Friday Night Plan review: Brothers are entertaining, but their weekend plans are so boring

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Friday Night Plan is a new Netflix film that follows the adventures of two brothers after their mother leaves them at home alone while she goes on a business trip.


Movie ReviewFriday Night Plan
CastJuhi Chawla
Babil Khan
Aadhya Anand
Ninad Kamat
Ria Chaudhary
Aditya Jain
Medha Rana
Directed byVatsal Neelakantan
Written byVatsal Neelakantan
Produced byFarhan Akhtar
Ritesh Sidhwani
Kasim Jagmagia
Release dateSeptember 1, 2023
Budget12 crore rupees

Friday Night Plan review: Brothers are entertaining, but their weekend plans are so boring

Babil looks exactly like his late father, Irrfan, in a scene where he is wearing his school uniform and eating in the canteen. There is depth in his eyes when he plays the serious boy, and there are many moments when he lets go and has a great time, cracking jokes and dancing his heart out. In those moments, you realize his ability to portray emotions. But it’s a shame when a poorly written story and a paper-thin plot fail an actor. Read More: Gadar 2 box office collection day 23: Sunny Deol’s film is on track to break the 500 crore mark, grossing $6 million on the fourth Saturday

Vatsal Neelakantan, the director-writer, sets out to show the craziness and excitement that a Friday Night Plan would create among school students, but his dialogues and screenplay fall flat. Everything seems rushed, and you never get a sense of where the film is going. There are no surprises or twists to leave you speechless. It’s not even a slice-of-life story written with the intention of making you feel good. We’ve seen better high school and college dramas on television. Remember Hip Hip Hurray from the 1990s or Remix from the early 2000s? However, this Netflix film appears to be a half-hearted and insincere attempt at churning out a story that, while having the right heart, lacks soul.

The ultra-thin plot

Aside from the Menon brothers — Sidharth aka Sid (Babil), the senior bookworm, and Aditya aka Adi (Amrith Jayan), the extrovert and fun one — Friday Night Plan has nothing that stands out. They are constantly fighting, bickering, and looking for ways to get into trouble at home. When their mother (Juhi Chawla) is away on business, the brothers don their mischievous hats and plan to attend the year’s hottest party, which is hosted by the school’s rich brats.

While Sid and Adi succeed in finally becoming a part of the party and becoming favorites among the gang, they realize they messed up along the way and must now make things right. Will they abandon the party and return to what requires their attention? Will they be able to make amends before their mother returns? That’s how Friday night turns out for these two brothers.

The chemistry between Babil and Amrith is fantastic.

I really enjoyed watching Babil and Amrith’s on-screen friendship. They tell a story of brotherhood, and if that’s all Friday Night Plan set out to show, it succeeds admirably. But, aside from that, the screenplay and narrative are disjointed and almost aimless.

At various points, you might wonder, “Is it about a mother-son bond?” Is it about high school romance and crushes? Is it about a wild party? Is it about how young people must be responsible? Is it related to parenting? Is it just one Friday and a plan that could have been avoided? There’s also an underplayed romance angle, but it ends up being a neglected subplot that never received enough attention in the script.

The film is only 1 hour and 43 minutes long, but it struggles to keep you interested for the majority of the time. Sid is telling his younger brother about how, after their father died, their mother did a lot for them and how they need to be more responsible. Knowing how strongly Babil would have connected with this emotion after witnessing his father, Irrfan’s, untimely death, the film simply does not do that scene justice. We never learn who their father was or what kind of equation the children had with him. Even with their mother, everything is on the surface and never reaches the point where it moves you.

The writing has let down the actors.

Babil is as genuine as they come and gives an endearing performance. After an intensely beautiful film like Qala, he adjusts to this switch with ease. Of course, you wish he had a better written part for him, but with whatever he could do with the given script, he wins. Amrith is a breath of fresh air and a joy to watch. Despite playing a younger and more immature character, you can sense understanding and maturity in his lines. Juhi Chawla’s cameo appearance is pleasant, but she doesn’t really add much to the story.

If you don’t have anything else planned for the weekend, watch Friday Night Plan. It makes you smile less and question more, and it only stays with you for as long as it does.

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