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Extraction 2 (2023) Movie Explained | Can’t take your eyes off Chris Hemsworth’s action | Vegamovies Review

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Movie ReviewExtraction 2
CastChris Hemsworth
Golshifteh Farahani
Adam Bessa
Tornike Gogrichiani
Tinatin Dalakishvili
Daniel Bernhardt
Olga Kurylenko
Idris Elba
Directed by
Sam Hargrave
Written byJoe Russo
Produced byJoe Russo
Anthony Russo
Chris Hemsworth
Patrick Newall
Sam Hargrave
Mike Larocca
Angela Russo-Otstot
Eric Gitter
Peter Schwerin
Release date
June 16, 2023
Budget$70 Million

Movie Explained

The story of the film begins with Tyler Wragg who was badly injured during his previous mission. He had been shot and had fallen into the water below a bridge. At the end of the film, everyone thought that Tyler was dead, but when Tyler fell into the water, some of the soldiers there saved Tyler’s life. This means that Tyler is still alive but his condition was such that his condition was very critical.

His treatment was not possible there, so he was taken to Dubai where his condition was not improving and he remained in a coma for nine months and it was here that Tyler’s partner Nick supported him a lot. She stood by him at every step and then after nine months here Tyler opened his eyes and as soon as Tyler opened his eyes the first thing in front of his eyes was the face of his son who is not in this world. After a few days, Tyler recovers a bit.

Although he was not in a condition to walk, he had recovered so much that he could live comfortably in his house. Here Nek Riyaz, who happen to be both siblings, shifted Tyler to an undisclosed location as Tyler was in no condition to do anything. So take it for granted that Tyler’s retirement was confirmed. He spends time alone at home for many days. He was getting completely bored and always remembers his son.

In the next scene, a family is shown in a prison in Georgia. Actually David is a very big gangster and the jail which is there is one of the most dangerous jail in the world. David lives here with his wife Ketevan and their two children, Sandra and Nina. But David always keeps on torturing and hurting his wife Ketevan which Sandra doesn’t like seeing but he is too young so he can’t do anything. Although he is always with his mother and always supports her.

Now when Tyler returns home from the market, he finds a man at home who was talking to Tyler about some work. The whole guy hadn’t even told Tyler his name. Actually, this man has been sent by Tyler’s ex-wife Meera. It’s a dangerous job and Mia knows only Tyler can do it. The man tells Taylor that Mia’s sister Jo is in a prison in Georgia with her husband, David. Then the man starts telling Tyler about David and his brother Zurab, that you must have seen these guys selling drugs on the streets of Georgia. But he has built his empire within eight years.

These brothers are called Nagachi and these people are born in an environment of war and they have resorted to crime since when both were young. He started doing big things like selling drugs, taking betel nuts from his childhood. Going forward, he formed a huge gang of his own and he keeps his gang members like his family.

That’s why those gang members can easily give their lives for these brothers. So the prison that Ketevan is in is called Kachari Prison and here later tells Tyler. There are two gangs inside Kachari Prison, one of which will try to kill Ketevan and both of those gangs will kill you. That’s why it would be better if you quietly go to the jail and get Ketevan released from there comfortably. Then he says yes to this work and immediately calls Nick and tells him about his work, on which Nick also says yes and with whom he gets ready for this work.

But Tyler was not quite fit for the mission yet. Then he starts training and gets fit for this mission. Now Tyler and his gang leave for Kachari Prison. His gang only consists of Nick and Yaji. But right here in this jail there was a man who was helping them. He had put charges on the walls so that they would not have any problem. After a while, these people get ready to go inside the Kachari Prison. As soon as they reach there, the person who is here also switches off their CCTV cameras. All they have to do is sneak in and quietly take out Ketevan.

Tyler does just that. He easily gets inside the prison and quietly takes Ketevan and her children Sandro and Nina away from there. But then one of Nina’s toy falls on the ground and starts making a sound which wakes up the people of the jail and they start giving signals to the whole jail. So that if both the gangs get the news then a big problem was about to emerge.

One, both the gangs will now go after Tyler and the police will be free. Tyler tries to get out of here but is confronted by the gang who try to kill both Ketevan and Tyler. But Tyler somehow fights with them and gets out of here. He had also found a way out. As Nina and Sandro go out here, then David comes here, who attacks Tyler and Ketevan as soon as he arrives. He starts brutally trying to kill Tyler and Ketevan here.

A fight ensues between the two, but in the end David is killed by Tyler and Ketevan, which Ketevan doesn’t like at all because no matter what kind of man he is, he is Ketevan’s husband. Now Sandra and Nina have reached Nick, but here Ketevan and Tyler have to go through the people. But here both the gangs are fighting very mercilessly and at the same time the police are also fighting with them.

Then here Tyler and Kate somehow try to get out from between these two and in the meantime Tyler kills a lot of people here alone. Now he somehow manages to get out of here. They had also taken the car, but here David and Zurab’s men were still after them. Lots of people follow them, but somehow Tyler saved them here and took them away safe and sound. Although Nina is injured in the arm, she is given first aid, but Zurab and David’s men are still after them.

He attacked them with Chopper, but here Tyler taught him a good lesson. Now Tyler is going on a train with him, but David and Zurab’s men also come on this train and attack him. But Tyler bravely confronts them here and kills them all. But at last they come to know that the brakes of this train have failed due to which an accident takes place. But there was no serious injury in it.

Now further we see Zurab who is completely mad after David’s death because when he loves his gang members so much, then how much he must be in love with David. He was very sad and now he wants to take revenge on Tyler at any cost and also wants to kill Ketevan. Now Sandra comes to know that her father is no more and when she asks her mother, her mother tells her that he is no more.

Whereas he was also very sad to tell this. Now everyone is going in their private jet to a safe place and the one who is here is here talking to someone on cellphone and was watching him talking. He wanted to use the cellphone somewhere and in this jet, Nick learns that Mia is actually his ex-wife and this was not told by Tyler yet. Now as soon as Sandra gets a chance, she uses Yaz’s cellphone here and immediately calls her uncle Zurab to inform him about the location.

He says we are family, we are Nagachi and your father has been killed by people. Then here Zurab had gathered his entire gang members as they were about to attack Tyler. Now we get to see Tyler and Sandra talking. Here Tyler tells Sandra that your father is not a good person. Whatever happened to him happened exactly right. Now you have to stay with your mother and take care of her only.

But while both were talking, a Chopper is seen coming here and Tyler comes to know that it is all. In fact, Sandra had told those people. Tyler then gathers all his comrades and tells them to leave the building immediately. The ground floor was occupied by Zurab’s men and they also occupied several areas of the building. Zurab Joe is down here.

He was waiting for Tyler, because he knew he was coming downstairs. Here Sandra was messaging with Zurab. Only then Ketevan sees her messaging her and she comes to know that this attack is going to happen on them. That’s actually happening because of Santoro. After which there is a strong attack on them and their whole place is fried, in which Tyler understands that he has to get out of here at any cost.

So he starts going to a safe place with his entire gang. He learns that Zurab’s people will be on the ground floor. The police also come here, but Zurab’s men easily kill the policemen. Now when Tyler tries to take everyone from here, Santoro gets down from his car and runs away. Yaz then follows behind to catch the oranges. Here Santoro had reached Zurab and Yaz was also standing behind. He asks her to return but Santoro had reached Zurab.

Now that Santoro had reached Zverev, people attacked Yaz. Nick was also present here and he gets trapped here. They were surrounded by Zurab’s men from all sides. They all start trying to kill him brutally and he was just surviving and he also asks Tyler for help. Here Tyler somehow reaches them and tells them that now the question of our going from the ground floor does not arise.

Then tells them that we have to reach the topmost floor and get out of the chopper from there. Here Nick does the same and Zurab and his gang members also came to know about this. Then those people also start going up. Now Nick, Yaz and Tyler understood that now they are going to be in a big problem because now the whole fight is going to happen on the top floor.

As soon as Nick reaches there, there is a fierce fight in which all the gang members of Zurab start coming up. All those people attack him. But Nek Yaz and Tyler face them bravely and during this fight, Yaz gets shot a lot. However, Yaz shot down the man in front of him who was firing at him. But now Yaz is badly damaged and here Nick reaches the surface of a building while fighting a man.

He was about to fall down from there. He was going to fall down from here any moment and Tyler had seen it all. He immediately jumps in like a hero and saves Nick. But only then Zurab goes here. He tells her that now you will know what is the fear of losing someone. Then here Zurab shoots Tyler in the hand which hurts Tyler a lot, but still he does not leave his hand.

And when Zurab was about to kill Tyler and Nick here, then Nick breaks the glass here and then Tyler and Jure hang like him here. Then here Tyler tells Nick to go to the family and when Nick reaches there he sees that his brother Yaz is badly injured because he has been shot a lot and here on the other side Tyler and Zurab There is a fierce fight between them. Both were killing each other mercilessly.

Both were completely dominating each other. But then Tyler cleverly breaks the glass and falls down from Zurab. Although he was not dead. He was alive and overhears them going up in the chopper and Tyler takes everyone up and they are followed by Zurab, who shoots Yaz multiple times in the back.

Though he escapes unharmed, Yaz is killed after being shot too many times. Nick feels very bad seeing this. She cries a lot because she had no one in this world except Yaz. Here Zurab talks to Sandra. During the conversation, Sandra feels somewhere that she was wrong. He should have stayed with his mother because these people want to kill my entire family. Now here when Tyler was at a safe place with his companions, his ex-wife Mia comes here.

Mia takes care of her sister here and then goes and talks to Tyler. She says I knew you will be perfect for this mission so she assigned this task to you. Also here Tyler apologizes to Mia. He says I want to apologize for everything which I have done wrong. Now while they both are talking, Tyler gets a call from Zurab. He tells her that the plane is standing in front of me and I want to leave from here, but I am not getting the courage. He wanted to settle her down here, but tells Tyler that the settlement is to hell. I’m coming to kill you.

Then after making all the preparations, he starts going to the place told by Zurab. Nick wants to go with her too, but Tyler doesn’t take her with him and goes alone to Zurab’s base and starts wreaking havoc. The one who kills a lot of Zurab’s people as soon as he reaches here, he killed almost all the people and when he reaches Zurab, Zurab planted a bomb on Sandra. He tells her that if you try to move forward, he will press this remote and Sandra will die.

At last Zurab hands the gun to Sandra and tells her to kill Tyler. But Sandra is unable to do so as she realizes that Tyler is right. Seeing this, he himself starts killing Tyler. But only then it leaves at the right time. He had a gun in his hand and Zurab also had a gun in his hand. They both could have killed each other, but Zurab somehow. Here Nick shoots a lot of bullets and taking advantage of this, Tyler jumps on him.

There is a fierce fight between them again and here the bomb planted on Sandra was easily removed by Sandra. Now the condition of both of them had worsened while fighting and Zurab who is here tells the dialer that I will kill you. And when he says so, Tyler kills Zurab with his gun, after which we see. After a while the police come. She arrests all of them.

Now a jail scene is shown where Nick was badly injured and Tyler was also in jail. Here his wife ex wife Mia comes here to meet Tyler and here Tyler tells Mia that he left them at the last moment because he did not want to see his son die and Mia tells him That your son used to feel proud of you. He considered you a hero and loved you very much. Eventually the same black man comes to meet Tyler. He tells her that I have a job for you and this job is going to be huge.

Tyler then tells him that he wants his own team, implying that he only wanted Nick, who is independent. And here the black man still hadn’t told Tyler his name. But here he tells Tyler that the man I work for is a very bad man, and that’s where the lesson ends. So friends, I hope you have liked the explanation of Extraction 2 movie. If you liked the explanation, stay connected with us like this, you will continue to get the latest content like this on our website.

Anyway, see you again with a strong explanation of the new movie, thanks. Jai Hind Jai Bharat. Jai Shri Ram.

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