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Movie ReviewGadar 2
CastSunny Deol
Ameesha Patel
Utkarsh Sharma
Directed byAnil Sharma
Written byShaktimaan Talwar
Produced byAnil Sharma
Release date11 August 2023
Budgetest.₹100 crore

Movie Collection

The biggest problem is with Gadar 2. That is, people didn’t have seats to sit in the theater. Tara Singh’s Gadar Two has created a mutiny in this matter also. There were around 250 single screen theaters which were revived due to Gadar Two. They are not doing this Hindu Muslim. This movie is being done by India Pakistan. If you do not understand the difference between Hindu Muslim and India Pakistan then my brother. Then there is no point in talking to us.

Which is bent on tearing the time curtain. Because in some theaters where the movie is running, it has stopped. That’s what happened. The theater owner is worried that even by the same mistake, people should not find any deficiency in the experience. Brother, if there is anything wrong with the experience of the people who go to see the movie, then they will not only cry but also tear the curtains.

This is what happens when such a cinema comes in the midst of people which touches the emotions of the people and that too not only in tear-jerking fashion, but also in the era of action. And Sunny Paaji, Sunny Paaji played the character of Tara Singh. I feel that justice has been served. That justice was probably very necessary because in today’s era, we are sitting in the generation which has seen such a speed of internet that the public has not seen going to the theatre.

But you tell me, which is the last such film you remember? Except South’s movies, South’s movies are still the same craze. That’s why single screen cinema there is earning tremendously. So which was the last movie you saw on the Hindi belt, which got such record craze to watch. Means the movie is earning but you are not even seeing the boards of Housefull which is currently happening with Gadar 2.

Many movies came, many movies came, many movies earned many crores. But the number of Housefull boards that I saw here with Gadar were not with anyone else. What I told you yesterday is a small bag. Many of my brothers, in fact 90% of my brothers appeared to be agreeing with me on that matter and 10% people started saying that you are against Pathan, but I am not against Pathan.

If I speak properly, I am not speaking. Whose fake collection was Bhaiya Kiya’s original collection. But then the same thing comes, doesn’t it friend? After all, the board of Housefull is so weak. Well, even if you don’t agree with this, you are my friend. After Pathan, Jawan will release in a few days. We will definitely talk about that too. But in this particular video, we are sitting to talk about Gadar and the mutiny created by Gadar, everyone will agree.

Now the biggest thing here is that this movie is being liked a lot not only here in the northern states but also in our middle India. Yesterday we went to the market, there the situation was such that just understand that there was no place to park the car and by car I do not mean that people were not able to cross the four wheeler that two people in a car of four people People come No, I am talking about two wheeler here.

And this is the craze that you will get to watch time only for Gadar 2. The movie is still doing well in terms of advance bookings. This movie has made a very unique record. In fact, there is no movie on the Hindi belt which has earned ₹30 crores minimum on its sixth day of release. Whether you talk about Tiger, whether you talk about our Pathan brother. Then you talk about Bahubali Chacha.

There is no such movie because it has earned 30 crores for six consecutive days in the Hindi belt. Tara Singh’s Gadar 2 has created a rebellion in this matter too and it has become the first film to earn more than 30 crores on the sixth day of its release. The movie has been made. There were many hit movies in our India, but no movie has seen such a period of earning. This is madness of a different level, madness of a different level.

Say whatever you want, say whatever you feel like. But it is certain that you will probably not get to see such love for cinema anywhere else. So it is obvious that we start by talking about its collection so that you can understand that this movie will tear the curtains and earn here.Earned so much on the day of independence that it was earned just by tearing thatch. 40 crores on Friday, 43 crores on Sunday, 51 crores on Sunday, 38 crores on Monday and 55 crores on Tuesday. The total collection of 228 crores has been done in five days.

The biggest problem Gadar 2 has faced The biggest problem has happened with Gadar 2. That is, people did not have seats to sit. People did not have seats in the theatre, but the capacity there was so less that people were getting more and more. And the biggest thing is that brother, the public is saying that we have not got a place at all. Brother, there was an issue of demand supply, that is why I am speaking. Gone from day one when the movie was doing well.

Why not increasing the screen? Regarding today’s advance booking of seventh day, today’s advance booking has also been very good. Even today we are getting advance booking of about 7 crores. Talking about the number of tickets sold, as many tickets are not sold on the opening day, as many tickets are being sold on the seventh day of this movie. Which means around 3,13,000 tickets. Its sold. So many tickets for Air Two were not sold even on the first day of opening, so it can be guessed from this that the ruckus created by Hamari Gadar Two.

And this is also enough to give a clear idea. The most important factor was here. This is the factor that we all speak of. Brother, if we talk about our collection in terms of collection, then start watching here now. Day 1 40 cr, 43 cr, 51 cr, 38 cr, 55 cr 6th day 34 cr, 6th day 34 cr. Isn’t it, many movies have not been able to touch it. No other Bheemovies has touched any movie till date. So by earning ₹ 34 crores on the sixth day here too, Gadar 2 has cleared the fact that it has created a unique record.

On the other hand, if we talk about today’s production, then today’s production is said to be ₹ 25 crores. With ₹ 7 crore advance, there is a collection of 25 crores, then this collection will be considered very promising. And the biggest thing is that in seven days this movie has reached around the collection of 290 crores. It means that in tomorrow’s collection, the movie will cross 300 crores. Bhaijaan crossing 300 crores for a movie which is reported to be made keeping single screen theaters in mind.

Also regarding this that due to Gadar Two, there were about 250 single screen theaters which became alive again. Otherwise, so many theaters have been closed during the Corona period that just what to tell. So in such a situation, this movie has not only earned money but has also revived the business of many people. Those businesses which were on the verge of closure today, either they themselves had moved towards a lot of decline. What will be the future of those businesses which do not understand the subject?

Those businesses have also been revived here by Gadar Two and this in itself is quite an emotional thing. Now just think about those theater owners who have lost nothing. In the Corona era. But then Tara Singh comes with his car. So it’s simple, here this movie has given a lot of things to the public and it is obvious that these things are there. It will be remembered for a long time. People will ask and talk about this thing that a movie came here which broke all the records. If we talk in terms of housefull, then the same theaters are actually sitting housefull.

People were not getting a place to sit. This was the situation on the day of Independence Day. Apparently there is some craze for this movie. Although many people have said that this movie is being done by Hindu Muslim, that’s why it is running so much. But Hindu Muslims are not doing this movie. This movie is being done by India Pakistan. If you do not understand the difference between Hindu Muslim and India Pakistan, then my brother, then there is no point in talking about us.

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