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Gadar 2 Trailer Review: How much rebellion did Sunny Deol create in the trailer? get to know

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Movie ReviewGadar 2
CastSunny Deol
Ameesha Patel
Utkarsh Sharma
Directed byAnil Sharma
Written byShaktimaan Talwar
Produced byAnil Sharma
Release date11 August 2023
Budgetest.₹100 crore

Movie Review

Sunny paji has come. After a long time, gracing the big screen with Gadar 2. Yes, the trailer of Gadar 2 has arrived which I have seen and I am going to share my views with you. i mean whatever is right or whatever is nonsense, i will try to tell you in straight words.

With the announcement of Gadar Two. When the makers re-released the film Gadar, then after 20-22 years people had given a lot of love to the old movie and the shows were going houseful because at that time Gadar had created a stir.

From his dialogues, from the acting of Sunny Paaji, to the repeats from the story that ran at that time, from the story that ran at that time. But in today’s world, i mean almost after twenty two years, will the same typical story be able to connect with the people of today’s world? And with the cinematic theme, color tone, it completely sets the atmosphere of the mutiny.

And when the teaser came, then we also came to know about the timeline of the movie that the story of the movie is going to be set in 1971. But the people who cut the trailer did such a big mess that they told the whole story in the trailer of three minutes only.

Now we just have to go to the theater to eat popcorn and listen to Sunny Paji’s roaring dialogues. Now you have already told everything, now Paji and Sabina Haseena. Sweat What was Ameesha’s name?

Yes, Sakina to Baji, Sakina and her son win. Now living in Happy Happy India. But in 1971, a war takes place in the name of Crush India Moment, in which whoever lives will fall into the hands of Pakistan and to bring him back, his father i.e. his corrupt land and sky will unite.

There will be great dialogues. There will be a fight in the last. There will be two to four social messages. Those who boil blood will speak against Pakistan. There will be dialogues, on which the applause and whistles of the audience will also come out.

So over it, he is bringing back the same theme that he used in Gadar One. But there are a lot of dialogues, some scenes, a lot of cringe is also being felt, which will also be trolled according to today’s era. Maybe after saying this you will get angry with me that how did you speak like this brother.

But keep your hand on your heart and watch the trailer once again. You will surely find many mistakes i mean the setup of the film has been made as it is known that it is a very low budget movie. Abraptly use of music.

Suddenly linking any cut scene with each other. All this actually used to happen 20-22 years ago, not in this era, but if seen overall, the movie has been made only because the mass audience who like action, drama, dialoguebaazi and Sunny Paaji. No doubt, this movie will also be successful in pulling the audience to the theatres, who have seen Gadar One. Because first of all it is nostalgia,

Whatever will happen in this, whether they want to enter Pakistan in full public and make dialogues against Pakistan or to uproot handpumps again, and in the trailer, a small glimpse has also been given in this trailer that we will be uprooting handpumps from Brother Sunny Paaji.

Just make fun of this scene. Rest I personally liked the trailer. Don’t expect anything new, you will get just meat masala nostalgia, that’s for sure. But how much entertainment will be there, it will have to be seen in the theaters on 11th August. See you with the new movie review

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