Don’t watch Surya’s film Kanguva! you will not be able to stop yourself to watch the movie

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Movie ReviewKanguva
Disha Patani
Directed bySiva
Written byAdi Narayana
Produced byK. E. Gnanavel Raja
V. Vamsi Krishna Reddy
Pramod Uppalapati
Release dateComing Soon…
Budgetest. ₹300–350 crore

Movie Review

Brother, I did not know that we can change languages in a single video on YouTube. While sharing a proper video, Kangana’s team has told that Kangana’s glimpse teaser. You can see in one video. When I checked in different languages, its trailer was only in four languages. Hindi and English were missing.

I felt cheated because there is a cool long wide dialogue with music which is probably explaining the character and there were no subtitles, so man could not understand what he was talking about. I kept refreshing like crazy for 15 minutes. But nothing happens, then Lateral Forty.

Hindi was added after a minute. Now this trailer is also officially available in Hindi. But in the same video, the advantage of having different language options in the same video will be that the views of all languages will be collected in the same video and the records of views will also be broken. you makers bro you are very clever bro. So if we talk about this glimpse, then a few months ago the title teaser of Kanguva came, which I have already reviewed and now its glimpse actor has come.

Happy birthday to Surya. First of all Happy Birthday Suriya and this glimpse of this kanguva movie gives you lots of dreams that this movie will probably break the record of movie like Baahubali. Because firstly this movie is also going to come in two parts and secondly it will also be a fictional historical movie.

More than historical, it seems to be an ancient type film, looking at the costume etc., in which One Main is going to be in the lead role. Favorite South Superstar Suriya and I love Suriya very much. After seeing his Rolex, I have become such a die hard fan of his. Well, talk about glimpse so it’s looking superb honestly. After a long time someone is genuinely watching such a great teaser or glimpse.

Look at the teaser Bhai Log, which is creating the hype that how powerful the film can be, but at the same time, you also get a hint of what kind of movie it will be. So first of all Surya’s character will be an ancient kind of anti hero type, who has been a great warrior of that era. A Mahavir warrior of Markar clan who protects his subjects even from death and the words spoken in this teaser in praise of that great warrior give a lot of gusbam.

Like from the heights of Mandiar mountains, he tears the clouds, has the courage to challenge the tigers. One such hero who tamed elephants is Ganga and this film will present the story of that great warrior in front of the people but on some site i.e. IMDb site I saw something which is related to this. I am not giving spoilers or it is already available whenever this warrior is killed

So whenever this warrior is killed due to some disease, then in today’s era a girl researches him and tries to find out that how such a warrior who was such a good warrior died, whose role is probably Disha Patani. Will do So according to that the story will run keeping the balance between past and future and maybe we will get to see a visual spectacle.

That black-clad jaguar just looks a bit fake in this frame. But who pays so much attention brother? So I really liked the first glimpse of Kanguva. Because of Surya look brother. Embers are embers. The eyes alone are enough to strike fear into anyone’s heart. And Surya’s eyes are enough. That character from above. How cruel would that be.

Read on Judging by the pile of dead bodies, this movie might veer a bit into the Brutus side. By the way, this is just a glimpse, in which the story is not known at all. Will know when the teaser trailer comes. Its PGM is also strong. By the way, there is no official release date for it at the moment. When the teaser trailer comes, maybe it will be added. By the way, how did you like this glimpse, do tell me in the comment. See you with the review of the new movie

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