Jailer 2023 Movie Full Explained | Jailer Movie Ending | Jailer MOVIE STORY

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Jailer box office collection: Rajinikanth’s action film, which debuted in theaters on August 10, continues to earn crores even in its third week.


Movie ReviewJailer 
Shiva Rajkumar
Jackie Shroff
Directed byNelson
Written byNelson
Produced byKalanithi Maran
Release date10 August 2023
Budgetest. ₹200 crore

Jailer 2023 Movie Full Explained | OMG 2 Movie Ending | Jailer MOVIE STORY

Hello friends, welcome once again, we are going to explain Superstar Rajinikanth’s film Jailor, the story of the film begins with a very big gangster named Barma, who smuggles God’s antiques and idols. Burma is one such gangster who is very dangerous fear in the city. Many people work under him and Burma brutally kills its own people even on small mistakes. He only cares about his business. Otherwise, he does not trust anyone else at all.

After which the story takes place on the lead character of the film i.e. Rajinikanth, whose name in the film is Muthuvel Pandian aka Muthu, then Muthu lives with his family and in his family, along with his wife, his son Arjun, who is a very big officer and Arjun’s wife and a small son also live in his house, with whom Muthu is very attached. Always playing with him. And talk about Muthu, after retiring from the job of jailer, Muthu is living a simple life peacefully with his family.

He does odd jobs around the house. Like bringing ration from the shop, bringing vegetables from the vegetable market. But somewhere in their mind, there is a grudge that after retirement the person does not get any respect. He spends his entire day working and helping his grandson with his YouTube video shoots. When Muthu was the jailer, he was very honest and wants his son to follow the same path and somewhere Arjun is also following the same path.

After a few days Arjun who is 1st reaches to talk to Nilesh’s man. Actually he has got a case of smuggling idols so he reaches to talk to him. But Nilesh tells him that he doesn’t know anything about it. And whereas Arjun who is behind this case has been behind it for five years. Then Nilesh tells him that you should not have come to me because I have kidnapped your father and after today don’t follow this case. But then Arjun tells her that you have kidnapped the wrong person.

Now quickly call your men and ask who is left? And when Nilesh calls to them, Muthu picks up the call and tells him that everyone is asleep so he is leaving. Here Nilesh had understood very well that Muthu had finished everyone’s work and now Arjun had also got very dangerous anger. So he starts giving third degree to Nilesh here and starts finding out about the idols. Now let’s move on to Muthu who always gives some good lesson to his son Arjun and always tells him to be honest. So Arjun also listens to him very carefully and follows his advice.

After which we see that one day Muthu who is returning from the vegetable market. Then suddenly a man named Pandu saves me from the car and says that next time he comes in front of my car, he will hit it. Now after a few days here, Muthu comes to know that his son Arjun is missing. He hasn’t come home since last night. They feel that Arjun might have gone out for some important work. That’s why he probably didn’t come home. But here a few days pass and Muthu gets confirmed that something is definitely wrong. So he decides to go to Nilesh first.

When he sees Pandu outside, he hugs him and immediately reaches Nilesh’s house. He asks him about Arjun, but Nilesh was not talking properly here. Then Muthu has to switch to his jailer mode and finishes Nilesh’s work here. After which he packs Nilesh’s dead body in a sack and reaches to hide it. Pandu was also with them, but Pandu felt that there would be garbage in that sack. That’s why he hides him, but later he comes to know that there was a dead body in the sack.

Then here he says to Muthu, now if you open your mouth, I will get trapped along with you will also get trapped. Now further we see Burma and here Verma comes to know that Nilesh has died and here it is known that actually I Nilesh who used to work for Verma. So Verma immediately calls the jailer as he knows who has committed the murder. Here Varma tells Muthu that he wants to kill him.Will kill because Nilesh used to work for her and he was her very special man.

Verma tells Madhu that Nilesh was like my family, so now he should save his family, on which he tells Muthu that this is a very minor thing for me. So Muthu who gets tensed is not because of the fact that Verma is going to attack him here but whether Arjun is alive or someone has killed him. After which Madhu looks outside that some people are roaming outside. Then here Madhu follows them and in the middle of the way completes the work of both those men. Verma had also got the news that the two men whom I had sent after the jailer did not return.

Then the next day again sends a man with a sword after them and asks them to kill his grandson. But even here the jailer saves his grandson because he is very expert in these works. But the jailer, he had understood very well that Verma, who is, is not going to leave him so easily. So he plans here and immediately reaches a psychiatrist and after meeting that doctor alone, tells him that you have to tell my family that I have become a bit mad, due to which I kill people. I can also and my treatment is going to work here.

That’s why you have to protect my whole family, on which even the doctor agrees. So Muthu’s family was completely safe. That’s why Muthu reaches to collect his gang and also leaves to investigate Arjun whether Arjun is alive or dead, then when Muthu was the jailer, he would have reached to meet the biggest gangster of that time. Is. First of all, he reaches out to actor Shiv Rajkumar, who was a big goon in the prison and he adores Muthu, aka Rajini sir here. After which Mohan goes to Lal and he was also a big gangster.

Here these people help Muthu and also they give him some heavy snipers who are very strong. So as soon as Muthu gets his team, he first finds out about some of the undercover gangs in Burma and also about their dark business. First of all, the idols he smuggles, he takes possession of these trucks. Because of which a lot of strong action also happens here. But on the other hand we see that Varma had found Muthu’s family here and captured them as well.

After which Verma who is there calls Muthu and says that you have made a big mistake by messing with me. Now your whole family is in my possession and I am just about to kill them. But only then here he tells Muthu to see his goods before killing, I have your entire business. He tells her on video call and says that if anything happens to my family, he will burn all her smuggled goods to ashes. Then here Verma gets scared and he leaves Muthu’s entire family here safely. But Muthu knows very well that Burma will still not give up on him.

That’s why Muthu, who is there, explains to his family that now a big war is about to start and then suddenly many gangsters attack his house. Here Muthu confronts him very bravely as well as giving his sniper sitting outside with him. But now the limit was reached because the Burmese goons had reached the house. Seeing this, Muthu gets very angry and immediately reaches Burma’s base. After killing many goons, he is about to kill Burma when Burma tells him that his son Arjun is alive and in his possession. Then Muthu stops here.

Tells Burma that I will leave your son easily but it will be easier for me than that. So I have to bring a diamond studded crown to me which is very difficult to reach and if you do this I will leave your son absolutely safe. So Muthu starts planning to steal it. And some filmmakers know very well about this Taj and Taj has been kept in a high tech place. That’s why those people start planning to shoot the film there, while Muthu is making a strong plan to steal it here. Burma, on the other hand, plans to kill Muthu as soon as the task is completed.

So he makes a call to a very big gangster, who happens to be none other than Jackie Shroff.But here when Jackie Shroff hears the name of the jailer, he tells him the story of the flashback. He tells him that there were many big gangsters in the jailer, but when the jailer used to enter, all the gangsters used to sit holding the corner like a wet cat. That’s why it is in your good that you leave the jailer’s chase. So Muthu steals Ustad and hands over Ustad to Burma and Burma in return releases his son Arjun and Muthu takes his son Arjun with him.

And after a few days Arjuna who is there goes back to Burma and here we come to know that in fact Burma Arjuna had been planning this for a long time because he knew very well that he himself would have this crown in his possession. Couldn’t Only Muthu could get it out of there. But recently Burma has come to know that this Taj is fake. So Burma felt that Arjun might have betrayed him so he starts killing him. But only then the entry is done here at the right time.

Muthu alias Jailer starts making a big bang as soon as he comes here and destroys Burma along with all the people of Burma and takes Arjun with him. At last Muthu explains to Arjun that what you did was very wrong but now you have a chance to improve so you can surrender yourself. But Arjun does not believe this and instead tries to kill Muthu, then some of his snipers kill Arjun from behind. Be it a son or someone else. But the laws of one jailer apply to all. Thank you. Jai Hind, Jai Bharat, Jai Shri Ram.

Anyway, will meet again with a powerful explanation of the new movie.

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