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Movie ReviewGadar 2
CastSunny Deol
Ameesha Patel
Utkarsh Sharma
Directed byAnil Sharma
Written byShaktimaan Talwar
Produced byAnil Sharma
Release date11 August 2023
Budgetest.₹100 crore

Gadar 2 Story Explained

Pakistan is still looking for the hand pump that Sunny Deol had uprooted in Pakistan in Gadar and this time Sunny Paji does not uproot the hand pump, he just looks at it and Pakistani enemies start sweating. So friends Gadar is an emotion and it is well felt while watching Gadar 2 and when Tara Singh plays the band of enemies in Pakistan and shouts Hindustan Zindabad, the whole theater echoes with applause. Friends, today we are going to explain Gadar to Movie. So let’s start the video, first of all let me tell you a small recap of Gadar movie.

Yes, you must have seen that movie but here it is necessary to revive old memories. The film Gadar was the story of the partition era. The premise of the film was that Sakina, a Muslim girl separated from her family in the partition riots, is going to be a victim of the attackers. Only then a truck driver Tara Singh comes and saves her and fulfills her demand and makes her his wife. Both also have a lovely son, whose name isJeete happens.

While Tara Singh struggles to bring his wife back from Pakistan, Tara Singh emerges as the force of his love. But this time the story is just before the 1971 Indo-Pakistan war. Tara to Sakina’s father Asraf AliHe has been hanged on the charge of helping Singh and Sakina also knows this fact. And the biggest hand behind this hanging was Hamid Iqbal, who has become the General of Pakistan and he hates India very much and Tara Singh is more than that. After which the scene shifts to Pathankot where we see Sunny Paji aka Tara Singh.

Tara Singh now does the work of carrying some army goods from his trucks. Meanwhile, Colonel Rawat calls Tara Singh and he tells Tara Singh that this time the chances of war are visible. He is feeling that this time there will be war and hence he wants to be prepared in advance. So he requests Tara Singh that he may need a lot of trucks. Then Tara Singh tells him that he will always be ready for Hindustan. Now the next scene of Tara Singh’s house is shown, where we can see the entire family of Tara Singh. Where his wife Sakina and his son Jeete are.

Jeete is not interested in studies at all. He has to become an actor. But Tara Singh does not want his son to become an actor. Rather, he wants his son to become an officer after studying. Here Jeete also demands a bike, but Tara Singh flatly refuses him. Because of which Jeet gets angry and does not talk to them. ThatBecause of this, Tara Singh feels very bad, so one day on his birthday, he gifts her a bike, which Jeete was very happy to see. Now after few days Tara Singh again explains to Jeete. He tells her that I do not want you to become a driver like me.

Tara Singh and Sakina are very fond of their son Jeete. He also fulfills his every wish. He was still talking when General Rawat got a call from Tara Singh. Colonel Rawat tells Tara Singh that the enemies have attacked us and they are moving very fast and our soldiers who are ahead are going to run out of ammunition, so you have to send ammunition to those soldiers through trucks. To reach But still a soldier had a doubt on Tara Singh whether Tara Singh would be able to do this work or not. Then Tara Singh tells him to ask the enemy who is Tara Singh after all?Then Tara Singh along with his colleagues starts transporting ammunition to Soldiers by truck.

But here the enemies also try to stop those trucks. Due to which many trucks which are there are unable to reach the soldiers. But Tara Singh’s truck reaches Solder. He delivers ammunition to them and also takes part in this war. Tara Singh sees that the enemy is completely dominating our soldiers. Now Tara Singh pounces on those enemies like a hungry lion and kills them all mercilessly and in this way our soldiers start moving forward. But in reality it was a trick of Pakistan. As our soldiers move forward, they launch a fierce attack on us, due to which many soldiers are killed. and jo tara singhCompanions went with him. Many of them also die.

But now Tara Singh was worried about Jeete as he was feeling that maybe those people have caught Jeete again. Now Tara Singh starts searching for his son Jeete by going from street to street. On the other hand, we see Muskaan to whom Hamid Iqbal had come and here we come to know that in fact, Hamid Iqbal had put Muskaan’s family members at gunpoint and spread many false rumors about Jeete here. Muskaan’s signature was also taken on a paper.

After which it is known that during this attack many of his companions along with Tara Singh have been taken hostage. Even after investigation for many days, it was not known that where are Tara Singh and his companions. But after some investigation, it has come to know that Tara Singh and his accomplice are lodged in Kot Lakhpat Jail of Pakistan and when Sakina and Jeete came to know about this, their condition became very bad, because they never thought about it. It was feared that one day Tara Singh would end up in a jail in Pakistan from where there was no chance of his coming back. But Jeete didn’t want to see his mother like this.

That’s why he decides that he will definitely bring his father from Pakistan. So he leaves a letter with his mother and immediately enters Pakistan with a fake seed and passport. So after entering Pakistan, Jeete first meets Gullu who was a very good friend of Tara Singh and through him Jeete came to know that Tara Singh who is lodged in Kot Lakhpat Jail along with his comrades and there There is only one way to reach where Biryani goes everyday and if you take the job of that Biryani seller then you can reach there easily.

But before that you have to impress a girl named Muskaan because Muskaan is the only girl who is responsible for making Biryani Gives job to Whoever makes the best Biryani deserves this job. Muskaan is very fond of watching movies and her favorite is Rajesh Khanna and Jeete knows this very well. Then he comes closer to Muskaan. He impresses her in the manner of the film. Here somewhere Muskaan also started liking Jeete a lot. But one day Muskaan comes to know about Jeete’s truth. Then Jeete also tells everything to Muskaan here.

He tells her that he is not a terrorist. He has just come to save his father from here. Muskan had fallen in love with winning. Then here the smile also helps to win. After a few days it was Eid and all the prisoners were being brought out and fed Simaiya. Hameed Iqbal brings out all the prisoners but here Tara Singh was not among these prisoners. Jeete felt very strange seeing this. Then he came to know that Anda, a prisoner, is in jail because he was creating a lot of trouble. Then here, Jeete somehow reaches that jail, but after going there, Jeete comes to know that there is someone else in that jail, not Tara Singh.

But in the process, Jeete is caught by those people. By the way, the eyes of ISI people were on Jeete for many days, but this time Hameed Iqbal had caught Jeete. Hamid Iqbalover hereHits Jeete badly and tells him that now you will die here and your father will also die. Hamid Iqbal tells Jeete that your father is not here but since you are here, he has to come here. Then Jeete tells him to pray that my father does not come here because if he comes here and sees me in this condition, he will kill you so much that the whole of Pakistan could not count. After which the scene shifts.

Where Sakina is in Pathankot, she was running towards Tara Singh. Here we come to know that Tara Singh has actually returned and Tara Singh tells that during the war he did not get caught by the hands of the enemies, rather he went away from the river in a state of unconsciousness. Some people there took him to the hospital, but he remained in coma for many days and when he regained consciousness, he came here.

After which Tara Singh comes to know through Sakina that Jeete is in Pakistan, here Sakina tells everything to Tara Singh. After hearing this, Tara Singh is completely shocked. He knows how the people there will treat him. Then Tara Singh decides that he must bring his son Jeete from Pakistan and sets out on his journey the next day. The letters Jeete used to send from there, all the letters are displayed here.Singh had it and was reading all the letters.

And then after some time the one who is Tara Singh enters Lahore. When Tara Singh reaches there, he sees that there is a different kind of atmosphere here. Slogans of death of Hindustan were being raised here. On the other hand, we see that Hamid Iqbal had put Jeete in front of the public. He would have declared him a treason in front of the entire public. Hamid Iqbal created a lot of hatred among the Pakistani public.

was born Regarding Jeet. Then everyone wanted that now Jeete should be hanged. That’s why Jeete is tied to a cannon here. Jeete’s condition was very bad then he finally won. Hamid tells Iqbal that they definitely fulfill the last wish of a dying person. Then Hamid Iqbal asks Jeete what is your last wish? After saying so much, here comes the entry of our Sunny Paji i.e. Tara Singh. Tara Singh comes here and immediately tells Hamid Iqbal to leave my son, you wanted me so I have come here. But here Hamid Iqbal talks directly with Tara Singh and also talks about killing both of them.

After which Hamid Iqbal starts talking directly to Tara Singh about Islam. Then here Tara Singh tells him that if the people of Pakistan get a chance to go to India, then more than half of Pakistan will be empty and then I will not even get a bowl for begging. After hearing this, Hamid Iqbal gets angry and orders to kill Tara Singh and Jeete here. But here Tara Singh gets furious and kills everyone and escapes from here with his son Jeete. But Pakistani soldiers go after Tara Singh and Jeete. From here they both somehow escape, but still he was following them. then here

Tara Singh comes in front of everyone in a rage and kills them all. Because Tara Singh is an army in itself. Tara Singh kills some troops so brutally that some people run away from there seeing Tara Singh because this form of Tara Singh completely creates mutiny. Tara Singh’s full attention was in fighting the enemies. On the other hand, some people had caught Jeete here, but Jeete fights with them here and runs away from them. But he is now distant from Tara Singh as well.

Because of which both father and son who are now become wanted. But Muskaan’s family wants Jeete and Muskaan to unite here and they agree to help Tara Singh as well, because they came to know that Jeete and Tara Singh are absolutely right, so Muskaan’s family here Jeete and Tara Singh along with Wale Muskan through a secret route

They start making plans to send him to India. But Hamid Iqbal gets to know this thing somewhere. And Hamid Iqbal after which Hamid Iqbal captures Tara Singh Muskan and Jeete he takes them near the border and here he was beating them badly. After which Hamid Iqbal goes to Tara Singh and at the point of a sword, he asks him to raise slogans of Hindustan Murdabad. Now Tara Singh tells Hamid Iqbal that even if I say this, our India will always be free and so will Tara Singh.

Hamid also tells Iqbal that if you all Pakistanis together raise slogans of Hindustan Murdabad, then this thing will only reach the border. But if all the Indians raise slogans of Hindustan Zindabad together, then the whole of Pakistan will explode. And after hearing this, Hamid Iqbal starts trying to kill everyone. But then Tara Singh who is he turns on the Gadar mode and starts tearing everyone apart. He starts brutally killing all those people here. Hamid Iqbal had an entire army but we had Tara Singh who was no less than an army.

The companions who were with Tara Singh were also held hostage here, so Tara Singh frees them from their clutches and starts moving towards the border with a cannon. But here Hamid Iqbal had many cannons which had to face the only cannon of Tara Singh. but hereBut he fights very bravely in which Tara Singh’s son Jeete and his companions also support him and here he tastes a lot of Hamid Iqbal’s people.

It was a running fight in which the cannon was moving and everyone was going towards the border. As they progress further, Hamid Iqbal catches all those people. But he realizes that he has reached India, so Hamid Iqbal could not do anything to Dara Singh and his companions because Colonel Rawat was already waiting for them here. Colonel Rawat is here with his entire army. He tells Hamid Iqbal that I have nothing to do with you.

Only our Tara Singh will talk to you. Here Dara Singh gives the knowledge of Bhagavad Gita and Quran to Hamid Iqbal for a long time. He asks him to choose one and here Hamid Iqbal chooses Geeta. Dara Singh tells a furious Hamid Iqbal that you could have chosen both and the only difference is that you can never reform. But Dara Singh starts leaving Hamid Iqbal alive here. But Hamid Iqbal was still not going to give up.

He tries to kill Dara Singh from behind, but before killing him, all the soldiers of Colonel Rawat kill Hamid Iqbal and in the end Pakistani soldiers also shoot Hamid Iqbal, because they also understood that Hamid Iqbal is a very wrong man. So friends, sequel films being a craze in Hindi cinema is not only a good sign for the business of the film, but itIt is also a proof that the showdown of the big screen affects the audience in its own unique way. Both the films that released this Friday are sequels.

Oh My God 2, however, is a completely different story from the film Oh My God that released 11 years ago. Gadar 2, on the other hand, takes forward the same story that the audience saw in Gadar 22 years ago. There is one more thing with sequel films and that is the expectations of the audience from the film. The history created by director Anil Sharma’s film Gadar at the box office is expected to be repeated this time too. The company producing it belongs to both Zee Studios and Anil Sharma, who directed it. And the chromosome of both the films Gadar and Gadar Two is the same. Last time Sakina had come to India from Pakistan.

This time the challenge is to bring the smile. Muskaan helps Jeete in Pakistan and loves her too. It means that a love story also goes on between Gadar. Anil Sharma has indicated that this love story will continue even further in the film Gadar Two. Jeete has joined the army. It is quite possible that next time this love story will be woven around the Kargil war. Shaktimaan, who wrote the story of the original film, under the pressure of the sequel, has also kept the story of Gadar 2 focused on patriotism, anti-Pakistan, Hindu-Muslim brotherhood and mutual love of two generations.

Like Oh My God, the core of the story is the love of father and son. And when Jeete says at one place in the film that the one who has the shadow of his father,What is the need to worry? Vas, listening to this, the eyes become moist and there is also a scene in the climax of the film when Tarasingh is surrounded by a sword-wielding crowd in the streets of Lahore and a green colored hand pump is seen in front of him. The hand pump uprooting scene in the film Gadar has such an impact that what happens after it becomes a glimpse of the cleverness of director Anil Sharma. Anil Sharma has done and directed six films after the film Gadar.

Directed from Amitabh Bachchan to Priyanka Chopra, but people liked it, in which the Deol family came together in front of the camera. The way Anil Sharma and Sunny Deol complement each other once again in Gadar 2 is the life of this film. Sunny Deol’s hammer scene. The reaction of his fans who came to watch the film was wonderful. Mera bhi is one of the favorite scene and in the last 22 years two famous actors of film Gadar Amrish Puri and Vivek have left this world and the film has also paid tribute to the acting of both of them.

Especially this time the villain of the film has been replaced by Amrish Puri. Manish Badhwa faced more challenges than the rest of the cast of the film. In the character of General Hameed Iqbal, who is ready to kill mangoes while smoking cigars, carrying dangerous expressions on his face, Manish did not let the film get unbalanced anywhere.

anyway, will meet again with a powerful explanation of the new movie.

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