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Dream Girl 2 2023 Movie Explained In Hindi | Movie Ending Explained In Hindi | MOVIE STORY

Dream Girl 2 2023 Movie Explained In Hindi | Movie Ending Explained In Hindi | MOVIE STORY
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The film is produced by Ekta and Shobha Kapoor and stars Ananya Panday, Paresh Rawal, Rajpal Yadav, Vijay Raaz, Manjot Singh, and Seema Pahwa, among others.


Movie ReviewDream Girl 2
CastAyushmann Khurrana
Ananya Pandey
Paresh Rawal
Directed byRaaj Shaandilyaa
Written byRaaj Shaandilyaa
Naresh Kathooria
Produced byEkta Kapoor
Shobha Kapoor
Release date25 August 2023
Budget 28. crore

Dream Girl 2 2023 Movie Explained In Hindi | Movie Ending Explained In Hindi | MOVIE STORY

So friends once again welcome today we are going to explain Dream Girl to Movie. So the story of the film begins with Karam who used to act in Ramlila in Part One. But now he sings in the wake of his mother. He and his father Jagjit both manage the work but despite doing so much work, they are still mired in debt and also Karam who is in love with a girl named Pari. Both love each other and one day Pari’s father Jaipal comes to know about this love.

But Pari has talked about Karam and her marriage with her father. That’s why Pari Jo Hai calls Karam and tells that tomorrow morning my father is coming to your house to talk about marriage which happened in a hurry and Karam was not ready for it. So Pari’s father Jaipal comes to Karam’s house where he had come to talk about Pari and Karam’s marriage. But on coming here Jaipal learns that Karam and his father Jagjit are drowned in debt and he also learns that these people are very poor. Read More : Jailer 2023 Movie Full Explained | Jailer Movie Ending | Jailer MOVIE STORY

So Jaipal puts a condition in front of them that he cannot marry Pari until Karam gets 25 lakhs as bank balance and finds his own house and a stable job and Karam agrees to the condition. Because he had to marry Pari at any cost. But the problem was that how does Karam add ₹ 25 lakhs within six months. So Karam’s friend Smiley and his father Jagjit suggest him to try the trick of earning money by posing as a girl in Sonabai’s dance bar.

Because Karam is an expert in dancing and Karam also had no other option, so he reaches Sona Bhai’s dancing bar. The atmosphere there was such that people were openly looting money and seeing this atmosphere, Smiley and Karam came here and Karam came here in the getup of Pooja. After a while Sona Bhai comes here who meets Pooja and Sonabai falls flat on him as soon as he meets Pooja. But he wanted to see whether Pooja knows anything or not.

Hence Pooja who is here gives a solid performance. Where she had attracted many men towards her and here Pooja had become a hit in front of Sonabai and she had also hired her. And Sonabai had liked Pooja very much. So the next day when Karam is drying clothes, his father comes to him. Actually, I was being harassed again and again by calling a person to him again and again in order to take a credit card loan.

That’s why Karam’s father gives him the phone and here Karam talks to that person in a melodious voice posing as Pooja and Pooja had even managed to persuade that person. That’s why only that person pays off the credit card loan. Now in the next scene, we see Paresh Rawal aka Abu Salim to whom Ismail comes. Actually Ismaili who is in love with Abu Salim’s daughter Sakina and here also sees Abu Salim’s step son Shoukiya.

So here Abu Salim tells Ismaili that he is absolutely ready for marriage but one of his conditions is that he has to first marry his elder son Shahrukh who is in depression for six months. A girl had left him and since then he has not been able to come out of depression. So Shahrukh now has the responsibility on Ismaili. He has to get out of depression and also find a girl for him. And together it is told that Abu Salim has a daughter named Jumani and Jumani’s husband is none other than Sona Bhai and they are about to get divorced.

So next we see that Smiley who is there comes to Karam and he explains the whole situation to him that Shahrukh has to be brought out of depression at any cost and only Pooja can do it. Due to which Karam was not agreeing here at all but he has to agree on Ismaili and his father’s request. After which once again Karam wears the getup of Pooja here, then the next day Pooja reaches Abu Salim’s house.Where Abu Salim likes Pooja very much and somewhere he started liking her in such a way that if Pooja treated Shahrukh, he would make her his daughter-in-law.

So here Pooja starts treating Shahrukh. For many days, she used to jerk in front of him, but Shahrukh was not making any difference. But one day Shahrukh has to fall in the clutches of Pooja and Shahrukh who is here was completely madly in love with Pooja. She liked it and there was another boy in their house who liked Pooja very much and that boy was Abu Salim’s stepson Shouki. Shokeen also liked Pooja very much. But Abu Salim has selected Pooja for his son Shahrukh.

After which Abu Salem talks to Ismaili. He tells her that he wants to see Pooja as the daughter-in-law of his house, as my son Shahrukh has liked her very much. It was here that Karam got ₹ 10 lakh for curing Shahrukh. Here Abu Salim’s father is also there and he tells Ismail that if you get this marriage done, I will give you ₹ 50 lakhs. After hearing this, Ismaili immediately runs to Karam and tells him everything. Karam was again not agreeing to all these things as he did not like being Pooja at all.

But he also had to get married, so they make a plan that as soon as he will marry Shahrukh and after getting the money, he will run away from there the very next morning and he did not even tell Pari all these things, after which Karam agrees to become Pooja and the day of Pooja and Shahrukh’s wedding also arrives. Pooja is getting ready and a lot of tension was also troubling her mind and the biggest tension was that after marrying Shahrukh, on the day of honeymoon, Shahrukh tried to misbehave with her. Will do After which both of them finally get married.

Here in the middle of the wedding, Karam receives a call from Pari, who is picked up by his father and his father does not tell Pari anything here either. Now it was time for the night’s honeymoon. Where Pooja takes a glass of milk for Shahrukh and purposely throws that glass on the ground and starts shouting that it is a very bad omen and now we should not do anything. On which Shahrukh tells her that I have taken sleeping pills so nothing like this is going to happen between us.

After hearing this, Pooja gets breathless, then next morning Pooja was about to run away from here. But as soon as morning comes we see that Abu Salim’s Abu has passed away from this world. That’s why now he could not talk about money here. So now again Pooja had to stay at her house here for a few days and Ismaili’s marriage also gets stuck here. Because after the death of someone in the house, no auspicious work is done for six months. Pooja, who is here, was troubled at Abu Salim’s house, along with Sona Bhai was also troubling her.

Because she was not coming to the dance bar and he also liked her and also the credit card guy was calling her again and again because he was also in love with Pooja and here Pooja was managing everyone. Karam enters the next day. Meaning that Karan had still not come in front of anyone and when he came in front, Jumani means that Abu Salim’s daughter likes him very much. She says that after getting divorced from Sonabai, she will marry Karam only. But Karam didn’t like Jumani at all.

But Karam’s father Jagdeep likes Jumani very much and so now Jagdeep wanted to marry Jumani so he reaches her house. But Jumani, who is here, scolds Jagdeep very badly and drives him away. Now in the next scene we see Pooja who was in Sonabai’s dance bar. Here Sonabai tells Pooja that I have two children, would you like to be the mother of those two children. But Pooja doesn’t give him any interest here but doesn’t even refuse because she had to print money here. So now the way Karam is, he keeps roaming around in Pooja’s getup.

That’s why sometimes he wears lipstick on his lips, sometimes he wears girls’ clothes and Jumani always tries to snuggle up to Karam.And Pari was noticing this for a long time, so here Pari was getting very suspicious of Karam. Now after a few days, we see that Shahrukh starts wanting to romance Pooja so he tries to get closer to her. But Pooja does not want all this because it is not Pooja but Karma inside her. But here, when Shahrukh forces himself, Pooja’s hair falls out here and her theft is caught.

Then both of them sit together and here Pooja explains her whole situation to him that he is in love with a girl and that is why he is doing all this. Karam also tells her that he also does not want to marry but because of his father he was doing all this. Then Shahrukh also starts supporting Karim. Now after a few days, Abu Salim’s family members come to know that Pooja cannot become a mother. Abu Salim feels very bad after hearing this because he thought that Shahrukh should have a child who would become his heir.

But nothing like this was happening here. So they talk about getting Pooja married and it is suggested by none other than Jumani who takes them to a place and makes Pooja do exorcism. At last she takes Shahrukh and Pooja to a river and asks them to take three dips. But here as soon as both of them take a dip, Shahrukh comes out in the third dip and Pooja is not able to come out.

So everyone starts to feel that Pooja has passed and then next day there is a condolence meeting for Pooja where Pooja’s brother Karma comes and he was killing everyone badly because he felt so It was being told that his sister had been killed for the sake of a child. He was getting very angry on everyone here but then comes Karma. Smiley and Smiley tells him that Pari has come to know about Tere and Jumani’s fake affair and that she is getting married and it was absolutely true.

As soon as Karam reaches the place here, he learns that Pari is really getting married. Actually Pari had seen Karam and Jumani together here which was a big mistake. When there was about to be a dancing performance here Karam who is here comes as Pooja once again and gives a solid performance in front of everyone and at the end he gives a solid speech here and tells that a boy What does one have to do to get love. A masculinity has to become feminine and do whatever he thinks is right to win over his love, but his love later fails to understand him.

He says one line to everyone here and all those lines are felt on everyone’s heart. And then finally Pari’s father agrees to this marriage and here Karam and Pari are married.

Anyway, will meet again with a powerful explanation of the new movie.

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