INSIDIOUS The Red Door Movie Review: Did not succeed in scaring, know where you lost

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Movie ReviewInsidious: The Red Door
CastTy Simpkins
Patrick Wilson
Sinclair Daniel
Hiam Abbass
Rose Byrne
Directed byPatrick Wilson
Box office$182.4 million
Produced byJason Blum
Oren Peli
James Wan
Leigh Whannell
Release date28 September 2023
Budget$16 million

Movie Review

The fifth part of the Hollywood horror drama film series insidious has arrived in theaters under the name of insidious The Red Door. Now because this is the fifth part, is it necessary to watch the first four parts and how is this movie, let’s talk.

First of all, let me tell you that before watching this fifth part, if you have seen the first part of insidious You will not have much trouble in understanding the story.

Because the fifth part is directly connected to the first part. Especially the story of the child who has grown up is directly connected to its first part. But even if you directly watch the fifth part of The Red Door, there will be no such difficulty in understanding its story. Because the story has been written and presented in such a way that even if you watch the fifth part directly, it will work.

The story is of Dalton who has now grown up and has moved out to study at an art college. But while learning the art, suddenly he starts seeing strange visuals. Also, a red door is visible which you must have seen in the first part as well. So why are those visuals coming to him?

And what is the issue of Red Door, you will get to see that in this movie only. But somewhere the story of this film will remind you of the regular horror genre. like something happened in the past whose ghost is still following someone.

If you want to get rid of him, then it is very important to have full support of the family. And as it happens in normal horror stories, a scene is going on in complete dark silence and suddenly a shadow will appear in front or come out from behind or a scary face will appear. Doors opening or closing automatically.

There is a shadow under the bed, etc., some of which really work. For example, when Josh is in an MRI machine, a ghost suddenly appears. So thumbs up from my side for that particular scene, but many other scenes will be seen, shown and heard.

Due to which this film remains an average horror film even its hype is not so much that the theater goes houseful. When I went to watch the movie in the theatre, only a few couples came there, who were playing the game of What’s Inside Us, leaving behind the NCDs. However?

I was just watching the movie and otherwise its sound design and horror element is good. But story wise I personally felt that if there was a little engaging story then the film would have remained gripped. Cinematography s good camera treatment is quite good and the way of showing the horror element is also good. And there are no adult scenes etc in the movie,

so it is family friendly. But strictly this is not a movie for kids. If you have seen too many horror movies, then you will probably enjoy it less. But if you have seen a horror movie only a couple of times, then you can consider this. It is also available in Hindi and the dubbing is also very good, see you with the review of the new movie.

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