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THE 10-BEST EVER DEPRESSION MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUES- Understanding How Your Brain Makes You Depressed and What You Can Do to Change It By Margaret Wehrenberg Full Book Summarize

THE 10-BEST EVER DEPRESSION MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUES- Understanding How Your Brain Makes You Depressed and What You Can Do to Change It By Margaret Wehrenberg Full Book Summarize
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THE 10-BEST EVER DEPRESSION MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUES- Understanding How Your Brain Makes You Depressed and What You Can Do to Change It By Margaret Wehrenberg Full Book Summarize

About Book

Have you ever woken up in the morning so tired that you didn’t feel like moving?

Is your mind always wandering?

Do you like being alone?

Have you ever thought about harming yourself?

If your answer is yes, then you may be suffering from depression. In this summary, you will learn about the symptoms and causes of depression. In this, effective solutions have been given for the treatment of this mental illness.
You’ll also learn tips like getting more rest, seeking help from others, and keeping a gratitude journal.

Who should read this summary?

  • Anyone who feels sad or stressed
  • Patients of anxiety and depression

About the Author

Margaret Wehrenberg is a clinical psychologist, author, and expert on the subject of anxiety and depression. His work is not limited to clinical cases only. She also helps people in business to solve their management and stress problems. Margaret is also a public speaker and trainer. She also teaches breathing exercises, muscle relaxation, and imagery to heal anxiety and depression.


Depression is a mental illness caused by a number of triggers. In this summary, you’ll learn how to recognize the symptoms of depression and create an effective treatment plan.
When you are depressed, you will feel that the whole world is dark. By reading this summary, you will understand how depression works. In this you will also learn some tips to be happy.

You’ll learn how to prevent burnout, have more energy, balance your life, stop self-harm, be flexible, and live a fulfilling and happy life.
To stay depression-free, you need to know this summary. If you’re ready to find freedom, let’s get started.

Identify Triggers, Plan New Responses

There are many causes of depression and it can be of many types. People who go into depression due to the loss of someone special, their symptoms are completely different from those who are depressed due to some childhood trauma.
By observing your patient closely, you can identify what are the things that trigger their depression. By recognizing this, you can help shift their focus to positive thoughts that will make them feel better.

For example, one type of depression is caused by bad behavior in childhood. When a child is not loved or taken care of but ill-treated or abused, the child grows up to be an unhappy human being. First of all, during childhood, the child seeks comfort from its parents. If he does not get such comfort, he breaks down from inside.

Breaking down, the child begins to isolate, and eventually loses hope of feeling better. His feeling of considering himself unworthy goes on increasing.
To cure this type of depression, you can use any one of the tips given below. First, you can try to do activities that make you happy. For example, you can join a tennis class.
Second, you should write down your negative feelings. Then, they should be changed to more positive thoughts.

Finally, you should connect more with the people around you by joining a support group.
Whatever type of depression you’re dealing with, identifying your triggers will help you know what techniques to use to help you overcome your negative thoughts and feel better.

Start Where You Already Are

One of the biggest problems that depression poses for a patient is the lack of motivation. When it comes to treating depression, it’s very difficult to give instructions when the patient doesn’t even want to stand.

You don’t need to do a lot to find the motivation to heal depression and feel better. You just need to start from where you are. Start noticing the good things around you. For example, write a list of your good qualities. You can write about some of your experiences and how they make you feel more hopeful.

When you find yourself thinking negative thoughts, all you have to do is stop. Instead, try to think of the good things you have. Think about the last time you were kind to someone.

For example, you can write that you know a lot about computers and find it fun to teach others how to use computers. You can also write that you teach others to solve computer problems with great patience and patience. Each day, fill in the chart with good things you’ve done recently.

Another technique is to start noticing the good things around you. No experience is completely bad. Every experience has some positive and some negative aspects. For example, raising a child is difficult. Although children can be annoying at times, if you ask parents about their upbringing, they will say that their children are God’s greatest gift to them.

If an experience is making you feel bad, you can focus on the positive points of that experience. You don’t need to change your life to cure depression, you just need to start.

Cool Down Burnout

Feeling tired is an expression that describes doing too much for too long without taking a break. Burnout isn’t risky, but when it goes on for too long, it can turn into a serious illness. It can also lead to mental health problems such as depression and physical problems such as diabetes and heart disease.

Burnout can be caused by many reasons such as obsessive compulsiveness, smoking cigarettes, overeating or lack of sleep.

For example, if Employee A quits the job and his partner B is asked to take over his responsibilities, Employee B will experience burnout because he is overworked and if this work continues for months. If it continues, this burnout will turn into a serious illness. It can also lead to depression.

One problem with burnout is that it doesn’t go away. If you want to identify your burnout triggers, you need the help of other people. Try contacting a therapist or ask friends or family members to help you.

No one knows burnout better than a new mom. It takes a lot of stamina to bear the stress, lack of sleep and the pain of giving birth. A woman who is supported by other experienced mothers at this time shows less symptoms of depression. However, women who are single at this time are unhappy.

If you want to prevent your burnout, you need to ask for help. You also need to get a better night’s sleep and get more rest.

Mobilize Your Energy

Another common symptom of depression is a lack of energy. Depressed people often find it challenging to wake up in the morning and go about their day’s tasks. They think no work is worth doing. This feeling also prevents them from doing the things they love to do and in which they get pleasure.

Doing nothing, sitting in one place will only make you feel worse. It is better that you ask someone for help.

If you’re not comfortable asking for help, you can overcome your lack of motivation by changing your “can’t” to “won’t.” Instead of saying “I can’t move”, try saying “I won’t move”. This will give you a sense of choice and power over your actions.

For example, Chiquita was a client of the author of this book. She was depressed, and didn’t want to do anything. She was doing a job that required a lot of physical work. Chiquita didn’t like her job, but she was forced to work because she needed the money.

In order to find a better job, Chiquita had to complete her studies first. During that time, Chiquita began to feel depressed, and felt that everything was against her. But by changing his thinking, he felt better. Instead of saying “she was forced to do this job,” Chiquita started saying “she wanted to do this job herself.”

Sometimes, a lack of motivation to move forward is due to stress. When someone is trying to do too many things at the same time, they can feel trapped and depressed.

To recover from this type of depression, you need to keep a list of all the things that you need to do. Then start doing the work that requires the least energy. Give yourself time to do this task, and when you’ve completed it, notice how happy you feel. It is happiness that will make you feel motivated later.

End Isolation

Depressed people usually prefer to be alone. This is often due to stress. When someone has a lot to do but feels stressed, even the thought of going out to visit a friend can seem daunting and exhausting.

Loneliness can worsen your state of depression. If you are the sociable type of person, then you enjoy being with others. When you have a problem, you always ask your friends for help. So, if you show any signs of loneliness, your friends will notice and try to get you out of it.

However, if you are more of an aloof person, you would love to spend some alone time to recharge yourself. For such people, being around others can be tiring and stressful. So, if you’re an introvert, your friends might not be able to tell when you show signs of loneliness.

When you’re depressed, connecting with others can seem like a difficult task. But just start small. Take simple steps like going out, greeting people you meet outside, or talking with others online.

Let’s look at Paul’s example. Paul was a soldier. When he was posted, Paul left his wife and daughter with his family.

When Paul returned from duty, he had gotten used to being alone. He was finding it very difficult to live life like ordinary people. Before going on duty to serve his country, Paul used to coach football in a school. He used his passion for football to connect with his daughter.

Now, his daughter was all grown up and didn’t like playing soccer anymore. He used to enjoy dancing. Because Paul didn’t know anything about dance, he felt he would never be able to connect with his daughter anymore.

He also used to go to church, but now all his old friends had forgotten him. It seemed awkward for Paul to try to reconnect with them.

Even his wife had a social life which he was no longer a part of. Whenever Paul tried to connect with his wife, he felt as if he was trying to barge into her life uninvited. As a result, Paul began to feel that everyone now had a life of their own, in which he Wasn’t involved, so he started living alone, and got depressed.

Paul started going for therapy. He also started coaching the basketball team at the local church. Soon, he started connecting more with people and started feeling better. Slowly, he was able to connect with his family and friends as well.

Depression can make you feel like being alone is a good idea for recovery, but this is wrong. When you’re depressed, being alone for too long makes things worse. So, instead, you should connect with people, reach out and ask for help from your friends and close ones.

Balance Your Life

To cure depression, it is very important to live a balanced life. Balanced life is balanced by four things. These are goals, attention, cognition, and emotion. When these four are in their respective places in your life, you will never lose focus of your life purpose. You will always be focused on achieving your goals, and you will have no time for negative thoughts.

When your attention starts moving away from your goals, then your attention starts wandering here and there. Negative thoughts start taking your attention and your mind is filled with sadness. It affects your emotions and causes depression.

To rebuild your balance, all you need to do is take a few simple steps. First of all, you must keep going out. Going outside and breathing some fresh air will help you focus on your goals and purpose in life.

Second, try something different. Break up your routine by doing something exciting. For example, a person wakes up in the morning, goes to work, comes home at night, then lies down in bed and watches TV or plays video games. He does the same routine everyday.

To do something different, this person should drink tea instead of coffee or try a new restaurant for lunch. These small changes in your routine help a lot.

Third, do something fun that you used to enjoy and try to re-create the same experience.

Prevent Destructive Behaviour

Depressed patients are not always helpless people. Sometimes, even the most successful people in the most challenging jobs feel depressed. They may be living a happy life, feeling good until one day they break up.

The truth is that they were not well before. He was ignoring the signs of his depression and hiding his feelings. They consider themselves so strong that they keep moving forward even when feeling sad or anxious, but suddenly something bad happens to them and these people break down.

If you were abused as a child, you may not be able to control your negative emotions as an adult. You get angry easily, and you get desperate when the worst happens. It will create depression and you may end up harming yourself at times.

To keep yourself from harming yourself, instead of thinking that this incident is a big issue, you need to think that this problem can be solved. You can do this by asking yourself, “Is this a big problem, or a small one?”

Now your brain will try to think about this in a rational way. Your emotions will be less intense and your stress level will be under control.

Let us see the example of Rosa. Rosa was depressed, and she went to treatment. Every two or three weeks, Rosa would stop going for treatment, and she would fall into a deep pit of sadness. She stopped going out and meeting her friends, she also stopped cooking and started eating outside food.

Her therapist told her that she needed to keep a friend close by and to call whenever help was needed. Rosa thought it was all useless, so she didn’t believe it would work. As a result, she never called any of her friends, and she became more and more depressed week by week.

Finally Rosa made up her mind to try it. She started calling her friend when in need or sometimes just like that. After doing this she felt better for a few days. He realized that one of the reasons for his depression was his boss. Her boss was a moody person, and this took a toll on Rosa’s mental health.

After talking about it with her friend, Roja realized that her problem could be solved. They were not a big deal but a minor common problem. Soon, Rosa felt better and regained control of her life.
If you feel sad and want to disconnect from the world, talk to a friend. They can help you see the situation with more clarity.

Broaden Your Perspective

When you are depressed, you will only have negative thoughts. The world around you may be beautiful, but you will not see any color except the color of sadness. You will always feel worthless and weak in front of your friends and colleagues.

This state of depression is called living in a negative frame. Depression usually causes the patient to look at life with a hopeless outlook. Every event and situation that comes in front of a depressed patient will always seem negative, even if it is a good event.
For example, a teacher and a student are studying maths. The teacher tries his best to explain the problem of maths to his student, but that student was stubborn. He starts shouting at his teacher and insults her with bad words.
Now teachers can look at this incident from two different angles. They may punish the child and get angry because the child has disrespected them or they may try to make the child understand that this behavior is telling something deeper. The child may be getting angry because he feels inferior to his peers.
Seeing things differently changed the teacher’s thinking.

When you are depressed, it will be difficult for you to look at life in a positive way. But you need to see the good in life in order to heal yourself.

Increase Flexibility

Nothing can be said about life in advance. If you want to lead a happy life, then you have to be flexible and face every situation logically. When you’re depressed, it’s hard to be flexible because you only see negative things around you, your brain and your focus wander, and the way you react isn’t right.

To increase your range of resilience during depression, you need to replace your negative thoughts with positive ones. The more you try to expand your range of thoughts, feelings, and actions in your mind, the easier it will be to think flexible thoughts about depression.

One tip is to change the way you talk to yourself. Instead of sticking to past patterns, try changing the way you talk to yourself. For example, Robert was a depressed patient who always had a fixed pattern of thinking about himself.

Whenever he tried to explain something about himself, Robert would say that “he’s always been the man he is now.” This line has trapped him in the past and surrounded him with a problem for a long time.

Now, Robert tries to change the way he talks to himself. Instead of saying “He’s always been the man to do this,” he began to tell himself that “Up until now, he’s been the man to do that.” These two words “so far” gave him a choice. This sends signals to his brain that Robert can change.

For example, Robert tells himself that he is the kind of man who does well in a relationship with a woman. So, even when he was in bad relationships, he stuck to this point. But now, when he changes the way he talks to himself, Robert’s relationships are stronger and he’s more flexible.

By expanding your range of flexibility, you’ll have more options. You’ll start to see that you have a lot more choices. With this you will be free from your negativity.

Learn To Live Fully

The longer you are depressed, the less happy you will be. Some people have been depressed for many years. They have forgotten how to lead a happy and normal life. If you tell them that they need to be more positive, they may laugh at you because they believe that doing nothing is going to help.

If you are depressed, you need to learn to live a happy life because you deserve it. Yes, bad things happen, but good things also happen in life. Depression will only show you the bad things in your life. But if you focus on positive things then you will feel better.

One way to notice the positive in your life is to practice gratitude. Keep a gratitude journal with you and write in it every day about the things you want to be thankful for.

When Maureen first heard about keeping a gratitude journal, she was intrigued. Maureen believed that if she gave thanks for something, she might lose it. Maureen thought deeply about where this thought had come to her mind. He found that the cause of his depression was his family.

Maureen tried to change. Whenever she felt that gratitude was a useless thing, Maureen ignored this thought. She tried her best to write in her gratitude journal.
Slowly, she felt more gratitude for the good things in life. By focusing on positive things, her depression started to end and she started enjoying her life again.
Gratitude is a very powerful remedy for depression.


Depression is a serious mental illness. If depression is not cured, it can cause many damages. These losses can include anxiety, fatigue, lack of energy, loneliness, lack of focus and self-harm.

To avoid all these problems, the author has told about ten techniques. Of these, let us recap what you have learned in this summary –

First, you learned that in order to overcome your depression, you need to identify your triggers.

Second, you learned that you should stop worrying and start working. Instead of worrying about your situation, you should look for positive signs around you and focus on them.

Third, you learned that burnout is a major cause of depression. To avoid burnout, you should rest and take care of yourself.

Fourth, you learned that keeping a list of the things you love to do works wonders. Whenever you feel that you do not want to do anything, you can do one of the things on your list.

Fifth, you’ve learned that you need to keep your friends close, even when you feel lonely.

Sixth, you learned that you need to balance your goals, attention, and emotions. If the balance is not kept between all these, then you will keep thinking only about depressing things.

Maybe you’ve lived with depression for so long that you’ve forgotten what it’s like to feel normal. But you should know that you deserve to be happy. You deserve to live a normal and depression free life.

Finally, if you have reached the end of this summary, then Congratulations, there are very few people who invest time on knowledge, otherwise you could have wasted time elsewhere. See you soon with a new summary

Jai Hind

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