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LOKI Season 2 Trailer Review: See what’s new in Marvel’s movie

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Movie ReviewLoki (season 2)
CastTom Hiddleston
Sophia Di Martino
Gugu Mbatha-Raw
Wunmi Mosaku
Eugene Cordero
Directed byJustin Benson 
Aaron Moorhead
Written byEric Martin
Original networkDisney+
Release dateOctober 6, 2023[3]
Budgetest. ₹200–250 crore

Movie Review

Look brothers, wearing DC t-shirts while creating Marvel’s content, it’s called as unity and diversity ok, it’s okay not to talk much in the comments. The trailer of Loki season two has arrived. Brother, I mean till now what I was thinking is what has happened to Marvel? Why not bring something that Marvel’s hype was always high and dropped all of a sudden. Loki season 2 trailer


And to be honest, Loki is a show that I personally will always keep in my top 3 list of favorite Marvel shows. Ever since the first season got over, I was waiting for season two to come. And now this 6th October seems far away to me because the trailer has also been released very well and has been made live simultaneously in Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu languages.

The Hindi trailer is available on Disney Plus Hotstar’s channel or you will also find it on Marvel India’s page. If we talk about the rest of this trailer, then from where the previous season ends, Loki has gone to another TV timeline. Where Möbius alias does not know Loki, if he does not know that variant, then Möbius takes Loki.

This Obi near Obi is the same one whom you must have seen doing Fadu acting in Everything Everyone Were All One, then Loki and Mobius went to Obi. To correct the problem of Loki, of sleeping time or automatically slipping or slipping from one time to another, Loki is what he is now. In this season, different timelines will go automatically, which will create more problems.

If there is no time sleeping inside the end TV, then its treatment is also difficult. I mean, until this problem of Loki is not solved, he will keep on sleeping. Sometimes it will go to the future and sometimes it will go to the past. Someday he will go in his own time line and meet himself. I also noticed one thing, which is pointing towards Earth Six One Six.

That is, saw the poster of a show, where it is written, Jaini was seen another second, of an actor whose right side if you look, a girl is holding the poster. marry me Brad Wolf has written, so it has been learned from Marvel’s database that this actor is actually going to be a monster who will play a small villain part of this series.

The actual villain is Bhaisaheb Kang, there is no way for him. But in the original avatar of Jania, the actor is shown being held together by the shadows of two Loki’s, and in the end, we also find him trapped in the door of the TV. Means if he is caught then it will be a mission to catch Jenny which Loki and Mobius will complete together.

But obviously the real main villain again. That is our keng. Don’t worry whose darshan is also visible in the last. Jo shot hai same wahi wala jo last season ke I think, post credits or kisi mein to dekha hai. i think yes, that same shot was shown in the post credits of ant man 3. I was feeling somewhere that legal cases are going on since Kang’s actor

That actor may not change here, but it did not happen. Is good. After the fight scene in the last, when Loki walks like this, Loki’s name is coming behind and there is a dialogue in Hindi because I saw Hindi mein bahut ho gayi sharafat, ab hogi shararat. i mean you must have understood.

So we will get to see the real mischief of Loki in this season. For sure and I am really excited to see this season. Man, it’s October 6. If only I could have time sleeping, I would have gone straight to the date of 6th October. Anyway, see you again with the new movie review

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