Love All Review: KK Menon’s spectacular film return, mission badminton completed before ‘Special Ops 2’

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Movie Reviewlove all (Vegamovies Reviews)
CastKK Menon,
Swastik Mukherjee,
Sriswara, Atul
Satyakam Anand
Raja Bundela etc.
Directed bySudhanshu Sharma
Written bySudhanshu Sharma
Produced bySudhanshu Sharma
Pullela Gopichand etc.
Release date1 September 2023
Budget8 crore rupees

Love All Review: KK Menon’s spectacular film return, mission badminton completed before ‘Special Ops 2’

Kay Kay Menon, the actress, has returned. He has returned to the big screen after four years with the film ‘Love All,’ and this film is no less than a celebration for fans of KK Menon’s acting. It’s an emotional story about a father and his son, with badminton as the backdrop. The true thrill of badminton has been captured on film in this film. In addition, the game of badminton is presented enthusiastically in this film. (Also See | Gadar 2 box office collection day 23: Sunny Deol’s film is on track to break the 500 crore mark, grossing $6 million on the fourth Saturday

In addition to Hindi, this film was simultaneously released in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, and Oriya. The audience is currently anticipating the third season of KK Menon’s web series ‘Special Ops,’ so the release of this film is nothing short of a gift to his fans.

The film ‘Love All’ tells the story of Siddharth Sharma, a badminton enthusiast. He becomes irritable and isolated as a result of his dissatisfaction with the rejection and neglect of those in power. This has an impact on his family as well. His family is affected by his pain and hatred for the game, and they forbid their son from playing it. But fate brings him back to the city of Bhopal, where his dreams were dashed. He never imagined he’d have to return to the same city under these circumstances.

Often, a person begins to see his defeat in his children. Whatever the cause of his defeat or disappointment in life, he believes that if he continues down that path, his children will also be disappointed. Siddhartha forbids his son from participating in sports, believing that sports or any other activity will divert him from his established academic path. He believes that shielding his son from sports is the only way to ensure that he lives a life of dignity and respect. Siddharth Sharma is asked by Aditya Sharma’s teacher why he wants to hurt her son by refusing to play.

Siddharth Sharma claims that I am not inflicting any harm on him, but rather protecting him from future harm. After a while, however, Siddharth Sharma realizes his error and becomes his son’s coach, both in sports and in life.

This film’s setting could be a badminton match. However, director Sudhanshu Sharma attempted to convey through this film that sports can transform even the most ordinary man into a player. And the game’s match is such that one must win by fighting against himself. The film’s director has captured the true spirit of the game of badminton player on screen in an appropriate manner. After the intermission, the film picks up the pace and the technical side of the game is shown in great detail while shooting all of the game’s sequences.

Because the film is associated with famous badminton player Pullela Gopichand, he did not let the technical aspect of the game weaken him. The film’s climax also generates a lot of excitement.

In the film, KK Memon plays Siddharth Sharma. The entire film, if seen, revolves around the emotional relationship between father and son. KK Memon is a seasoned artist, and the child actors in the film did an excellent job. Actor Raja Bundela made a brief appearance in a single scene after a long absence, but he made his presence felt. Swastik Mukherjee, Sriswara, and others make up the rest of the cast. Atul Srivastava and Satyakam Anand’s work is typical. The film falls short in the song-music and editing departments, but it is worth seeing for KK Menon’s bravery.

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