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FULL CATASTROPHE LIVING – Using the Wisdom of Your Body and Mind to Face Stress, Pain, and Illness By Jon Kabat Zinn Full Book Summarize

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About Book

Are you always stressed and unsatisfied with your life? Are you tired of thinking that your life is just going to waste and you are unable to do anything? If you are also going through a similar situation, then read this book once, it will help you a lot in achieving peace of mind amidst the complications of life. By reading this book, you will learn that in today’s stressful life, meditation is a great medicine which can fill our mind with peace and life with peace.

Who Should Read This Summary?

● People who have a lot of stress in their life
● People who want to practice meditation in their daily routine
● People who want to live a simple life in peace and quiet
● People who are looking for the real purpose of their life

About the author

Jon Cabet Zinn is a professor, founder of the Stress Reduction Clinic and Mindfulness Center in Medicine. He practices yoga and also does Buddhist teaching, due to which he sees holistic teaching by connecting it with scientific findings. John teaches the Art of Mindfulness and he says that this art helps people to a great extent to get relief from their stress, anxiety, sorrow and illness.


Mind fullness means we are fully aware of where we are, with whom and what we are doing. Means to feel your every emotion and live every experience openly.
Mindfulness can prove to be a very effective weapon against stress and negativity.
In this summary, you will read what are the benefits of being an expert in the Art of Mindfulness and how meditation helps us grow in life and find our life purpose.

You will learn from this summary how we can practice mindfulness in our daily routine, how we can become an active participant in our own healing process, and how we can change the way we think about the world.
With this, you will also learn how to control your negative emotions like stress and anger.
By understanding the Art of Being, you will realize how important it is to be present in life with full mind, body and heart.
So, now the time has come when we leave our passive thinking and start enjoying life.

The Foundation Of Mindfulness Practice: Attitudes and Commitment

You don’t change your habit by listening to a lecture or reading a book. It is a fact that you cannot forcefully do the work for a long time in which you are not interested. You try and see, for a few days your willpower will remain strong, then gradually you will return to the old routine.

Same is with relaxation also. If you are mentally somewhere else at that time and you feel as if you have no control over your emotions and thoughts then there is no use no matter how much meditation you do.
If you want to practice awareness, which is a very important part of meditation, then you have to concentrate completely and accept things as they are, instead of trying to control them. Because your attitude matters a lot. If you want to do meditation in the best way, then do it with an expecting mindset.
To keep practicing mindfulness, you have to be patient, have a non-judgmental approach, don’t expect too much, let what is happening happen, and most importantly, have faith in the process.
A smart method of catching monkeys has been created in India. When a hunter goes to catch a monkey, what he does is that he makes a hole in a coconut and puts a banana in it. This hole is made in such a way that as soon as the monkey puts its hand in it, its hand gets stuck inside. Now if the monkey wants to get rid of his hand, he will have to leave the banana.
But he is unable to give up the temptation of banana, so his hand remains trapped and in this way Hunter easily catches the monkey.

If we think about this carefully, then we will feel that our mind is also like a monkey. Many times we become so positive about things that we cannot leave them no matter how much they are harming us. We are not able to leave something easily and that is why there is always upheaval in the mind and we are never able to live peacefully.
Even if we try to meditate in such a situation, we will not achieve anything because our mind is engrossed in things, and our condition is the same as that of a monkey. Either we are stuck in our past or are worried about the future, while living in the present is as easy as giving up the greed of a banana for a monkey.
This is the reason why leaving things as they are is one of the most important factors that can help you achieve mindfulness.
If you sit comfortably and try to feel your deep thoughts and feelings in relax mode, then maybe you can find the real reason for your pain. Do not think too much about these negative thoughts and feelings, rather focus on those things which are positive in your life, which gives you happiness.
Instead of forcing yourself into meditation, practice patience, acceptance and the art of letting go. If you become expert in these supporting qualities, then understand that meditation will become very powerful for you.
Once you have felt the power of meditation and started practicing mindfulness, then you will start liking this process. Try to keep your mind free and live a relaxed life.

Really Doing What You Are Doing: Mindfulness In Daily Life

There’s nothing better than finding your inner piece. Peacefulness is the art of feeling relaxed, feeling good and being calm.
Most of the people keep waiting for the right time, they think that when the time is right, they will go on vacation or enjoy life.

But in this chapter, your challenge is to make your daily routine into peace fullness, that is, you can remain calm and relaxed while washing dishes, you can feel inner peace. It means to say that we do not just need meditation to feel inner peace.
By practicing Mindfulness continuously, you will strengthen your awareness, and after some time you will notice that even if you are not meditating, you can still feel Mindfulness in your daily life.
It means to say that the more you practice meditation, the more it will become a part of your life and then you will feel the same happiness and peace while doing minor household chores like cooking or gardening as it happens during meditation. And in this way your whole life will turn into a meditation session.

You will not only enjoy the small joys of life, but you will be surprised to see that you are having new experiences in everyday life. Experiences like never before. Because you are living in your present moment, your maximum focus will be on your thoughts, your actions and feelings, due to which your personality will improve day by day, you will start knowing yourself better than before.
It was a Saturday, Jackie returned home tired after roaming outside for seven hours and spending time with people. She was very tired that day but despite this she was looking very happy because she had enjoyed a lot that day, she had enjoyed every moment.

Returning home, Jackie finds that her husband has left a note for her saying that he will be out of the house for the night as he has to go to another city for some work. And he hated loneliness. If her husband had told this thing to her earlier, she would have invited a friend of hers to stay at her house for the night.
When Jackie’s daughters were young, she used to force them to lead a social life. She asked her daughters to go out and have fun with friends, but both her daughters preferred to spend time at home.
Jackie never understood how one could be alone or like to be alone.
Jackie was about to call her friend when she realized that she should be mindful all the time and not just during clinical practice. Thinking this, Jackie dropped the idea of ​​calling her friend and decided that she would spend the night alone and live in the present moment.
That night Jackie was not at all afraid to be alone, rather she fixed the room to sleep and had a very deep and sound sleep at night. When his eyes opened early in the morning, he also took a beautiful view of the sunrise.
The lesson that Jackie learned that day, we all should also realize in our lives. And that lesson was that to be happy we have to enjoy the present moment. By practicing regular mind fullness, we can get that peace and calmness in everyday life which is not dependent on any condition or situation.

Introduction To The Paradigm

In the earlier chapters, we told you about the need of practicing Mindfulness in daily life. But the question is, how will you motivate yourself to wake up early everyday and do meditation? How can you make this new habit of yours when you are busy all day?
To stay committed to the practice of Mindfulness, you must set a vision. This vision should be unique according to your environment, values ​​and beliefs. By practicing it daily, you will come to know which type of vision you should keep according to your life.
After knowing your mind and body better, you will know which things will work in your development and which will not.
During the twelfth century, there were new discoveries in the field of medicine, in those days mind and body were seen as two separate systems, which had no connection with each other. But today with the new paradigm shift, this misconception has been removed that there is no connection between body and mind.
Today we know that body and mind are related to each other and when both do their work properly then only a person can remain healthy. By understanding this connection, you will be able to understand why meditation is important in our life. That’s why you have to motivate yourself more to practice it daily.
In 1979 a stress reduction clinic opened in Massachusett. In that era, a new development came in the field of medicine which brought a change in our way of thinking about health and disease.
Many years ago, patients did not contribute anything to their healing process. People used to go to the doctor when they fell ill, and then the doctors had all the responsibility to cure them, whether the disease was physical, emotional or mental.
Ever since there has been a new development in medicine and apart from this, the research done later in this field has led to the birth of integrative medicine. This type of medicine recognizes the relationship between mind and body and the patient and his health.
Today doctors do not see patients as a passive participant but as an important factor in their healing process.
That’s why the patient should be fully aware of his condition so that he can help the doctors in the healing process. They should be given complete information about the disease so that they know what kind of efforts they should make to heal themselves.
Now, because in today’s time, patients are becoming active participants in their healing process, a new type of medicine is trending, which is called participatory medicine.
It is a fact that we all have the power to understand, learn, grow and heal ourselves. And it is not just limited to mental illness but all kinds of diseases, our nervous system, molecules, organs and even our emotions are included in it.
This new paradigm shift in the field of medicine teaches us that we are responsible for our own health. Therefore, by practicing mindfulness and meditation everyday, you can play the role of an active participant in keeping yourself calm and happy and live your day to the fullest.

Mind And Body: Evidence That Beliefs, Attitudes, Thoughts, And Emotions Can Harm Or Heal

Do you know that the way you think has a direct connection with your health? Studies have proved that when we think positive things, positive feelings of happiness start coming in our body. And when we are happy then our health is also good.
Now, on the contrary, when you think negatively, negative feelings take over your body and mind. And you keep getting entangled in this cycle of negative thoughts. The result is that you go into depression, life becomes a burden, the person becomes completely hopeless and always remains ill.
Your attitude towards things also affects your health. Some people see the world from a negative point of view, whatever happens in their life, they only see some evil in it and often such people can never be happy.
If you are also among such people, then you should know that you are harming your health because by doing this you are reducing your self-confidence and you are obstructing yourself in your ability to grow and bring change in life. .
Dr. Martin Seligman is a Psychologist. He studies the way of thinking of negative and positive thinkers. They try to find out that what is the difference between those people who find something positive in every negative thing of their life and those people who always think negative.
Negative thinkers think that bad events like natural calamities, personal problems or diseases are their own personal problems. He understands that he himself is responsible for every pain and sorrow in his life. You must have often heard such people saying things like, “It was my fault that this happened, because of this problem my life has been ruined or I am of no use” and so on.

While its completely different Optimist means those who have positive thinking are ready to face every biggest problem. They neither blame themselves for their problems, nor blame anyone else, Optimists always believe that bad times will not last long and they find some or the other solution to their problems.
Actually optimists never overreact on the situation, but try to find a solution. Even if things go out of his control, he will say the same thing, “Come on, what if luck doesn’t support you this time, next time it will definitely be better.”
Dr. Martin also says that people with negative thinking always remain depressed, due to which many diseases surround them. Their immune system also remains weak and such people often have more chances of getting cancer.
That’s why Dr. Martin has come to the conclusion that we do not fall sick only because of external factors, but our health is also affected by the way we think, feel and behave in difficult situations.
If you also want to be healthy, then first of all you have to change your way of thinking. That’s why keep positive thinking as much as possible and try to keep your mind calm even in bed events.
When you feel that your life is in your control, then only you will understand why the practice of meditation is necessary, and that too in your daily life and not just during the session.

Responding to Stress Instead Of Reacting

Life is full of stress. No one can deny the fact that many such stressful situations come in our daily life and sometimes we react to those events without thinking or unknowingly. With the help of mindfulness, you can become aware of the things that are really happening in your life, and you can know how you react to different things.
People usually give two types of reactions in stressful events. One is automatic reaction and the other is mind fullness mediated reaction ie where your awareness is present. The first type of reaction is unhealthy because you can lose control over your emotions, which can spoil your health. The second type of reaction is a better option because here you have more control and you are able to control your senses, that is, you observe the whole incident keeping calm and your health is not affected.
When facing problems or bad events, your first instinct is to react without thinking and get angry. To control your stress, you have to observe the situation first. When you put your awareness on the table, you will understand things in a more clear way, which will help you to find a creative solution to those problems.
Let us try to learn from Marsha’s story here. One night Marsha needed her husband’s van to take her to the hospital. There she had to take a class, so she needed a van.
Before leaving the house, her husband asked her to take care of the van. He warned Marsha to drive comfortably, do not do any kind of rash driving, otherwise an accident can happen.
Marsha left for the hospital, she was driving the van very comfortably. All his attention was on the fact that he could somehow reach the hospital by driving the van safely. She thought that she would park the van in the garage so that the van would be safe. And he parked the van in the garage.
As Marsha was entering the garage, she heard some noise on the roof of the van. When he looked, it was found that the skylight bubble ie the roof part of the van had collided with the roof of the garage. In fact, Marsha didn’t even remember that the garage had a low ceiling and the van was tall, but it was too late. The roof of the van was badly dented.
Marsha went into a panic mode, remembering her husband’s warning that no harm should come to the van. She started feeling very stressed that’s why she started laughing thinking what she has been learning in her mind fullness training class. She said to herself, “Whatever happened, happened, my husband will have to face the truth.”
After all it is just an accident which can happen to anyone.
Marsha felt proud of herself because she was able to control her emotions, instead of getting angry or crying, she was laughing. She was taking this situation objectively, so she did not get angry at all.
And you should also learn the same from this chapter. By being aware of the bed events of your life, you will be able to face any bed situation.
When we panic, we do not know how we are behaving at that time, and we knowingly or unknowingly hurt ourselves and others. But by practicing mindfulness and controlling your stress, you can solve any situation by remaining calm and controlling your emotions.

The Way Of Awareness

A concept was developed in Ancient China called Tao. Tao means way means the lifepath that you follow. This concept explains that everything is already made or designed for us and we just have to choose our path and move ahead in life with same harmony.
This means that we should sit at home thinking that everything will happen automatically in life, no, we do not have to do this, but we have to work hard and decide a purpose of life, and try that we Live your life feeling inner peace with your full body and mind.
Now because most of the people do not have proper knowledge of this concept, we are unaware of the power of an attentive life, where we have to live feeling our every moment. Our modern lifestyle has made us understand the importance of doing, but it has not explained that it is equally important to feel every moment in life, to live it fully.

The goal of your life is not to work day and night and achieve more and more goals, but to find a path for yourself in life that gives you the power to feel every moment, and teaches you to enjoy every moment. Only then you will be aware of every moment and will be present in every moment. With the practice of Mindfulness, you will be able to grow from all three body, mind and heart.
In school, we have learned that if you want to increase your value in life, then work hard. That’s why we often keep competing to get the best position in life and in this process forget the art of living.

But if we were taught in school about the importance of breathing and enjoying every moment, then maybe we would have understood the real meaning of living in true sense.
So what if you missed these valuable messages as a child, it is still not too late. You can practice the Art of Mindfulness from today and now and learn the art of living your every moment. Every moment of your life is precious, so live every moment to the fullest and live in your present. And when you will enjoy the pleasure of being yourself, then your perspective of seeing this world will automatically change.
Focus on what life wants to tell you, only then you will be able to understand your body, mind and heart better. And when this happens, you will start understanding yourself better and you will also understand what is the purpose of your life and which path you have to walk.
Once you have chosen the path, then follow the same path throughout your life and enjoy your every day, every moment to the fullest.


‘Full Catastrophe Living’ is a book that delves deep into your thoughts and tries to understand your emotions and physical pain. This book taught you that it is important for you to take full responsibility for your life and whatever happens to you.
The main focus of this summary is to teach you how to practice mindfulness and meditation in your daily life. You learned in this that do not force yourself for meditation because it will not become your long term habit. Rather you have to change your perspective and learn to live with an open mind.
You also read that instead of doing meditation only during formal sessions, you can convert your whole life into meditation sessions which will help you to find true happiness and peace.
Even in the condition of illness, we can become a part of our healing process. Apart from medicines, we ourselves also play a big role in keeping our body, mind and heart healthy.
The last lesson we will learn from this summary is the Chinese principle called Tao. This is the life art which teaches us what kind of life a person should live and it is the duty of every person to learn this art and practice it in life.
You don’t need to work hard to prove your worth, nor do you need to be like others. Once you focus on the Art of Being, you will get some kind of happiness that cannot be described in words. And this is the true happiness which should be the real aim of your life.

Finally, if you have reached the end of this summary, then Congratulations, there are very few people who invest time on knowledge, otherwise you could have wasted time elsewhere. See you soon with a new summary

Jai Hind

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