Gadar 2 Box Office Revenue Is Significantly Higher Than Pathaan Film Starring Sunny Deol Is a Much Bigger Hit Than

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At present, the talk of only one movie is going on everywhere in India and that is Gadar Two. However, some questions have started to arise regarding the collection of Gadar 2 because as much as the advance booking of the bumper is being done, the collection is not coming out. So many people have to live like this. Many people believe, I also believe that there is some kind of looseness about the collection here and that’s why even after collecting 33 crores, the movie is not able to touch 60 crores in terms of collection and there is a big problem here.

Comparison is rising. Even in front of Pathan, whether the same Pathan was a bigger hit than Gadar or not, but there are many aspects. Pathan had a solo release. There were more screens, a lot of things. And we are going to talk about all these things in great detail in today’s video. So if you like this video then do share the other one. And if you also think that Pathan Gadar was a bigger hit then must watch this video. Actually, if we understand, then Sunny Deol’s mutiny.

If we talk about this time, Gadar was one of the highest grossing films in the history of Hindi cinema. Means we are talking about the first part. In such a situation, Gadar 2 is also making record breaking earnings and its speed is not slowing down. The craze of the public for this sequel which came after 22 years is worth watching. In videos coming out from the shows of Gadar 2, the audience can be seen clapping, booing and dancing to the songs.

The atmosphere that theaters had seen in 2001 regarding Gadar, now the same atmosphere is prevailing in theaters regarding Gadar 2. The effect of this love of the public is clearly visible on the earnings of Gadar 2. Where the movie earned ₹ 173 crores in four days and the five-day collection is said to be ₹ 55 crores. This means that in five days its collection has already reached Rs 225 crore. It is obvious that the film’s earnings are being described as charismatic.

The trend of earning is telling that it is going to make its place in the list of Bollywood’s biggest all-time hits not only of this year. In such a situation, it is also natural for Hindi cinema fans to compare Gadar 2 with Shah Rukh Khan’s recent release film Pathan and it is not possible that this should not happen. Pathan is the biggest Hindi film in India with a net collection of ₹543 crore. Released in January this year, the film hardly broke any major box office records.

But today is the fifth day of Sunny’s Gadar to Co released in theatres, whereas in four days the film’s net collection was ₹ 173 crores and the fifth day’s collection was five. ₹ 55 crore came out in front. At least we can expect to earn 55 crores from the film on Tuesday. That is, in five days, the total collection has been around Rs 225 crore till now. If we talk about Pathan’s Net India collection in the first five days, it was around 281 crores.

In such a situation, if you remove 7 crores from Telugu version, 3 crores from Tamil version, Pathan collected about 271 crores only from Hindi version. On the basis of five days, the earning of Gadar 2 is at least ₹ 50 crores than Pathan, and at the moment it seems to be less. But is the collection of Gadar 2 really less than that of Pathan? The answer to this question is hidden. The whole math of the film business. Actually, Pathan, which released on January 25, was a festival release.

The release day was a Wednesday which meant that the film had five days to earn big in its first weekend. With the return of Shah Rukh Khan, it was certain that the film had to get a solid opening. The second day was supposed to be the national holiday of Republic Day and the solid opening of the film was a huge burden and it happened. While Pathan collected 57 crores on the first day, the box office collected a net collection of more than ₹70 crores on the second day.

In comparison, Gadar Too released on a normal Friday and was not released on any big occasion. It got a normal three-day weekend and the film got a national holiday on its fifth day. It would not be wrong to say this either. Gadar 2 was awaited more because of the film’s hero and character Tara Singh than star Sunny Deol. Pathan was the only Bollywood film of that time to be released in theatres. Although Gandhi Godse was also released the very next day.

But there was no atmosphere about this film. Nor were any such big stars involved in it. But Akshay Kumar’s Oh My God 2 Released together which is earning a lot. Pathan was also released in Telugu, Tamil and its Hindi version also received tremendous response in the South market. We have to keep all these things in mind here. The market of Gadar 2 is not very special in the South, because at this time Megastar Rajinikanth’s film Jailer is earning at a different level there.

In Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Jailor is earning explosively at the box office. In Andhra Pradesh and Telangana too, it has created a furore in the theatres. That is, where almost all the markets of India were in fire mode for Pathan, the collection of Gadar 2 was completely dependent only and only on the Hindi market. Pathan got 5600 to 5700 screens in India in its first weekend and this was the biggest advantage of being the only big release.

Now if we talk about Gadar 2, it got only 3500 to 3700 screens. Seeing its explosion, the screen was increased a little more. But even at its peak, Gadar 2 got only 4000 screens. It is not much that the difference of screen size affects the collection of any film the most. A huge difference between Pathan and Gadar 2 is also the ticket prices. The average ticket price of Pathan was around ₹ 290 in the first week.

This figure kept on going up and down a little bit on a daily basis. But we can consider 290 as an average ticket price. But if we talk about Gadar 2, then the average ticket price of Gadar 2 was only ₹ 215 in the first four days and now from Monday the ticket price of the film is big but still not very much. Raised. 220 means that if we look inside each ticket of Pathan, then the difference of ₹ 70 is coming only here. The straight calculation on one ticket is that if the earnings of Gadar and Pathan are added from equal number of tickets, then Pathan’s earnings will be more anyway.

Above all, there is a difference of more than 1500 in the screen count of both the films. That is, if you give Gadar 2 on so many screens, then despite the cheap ticket, it could have left behind Pathan’s earnings because its footfall was so high. How much difference does it make to a film’s earnings from just 1500 screens with so many tickets. For example, Akshay Kumar OMG Two and OMG Two released in India, 1500-1800 films were released and in just four days, it earned more than ₹ 55 crores in just four days.

The occupancy of theaters for the result is such that it has not been seen in many years. Occupancy means that if there are 100 seats, then what percentage of the 100 seats are filled. Meaning you understand in this way that even for Pathan this kind of occupancy will not be seen. On an average, 80 percent of the shows of Gadar 2 are going full. Occupancy In this you can understand that 80 out of 100 seats are filled.

If we talk, then it is being filled up to 90 to 95%. When Pathan’s clamor for single screens and such occupancy Gadar Two was in full swing, its average occupancy was 70 to 75 percent. Means about 15 percent less than Gadar 2. With such a strong occupancy, if Gadar 2 had 1000 more screens, it would have earned more than Pathan. But not much in the release of both the films. Only a few months difference.

Therefore, it is quite possible to say that if Gadar 2 was released in as many screens as Pathan had, then with the same ticket price, its top daily collection could have gone up to Rs 75 to 80 crores. Gadar Two may not get a chance to rule the theaters under one umbrella, but more than one film making a strong earning together is more beneficial for the film trade and it has also hidden more good for the cinema.

Let me tell you one thing here that it has become possible because of Gadar Two that there are at least 150 such single screen cinemas which were on the verge of closure. But due to the bumper hit of Gadar 2, these theaters came to life again. Many theaters which were closed during the Corona period were opened. They came clean and they also took action. He started writing about the new dimensions. Now you tell whether Gadar 2 is a bigger hit or Pathan?

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