Gadar 2’s sixth day at the box office and overall collections Fake Sunny deol Collection

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Movie ReviewGadar 2
CastSunny Deol
Ameesha Patel
Utkarsh Sharma
Directed byAnil Sharma
Written byShaktimaan Talwar
Produced byAnil Sharma
Release date11 August 2023
Budgetest.₹100 crore

Movie Collection

Tearing down the curtains at Gadar Two Theatres. People are still reaching theaters with tractors full and now we have got not one but many reasons to like this movie. But in spite of all these things, I have played with Gadar 2 at some point or the other. When we will see the collection then we will understand this game. For the sake of very clear evidence, it will be understood that something or the other went wrong here with Gadar Two.

Yesterday I told you that the advance booking collection of this movie has turned out to be the biggest collection for Independence Day. Still the biggest collection has come out in terms of advance booking.

And if we talk about the earnings of Independence Day, in that sense also the collection of Gadar Two is coming out, it is the highest collection of 15th August. Despite that somewhere its collection was tampered with. Now you can call it the jealousy of Bollywood. Call it jealousy of one person, call it jealousy of a few people, you can say anything because see when you occupy an area and sit and such a person comes and sees you or not, the public will like it more. Used to be.

If the public is liking the public more and seeing the public school more, then the feeling of jealousy comes inside such things. Then even if you have a mask of laughter on your face, but somewhere inside you keep on trying to make that person fall, to bow down, to destroy. And here it looks like the same thing is happening with Tara Singh. On the one hand, Tara Singh is hitting Pakistanis for sixes, on the other hand, something or the other is being played with him in India and now we will study the collection, will you also understand this thing or not?

All this is going on somehow. It’s such a simple thing I think. You will also agree that when the movie is earning so fast, then why is the screen count not increasing? By the way, we see that there is a release and if it starts doing well then other movies would have been there. They are reduced a bit and the screen is increased. The screen of the movie that is playing.

But things are not happening in the case of Tara Singh. I was above 3700 to 4000 thousand screens from the movie from day one. Not even a single news came out that whether or not you have increased the screen number of his screen. There is not a single news. Yes, it definitely happened at some places that the theater owners themselves changed their shows a bit.

But it has not happened on a large scale that it is being increased from 4000 thousand to 6000 thousand screens or from six thousand to seven thousand. Because it is not that there are no screens in India, there are screens in India. Why? Because we have seen many more movies on time. Movies release on 8000 screens, 9000 screens, 10000 screens. Yes, it definitely comes in that those movies are pan India movies. So that’s why we are not talking about 10,000 screens.

This is what we are saying brother, you can increase it from 4000 to 6000. We are not counting the screens of South for you. But at least give that to Tara Singh from the Hindi belt screens. But now let me tell you the collection and tell you the bag in the collection. Very big so that even you will be able to understand what kind of game has happened here and in what way what should I tell you about the meaning here.

These people can do anything, I swear, everything would have been in their hands. You will definitely see this thing here. This is advance booking gross collection by giving 6 days of Gadar 2. See whose booking of Rs 10 crore ₹ 15 lakh has been done today. Means the day the father and son have booked for 16th August and about 4,46000 thousand tickets were sold by the people, if we proceed from here then we will start seeing the collection.

This completes the list of the collection. So far, if we accept today’s prediction as correct, then a whopping Rs 2.50 crore. Tara Singh has touched it completely. Congratulations to all of you for this. But if we look at the collections, then yesterday’s collection has come out. Which was very important for us. A collection of ₹ 55 crore has come out for Independence Day. 1-2 crores may be above or below. Yesterday’s post-production round had said 57-58 crores and yesterday also I had said this thing that is not understood.

Why is it getting such a low collection. After such heavy advance booking, now we try to take some time to investigate. Let’s do a comparison. Ok you see this. First day advance booking Trivedi 17 crores of first day advance bookingFirst advance booking was done, how much was the collection in terms of advance booking of ₹ 17 crores? of ₹40 crore. Advance booking of ₹17 crore on first day. 40 crores collection is fine. After that you come. The third day was also Sunday.

There will be an advance for every Sunday. How much did it cost ₹ 27 crore ₹ 27 crore Advance booking was done for its third day. Whatever it was Sunday. So in this sense, if we talk about the third day of the third day. Tara Singh movie collected ₹ 51 crores on Sunday by taking advance booking of ₹ 51 crores which means ₹ 27 crores. Ok now we come to Independence Day. There is an advance booking of ₹ 33 crores on Independence Day.

Means that advance booking of more than 6 crores has been done since Sunday. Okay, tickets are also sold here, about 13 lakh tickets. It is a good amount. 27 crores on Sunday and ₹ 33 crores advance booking on Tuesday means Independence Day. Now if we see the collection, then this collection comes out to be only ₹ 55 crores. Hey brother, advance booking was more than 6 crores. Despite that, your collection increased by 4 crores only from Sunday to ₹ 55 crores.

What? Don’t you understand the messed up scam here? Means that advance booking is increasing but the collection is not increasing. The speed with which the collection should increase, I am telling that at least there should have been a collection of 60 crores here, but nothing seems to be happening here. Now seeing this thing even a normal person will be able to understand what wrong is going on here. Do you mean going wrong?

I will show you once again. You see the advance booking of the first day. Against 17 crores, the collection of 40 crores was done on the third day of advance booking. Sunday’s income of ₹ 27 crores, collection of ₹ 51 crores and here when we see advance booking of 33 crores, only 55 crores collection happens. It means that either the whole screen game is going on here or the screen is not saved. Advance booking collection to top it up. Because I got a collection of 55 crores brother. To tell you a simple thing, it doesn’t seem right.

Because today people will return to their work and if we talk about today’s advance booking, advance booking of ₹ 10 crore has been done for today and yesterday’s situation you people have told me through comments that tickets anywhere were not getting Means people have sent me their own people from North to South wherever the movie has been shot. Whatever their data was there, tickets were not available anywhere.

I don’t feel quite right that I have collected 55 crores. There should be at least 60 to 62 crores collection. I am not saying much difference. I am talking only about 5 to 7 crores. But what is it? It would have been a matter of one mark. Called for Mark Pathan. Earned ₹60 crores with Gadar 2. Perhaps this is not what a relationship wants to hear. Earned ₹ 60 crores in a day. That’s why such a huge advance booking of 33 crores. Friend means there is a limit.

In the advance booking of 33 crores, are you saying that no sir, if its collection is not that much, then something will come to mind somewhere. Apart from this, let me tell you the collection of today. In this anger, you were not even told today’s collection. So today’s collection has been estimated in today’s collection. 25 cr Wednesday, working day and even after a long weekend if the movie is earning ₹25 cr then it is a very good collection.

Whether we talk about Bengal or we talk about Orissa or Madhya Pradesh or we talk about Chhattisgarh, whether we talk about Maharashtra, Delhi NCR to Haryana, Punjab. Crowd tickets were not available anywhere and the biggest reason for this was its bumper advance booking. And if we talk about the same, then the advance booking of ₹ 33 crores that we had told you, seems to be proving to be true somewhere.

The way the collection of this movie has happened and the biggest thing is that Bhaiya movie had easily crossed the figure of 200 crores and stood at the mouth of 250 crores. Wednesday has come in today’s date. It will be very interesting to see what will be its collection on Saturday and Sunday because now it has to be seen how long it lasts. The budget of 80 crores is being told, the budget of 80-100 crores is being told. In front of him, its collection has already gone into profit and nothing has been revealed about the OTT rights yet.

how many sold So if we talk in this sense, then this movie is going to be included in some big hit movies of the year. Could be the biggest hit too. What do you think about this and the bag of the collection I told you that you feel like this. Will definitely tell by commenting and if you find something, then definitely share it with others so that this thing can reach far and wide.

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