Gadar 2 Movie Review Live: The handpump scene from Gadar 2 has leaked from theaters, according to fans. This scene is very…

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Movie ReviewGadar 2
CastSunny Deol
Ameesha Patel
Utkarsh Sharma
Directed byAnil Sharma
Written byShaktimaan Talwar
Produced byAnil Sharma
Release date11 August 2023
Budgetest.₹100 crore

Movie Review

Basically there has been a rebellion. I saw the show released in the theaters at 5.30 am and the craze for Bhaisaab Gadar was such that there was a huge crowd even for the shows at 5.30 am. But will Gadar Too take the success of Gadar forward? Let’s talk. Whatever we had guessed from the trailer that the son is in Pakistan and the father will go there and come back there after creating a mutiny, yes it is somewhat like that but not completely. You will understand if you watch the movie. The movie is almost of three hours and is particular.

If I talk about the first half only, then Jahan Jahan Sunny Paaji Hai, only those scenes or his dialogues are such that look good on the screen. Actually, it is felt again and again that this movie has been made so that Sunny Paji’s character of Tara Singh can be put in front of you again in the form of nostalgia. You people will also enjoy the movie only when Tara Singh either speaks a dialogue or does an action and mind it.

In the first half of 1:30, Sunny Paaji is only for 30-35 minutes. A lot is happening in the remaining 40-50 minutes. Tara Singh’s son has got more screen time. His acting and his dialogue delivery. Don’t know why there is no convincing. I mean Talking about first half only who won the role. Utkarsh Sharma in his acting post looks as if he is acting jokingly.had been.

But suddenly When he goes on a little serious mode in the second half, then it seems that yes the guy can act. Mr. Manish Wadhwa has become the villain in this. His character is quite convincing. Some time seems a bit over powered over dramatic. But any how. When it comes to Mass Masala Entertainer film, having such over powered exhaust rated characters is not a new thing and action sequences are also inserted in such a way that they are not physically possible.

It is not physically possible to uproot the light hand pump, practically it is also not possible, but it definitely happens. happened. People had enjoyed it because if it is a mass movie then it all works.

In the beginning of the rest of the movie, you are given a recap in the form of a mutiny. Glimpses of Gadar 1 are also interspersed throughout the film. So that you stay in through-out nostalgia and also connected with the movie. If we talk about the music, then the music of Gadar 1 is similar to that of this one too.

Actually two or three songs are old, which have been presented in a fresh way. An attempt is also made to give the message of religion and humanity in the last part of the film. So that people do not have any misunderstanding regarding the topic of this film. Overall this is a family friendly movie I can say. Although it has also got UA certificate. This movie can be seen in parental guidance. There will be no problem even if you sit and watch with the whole family.

 And then see you with the new movie review

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