Heart of Stone movie review: Alia Bhatt’s talent was not showcased, and while the action scenes were excellent, the film was defeated by the script.

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Movie ReviewHeart of Stone 
CastGal Gadot
Jamie Dornan
Alia Bhatt
Sophie Okonedo
Matthias Schweighöfer
Directed byTom Harper
Running time123 minutes
Produced byDavid Ellison
Dana Goldberg
Don Granger
Gal Gadot
Jaron Varsano
Bonnie Curtis
Julie Lynn
Release dateAugust 11, 2023
Budgetest.₹100 crore

Movie Review

There is a movie on Netflix. Not just movies. There is a Hollywood movie on Netflix starring Alia Bhatt and the name of the film is Heart of Stone. Now after watching the trailer, it was felt that the movie will be Dhansu and the money invested in Netflix will also be recovered. As soon as the movie starts, a mission is placed in front of you, such a dangerous mission that you will not know about for an hour but you are watching it. Because all the action sequences that are happening during that entire 15-minute mission have been created amazingly.

You will also be given the experience of Age of the seat, but the whole movie will end and you will start feeling that the 15-minute cool action scene shown in the beginning was not there in the movie. Seriously the whole movie will end. And you will feel that time was wasted in the affair of the girl. Many people will watch this movie because Gal Gadot is in it and their PJ Sure Shot is going to be disputed seeing Gal Gadot in this movie.

Well many people will watch this movie also because Alia Bhatt is also a part of this Hollywood spy thriller movie. above is such a spy thriller movieWhich is technology heavy. It means what is not, for example super computer which can do anything laterally, can peep anywhere, will tell any kind of work and can even see the future. But now the super computer which is the brain of the super computer is in the hands of the villain and he has to bring it back so as always like in every spy thriller movie there is a secret spy agency that will make it happen.

How? You will have to see that in the movie, will you not? I’ll tell you everything The movie is only of two hours, in which if you do not focus much on the story, which will not happen because it does not even exist. What it is, as it is, its action is the only plus point. The acting of this whole movie tooPlus point. But what is the use when you don’t get to see the story along with the acting. Aliya, I feel that total waste has been done by coming in this film and on top of that this movie will be a franchise movie. In front of this also different parts will come which will be connected to each other. But first impression is last impression.

Brother, I will think twice when its second part will come. Because if you talk about Red Notice or One Saturday and talk about big franchise, then catch the spy series of Mission Impossible. In all of these you will find almost the same plot. And I found the most week plot of this movie to be Heart of Stone, although maybe in the next movies of this franchise, we will get to know more about its plot and that secret spy agency.

Because all the characters mentioned in it, there are many who are unable to connect with the audience. Just, if you like high octane, action sequences, chase sequences, mid-air fights and so on, then do watch Time Pass. Anyway, it is a family friendly movie, so watch it with family, no issues. Looking at the overall, I would give this movie. two out of five stars And then see you with the new movie review

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