Got to know what is ‘Project K’, who is Kalki? Kalki 2898 AD Movie Glimpse Review

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Movie ReviewKalki 2898 AD
Amitabh Bachhan
Kamal Haasan
Deepika Padukone
Disha Patani
Directed byNag Ashwin
Written byNag Ashwin
Produced byC. Aswani Dutt
Release date12 January 2024
Budgetest. ₹600 crore

Movie Review

The curtain has risen from this Project K at Comic Con. The glimpse of Project K has been released at 01:00 in the night and also it has been known that what will be the name of this movie. Project K is Know Kalki 2898 AD Yes the name is a bit long so we will just call it Kalki.

But as its name suggests, Kalki 2898 AD. So, it is sure that the story of this film is going to happen in 2898 AD. Means after 875 years from today, where more than half of the world has been ruined, some bad people have now created havoc in the world. People are being tortured. People are yearning for even a drop of water.

The end of the world is about to happen, but only then an incarnation has to be born to save the world from darkness, which will be its effect. Entry as shown. With the costume, they are sliding like this and their sliders are fitted with some gadget type, due to which their shoes are sliding in a controlled way.

Well, the fans made fun of the first look poster of Prabhas, so the makers deleted the first poster directly and instead brought out the second look of Prabhas in a better slide tilt shot, which looks more realistic than the first one. Is. Brother, many scenes in it are very beautiful and some can be very suspicious. But if we talk about the beautiful, like look at the shot of Amitabh Bachchan, brother, I personally found his shot to be the best and most authentic in the entire glimpse.

It seemed as if he had not opened his eyes for years. He must have been sitting in the same position in some penance for years, because if you look closely, many cobwebs are visible on his face. From the end glimpse, it is definitely understood that even though this story shows the world after 875 years, but the character of Amitabh Bachchan ji will be associated with our Puranas, which are still alive on the earth.

Because as soon as a robot enters an old dilapidated Shiva temple, immediately after that the character of Amitabh sir is revealed. In this glimpse, the glimpse of the costume of both of them has been revealed.

Most probably either there is going to be a fight sequence in both or Amitabh’s character. You are making Prabhas’ character an expert in a fight genre. By giving him training and becoming his guru. Because there are rumors that Ashwatthama’s character from Mahabharata is going to be played by Amitabh Bachchan.

That’s probably it. I noticed one more thing. One is the people from the villain side who are standing near a triangular shape. The chamber type with the end triangular is visible. We will find those same triangles in the poster as well. So here someone is lying in this triangular shape, who is probably being given some special and evil powers.

Or it could also be that there is something in that person’s body which is needed by the villain to read, then by putting it in that machine, maybe those powers or the secret which I am also connected with Project K can be extracted. And a lot of glamors of Prabhas, Deepika, Amitabh sir have been shown in this whole glimpse. But Kamal Haasan sir has said brother, he was not shown. This probably means that they should be shown in the trailer or teaser. Because as far as I know Kamal Haasan sir will be the main villain of this movie.

Now if we talk about some of the shots shown in this which could have been good or could have been improved, then look at this very first shot. All the weapons shown to us in this shot seem to be made of cardboard. Don’t know why there is another blast scene where there is more scope for improvement in the shot.

There is a scope to make it even more perfect, which is seen in every movie. The rest of the overall glimpse was not very impressive, but it definitely creates hype. Hope whenever its teaser trailer comes, it becomes easier for us to uncover the story. What is your opinion, do tell me by writing in the comment. See you with the new movie review

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