Half CA Mini Series Review: the story will be based on the difficult journey of students preparing for CA

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Movie ReviewHalf CA
CastAhsaas Channa
Anmol Kajani
Gyanendra Tripathi
CreatorsArunabh Kumar
Harish Peddinti
Directed byPratish Mehta
Writing byKhushbu Baid
Arunabh Kumar
Tatsat Pandey
Harish Peddinti
Release date26 July 2023
Budget15 crores

Movie Review

A new show has arrived on Amazon Mini TV. The name is Half CA. And to be honest, this show has blown my mind. Why and how let’s talk further. If I ask you the names of the big businessmen of our country, you will remember them in two words. Tata, Birla, Ambani, Adani, Mittal, Mahindra etc etc etc. But do you know the name of any of their CAs who handle the money earned from their business and keep that money safe? Hey, I still don’t know the name of my CA, brother.

And this issue has been put in front of you once again in the form of a series by TVF people very intelligently in simple words with deep dialogues and don’t know what magic is there, TVF people have. The topic of each of his series is such that it directly touches such a heart. No nonsense, no unnecessary drama or showiness.

Start straight from the topic and reach the heart of the audience. Now here in this story there are two such characters who are CA aspirants. One who is going to study CA. Archie means Ahsaas Channa and one who is repeatedly attempting for the CA final exam. Neeraj means Gyanendra Tripathi.

I found his character inspired by Sandeep Bhaiya, an aspirant again and again because he too had failed time and again and he too used to share his knowledge with others. And they also desperately wanted to become something. And this too. And in this series Neeraj and Archie have only one goal to become CA. Now both of them can become CA or not, you will come to know in the show itself which is of only five episodes and each episode is almost of 30 to 35 minutes.

If first and last are left, then it is almost 40-45 minutes. So it probably won’t take you more than two and a half hours to watch the entire show. And you are bound with such emotions that you will not feel like getting up without binge watching this show. By the way, we must have seen many comedies, skits or mimes etc., in which the battle of commerce vs science is shown. Jokes are made on it.

So that joke is also explained very well through this story that how tough it is to become a CA and those who have either become CA or are doing preparation will like the story of this series very much. Seeing the backdrop of Mumbai which has been added from above in this show, it is also explained to us that if we want to move forward in life, then how important it is to get out of our comfort zone.

Anyway, Mumbai is called the city of dreams as well as the sea of struggle. So, along with the struggle of student’s life, how can this path of bringing dreams close by staying away from loved ones be overcome? TVF has beautifully presented it in front of you, that too for free, yes, Amazon Mini TV. But this show is easily available for free.

On top of that it is also family friendly and anyway watching any content of TVF, you can also take out a lot of Lessons from the river of Life Lessons that flows in it and drink it mixing with the ups and downs of your life. Mother swear! Life will improve because of you. Each and every actor of this show has played their character in such a way that somewhere you start finding yourself in these characters.

This is the strongest USP of TVF people which remains intact with every show. So overall I found this show short and sweet as well as engaging, educational and entertaining. Really, if you have seen this show, then what is your opinion, do tell me in the comment. See you with the new movie review

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