In just four hours, Shahrukh Khan’s Chaleya song broke three world records.

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It’s been more than four hours since Jawan’s Chaleya Song song was out and the craze about the song is only increasing. Fans have gone crazy after seeing this romantic song and have started creating ruckus on social media. In such a situation, Jawan’s Chaleya Song has surprised everyone by making three big and powerful records in just a few hours. In such a situation, Jwaan’s song is getting a lot of likes views and now Shahrukh’s romance has also become a trending video on YouTube.

Everyone is tasting the taste of this romantic song from South to North and East to West as this song has been released in all three languages ​​Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. So listen carefully in terms of views, likes and comments. Jawan Ka Chalaya song is creating a lot of buzz on social media. The first record was found on Shah Rukh Nayantara’s romance. In this song of Views Zaman in Millions, Shahrukh’s swag is his style and the biggest thing is his romance.

Seeing all this, the fans have gone crazy over it and are going to YouTube to watch each and every scene of the malls again and again. In such a situation, 3.3 million views have come on the song in just four hours, which is a terrible record in itself. Because hardly any song gets so many views in such a short span of time. The second record is getting likes on Chaleya Song Jhajjham Barsaat. It’s raining heavily in the form of lyrics on Chaleya Song from Shah Rukh Khan’s film Jawan.

People’s love is taking Shahrukh’s song on its way to chartbuster. So far in just 4 hours, more than 460K people have showered likes on this song of the film, which is a big record in itself.

Therefore, looking at the love Nayantara Shahrukh’s romance is getting, it can be guessed that this storm is going to go further. Shahrukh’s Zabaan Ki Choli song was awaited for a long time after the comments came on the third record Chaleya Song. In such a situation, as soon as it was released, the fans have decorated this song on their heads. That means listening to this song a lot, sharing it. This is also being talked about. Along with this, the talk of your heart is also being shared in the comment section.

And in just 4 hours, more than 30,000 comments have come on the song Jawan Ke Chale Aate. Not only this, this romantic song of Shahrukh is not only making records in views, likes and comments, but has also become trending video at number five on YouTube. Now it will be a matter to be seen that what other records this song sets in the coming hours after the record. Well, now you tell us how did you feel seeing Shah Rukh romancing on screen after almost four years? Stay connected with us for Latest Bollywood News Council Movie Review Song Review

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