and she is about to go to the meeting and here it is revealed that Vijay is actually married and has two kids. But here when he is talking to Nisha

Then suddenly his car goes astray and he has a severe accident. But nothing had happened to Vijay in this accident but his car was completely destroyed. So Vijay has to get this car repaired as soon as possible as he has to attend an urgent office meeting. But there was no mobile network here, so he takes help from a cyclist and he leaves it with the mechanic.

Here Vijay first reaches the mechanic and tells the address of his car and wanted to talk on the call here. But the telephone which was connected is dead since two months. Then here Vijay goes to the coffee shop to drink coffee. Where the sound of song was coming in a community center. As soon as he reaches inside the community center, he sees a teacher who is teaching everyone a song.

And here we come to know that the name of this girl is actually Shanti who works to teach songs to everyone. But then suddenly she sees Vijay in a way that humans already know each other. Now when Shanti leaves for home after finishing her work, Vijay also follows her. Shanti’s house was nearby, so Vijay also follows her. He says calmly that you don’t know me.

10 years back you used to be my wife and I felt that you are no more in this world. But here Shanti tries to ignore him and starts going inside the house. But Vijay somehow tries to stop him and in the process, the coffee in Vijay’s hand falls on Shanti. Here Vijay apologizes to her but then a police inspector named Sameer comes here. Here the inspector felt that Vijay might be troubling him, so the police inspector calmly asks if this man is troubling you.

On which Shanti tells the police inspector that I already know this man so he was not troubling me. Shanti was here telling Vijay for a long time that he should leave from here and here the Inspector was also saying the same thing to Vijay that it would not be right for him to stay here. He should leave here. Now Shanti brings Vijay inside her house. Both talk inside the house. Wherein Vijay wanted to know where was Shanti in these 10 years.

At the moment, Shanti did not want to tell anything to Vijay here because she has suffered a lot in these 10 years, but still she says that she is going to take a bath and she will talk after taking a bath. When Shanti is taking bath here, Vijay is silently watching her and somewhere Shanti had also noticed that Vijay is watching her while taking bath silently. After which she comes out and after coming out, here Shanti starts telling her everything.

She says that she was in the nursing home and she was pregnant. That’s when she was coming back towards home. Suddenly he found a man who was asking for the address and a car was also parked there and his wife was pregnant so he felt that I should help him. But it was just a trap to kidnap her. Suddenly people tried to kidnap her and in this scuffle, Shanti ran away from there and came here. Since then he did not have any contact from there.

Vijay here calmly says why didn’t you try to contact me. But Shanti tells her that she was very scared and did not want to tell anyone about all this and with this Vijay and Shanti grow closer. But here Shanti goes away and starts talking to Vijay again. Shanti asks Vijay here what he did in these 10 years. To which Vijay tells her that he is married to Anita, his classmate, and has two children.

Shanti tells him that but you were not doing anything, on which Vijay tells him that now I am the CEO of that company. Shanti also tells Vijay here that even at that time Anita used to like you and sometimes I used to be jealous of Anita. But then suddenly Shanti remembers that she feels that somewhere on top of this attack, Anita had got it done because I am pregnant.

No one knew about it and once the test kit went to check, she was found pregnant. As soon as she came out of the bathroom, she had left her test kit in the bathroom itself and Anita had seen that test kit, so she felt that all this was a trap spread by Anita so that she could take me this way. He can be removed from and he can enter your life. Now after listening to all these things, Vijay also starts feeling somewhere that Shanti who is here is telling the truth.

Then an atmosphere is created between them and they both become intimate. Here Shanti asks if I will get pregnant again, on which Vijay tells her that you will not be in the trust, even if you are, then check with Red Blue. But then here Shanti remembers that how did you know about Red Blue’s test kit. Because the red blue test kit was brought by his friend from Canada, which is now closed and he did not tell anyone about it.

Now Shanti understands everything here that the attack that happened on her was not done by Anita but by Vijay here so that he could become the CEO of the company which he always dreamed of. So now here Vijay is completely caught and as Vijay has no other way out here he suffocates Shanti’s face with a pillow and brutally kills Shanti. Because there was no other way for Vijay. Now Vijay wanted to get out of here

As he starts to go out. Only then, at the gate, they see the same police inspector who was standing just outside Shanti’s house. But he feels that maybe Shanti is not at home so he starts going back. But then suddenly a plate accidentally breaks in Vijay’s hands, whose voice was heard by the police inspector outside. Then uses a duplicate key here and starts opening the door here. And here Vijay completely panics as the police inspector was about to enter.

Now Vijay had no other way so he starts running from here by hanging the windows. While running, he reaches a place where he sees that a car has met with an accident and a man has been brutally hurt in it. Two men take him out and make him lie down on the ground. As soon as Vijay sees him here, he is completely taken aback as the man is none other than Vijay.

This means that Vijay had already been killed and peace was just a figment of his imagination. Because all she did with peace was to make him rewind just once. He had to be made to realize that it was all his fault. But still Vijay tried to use Shanti here. Whereas Shanti was a spirit and with this the story of Shanti and Vijay ends here. another story begins and there’s another story

of Arjuna and Veda. Arjun and Veda have told their families about their love and have agreed to get married. Everyone is discussing here for marriage. Everyone was very happy for the marriage and here Veda and Arjun’s father have also become friends. Everyone was talking about this wedding, then you Veda’s grandmother asks whether you two have had sex and after hearing this, everyone is completely shocked. Everyone becomes completely silent.

He could not understand what grandmother was saying. After hearing this, Arjun and Veda go out and laugh a lot listening to Dadi’s words. Here Dadi tells them that before buying a car, we do a test drive. Then why can’t we test drive before choosing our life partner. It should also be known whether the person in front is comfortable with us or not. It is also possible that the person in front may not be eligible.

I am not saying that our boy has any problem with our girl. Actually, this thing should go on in both the families and in the mind of both whether we both are comfortable with each other or not. Dadi had raised this very serious issue. But all the members of the house feel completely bad and here Dadi has to get up and leave.

At night, Veda comes to Dadi here and Veda starts talking to Dadi. She tells him that you are very open minded. You stopped talking to everyone. Here Veda was talking very jokingly but Dadi tells her that this is a very serious issue. How have we spent all these moments with the one with whom we are going to spend life. It becomes very important. Now Veda’s parents call Arjun’s parents.

He feels that maybe listening to grandmother’s words would have had a deep effect on him but he was not having any effect because these things have no meaning because everyone does this after marriage so it is very disturbing to him. He takes on the light form. But here Arjun and Veda take it seriously and book a room and reach there to do what Dadi told them.

Now when her parents return home at Veda’s house at night, grandmother was waiting for them. Here Dadi tells him that what I had said was absolutely correct. But Veda’s father starts shouting at her a lot. But then here the grandmother tells them to look at their relationship once, because after seeing her daughter-in-law, she understood that she is not completely satisfied with her husband.

Now next day Veda reaches to meet Dadi and she tells that we both have done all that and it was very good. Well it was not very good because it was the first time and he was also very nervous. That’s why those people again book hotel rooms many times and there they are intimate many times. Now the next day they reach again to grandmother. He tells Dadi that everything is fine between us now.

They are ready to spend whole life with each other as everything is clear between them and after hearing this Dadi was very happy and then after few days both of them get married and their The decoration of the honeymoon is done here by her modern grandmother who was also very happy and with this the second story also ends here.

The third story is of Isita, a single working woman who suffers from migraines. That’s why she also takes medicine. He is only concerned with his work and nothing else and there are very few people in his life. There is a maid named Seema and she has a friend Sameera and some friends from the office.

Now when Isita reaches her house after finishing work, she was talking to Sameera and as soon as she has opened the door of her house, she sees here. Isita was completely shocked to see Seema Didi getting intimate with some man.
After all, what is all this happening in his house. Here she is completely shocked but before they see Isita goes out of the house and outside here she tells Sameera that Seema didi was getting intimate with some man here.

Whatever happened here, she tells everything to Sameera. After a while, a man who works in an office comes out here and Seema Didi also goes down by the lift and goes straight to her home from here. All this happened, all that happened around 03:00. Now shocked, Ishita comes inside the house and sees the bed. The bed on which everything had just happened was completely frosted here. Now in the next day’s scene, we see Ishita staring at Seema didi.

But Ishita did not say anything to Seema here. Yesterday he had seen him doing everything. Here he didn’t even mention Seema, but there was some hesitation in his words. The next day again it is three o’clock and as soon as it is three o’clock, Ishita again comes inside her house. Where the man was again getting intimate with his maid Seema. Here again Ishita gets completely lost seeing them. All this had never happened in her life, so here she was enjoying seeing them.

The days slowly progress and in the same way Ishita starts enjoying them while adding the time to 03:00. And further it is revealed that in fact, due to lack of personal space at Seema’s house, they have to do all this work at Ishita’s house. There is only one room in his house and his entire family lives in that room. Going further here, we see that at three o’clock Ishita started changing the time everyday and she also started enjoying seeing it.

But one day Seema and her husband were at Ishita’s house. Seema sees Ishita coming, so she immediately calls her husband. But her mobile was kept at Ishita’s house and her husband was also in her room. Now Seema was not able to understand what to do now. But only then does he understand that Ishita is trying to secretly see him here. That’s why he didn’t say anything here.

Here she grabs a corner of her own and here Seema has fully seen Ishita doing all this in the mirror. She makes any excuse as soon as three o’clock in the office. She makes an excuse here that she has to go for migraine therapy, while she has to meet two 03:00 o’clock time and in the same way she reaches at three o’clock, grabs the corner with popcorn at her house and starts watching the picture.

Makes it Like this many days pass, but one day suddenly both of them come in front of it, because Ishita could not see. Here Ishita starts shouting but then Seema also starts shouting that it is very wrong to see a couple getting intimate secretly like this.

There is a lot of bickering between them as Ishita was also caught eavesdropping, Ishita fires her and hires another med the next day. After all, the maid wanted to know why Seema left the job. Seema had found work elsewhere as she too needed work. On the other hand, Seema had not told Seema’s husband that Ishita used to secretly see him.

So Seema’s husband who is here is very angry with Seema because she had to tell all these things because she was watching everything happening and we were doing all this. One day Seema suddenly goes to buy vegetables and meets her here. From Ishita Ishita was taking vegetables here. Ishita wanted to talk to Seema here. Ishita tells Seema here that if you had seen me that I was secretly watching you then why didn’t you say anything to me.

So here Seema tells them what I would have spoken. I was having fun. After which Seema asks Ishita that can I come to work from tomorrow and here Ishita says yes and with this the third story also ends here. Now the last story of this film starts and this story is of Devyani. Devyani is a housewife and takes care of all the household chores. She is in the form of a queen in a very big royal house but her husband who is a king named Suraj Singh is called Madsaab by everyone and Raja ji misbehaves with Devyani like animals every night.

After which we see Suraj Singh and Madsaab who are on their way to the construction site. He is a drunkard and does all the wrong things and he does not spare any girl in the village. Now because he has a mansion and he is a king, no one in the village talks to him. One day he finds his med in the jungle while his son named Ankush was also there. He sends Ankush to his home and he takes his maid to the jungles and rapes her.

Now, on coming home, Ankush did not tell all these things to his mother, but his mother knows all these activities of her husband very well. It is here that we learn that Ankush who is actually wanted to go to England for further studies and wants to take his mother along with him. But here Devyani knows that her destiny is written here. She cannot go to England with him.

Now the next night again Suraj Singh comes in the room in a drunken state and he again treats Devyani like animals. This happened many times after which we see Devyani calling her mother. Actually, Devyani’s mother has a room. His room is not running properly right now and his mother’s health is also always bad. Here his mother tells him that a girl at the brothel has fallen ill and is spoiling the work.

After which Raja ji is seen getting up the next day and as soon as he wakes up, he sees in front of him a maid named Rekha who works at his house. Actually Rekha is new and today is her first day because the maid who used to work at their house has quit because Suraj Singh did wrong to her. After which his son Ankush was talking with Suraj Singh. He was telling them that I want to go to England for further studies but here his father gets very angry with him.

Now further we see that Suraj Singh again reaches home at night drunk but the intoxication was so much that he falls asleep on his own in another room and Devyani feels very happy seeing this here. Because for the first time Devayani slept peacefully after many days. Next we see that Raja ji who is he was lying in the next room. Rekha wakes them up in the morning in a drunken state, Rekha wakes them up.

But then Raja ji holds his hand. But Rekha runs away from here with a wave of her hand. But here now Rajaji’s intentions were not looking good at all. Here he presses his feet against Rekha and his determination started slipping. He starts misbehaving with Rekha, but then his son Ankush comes here, who had come to call him. So they go to meet her and Ankush was getting very embarrassed here so he goes to his mother and tells her that I will study a lot and stay in England.

The night scene is now shown. When Devyani was sleeping and someone’s sound of being intimate was coming from the adjacent room. Here Devyani fully understood that both Raja ji and Rekha were getting intimate and Devyani was very happy because the reason for that happiness was that in fact the girl who had got sick at Devyani’s mother’s brothel was someone else.

No, but the line itself. This means that now Suraj Singh will also get this disease. And thinking of this, Devyani was getting very happy here. She didn’t have any problem but only then she sees the verandah where her husband i.e. Surat Singh was falling down in a drunken state. Due to which Devyani gets very scared and she understands that it is not Suraj Singh in the room but Rekha’s son Ankus and with this the story also ends here.

So friends, I hope you have liked the explanation of Extraction 2 movie. If you liked the explanation, stay connected with us like this, you will continue to get the latest content like this on our website.

Anyway, see you again with a strong explanation of the new movie, thanks. Jai Hind Jai Bharat. Jai Shri Ram.

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