Did you know? The Price of Shah Rukh Khan’s Coffee Mug

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Shah Rukh Khan was once seen drinking coffee in a black mug on his sets. Then this mug of his was made in a lot of discussions. With their high price and quality and features, their mug has once again become top of the town on social media. In such a situation, we also thought that we should tell you all about this coffee mug of Shahrukh, its features and how expensive it is. Actually your favorite star Shah Rukh Khan had shared a video in the year 2017.

In this video, he was seen taking a sip in a coffee mug. As soon as this video was shared by Shahrukh Khan, fans came to know about the cost of this coffee mug and his luxury hobby. It has been told that the price of this coffee mug is Rs.35862. First of all, you also watch this video of Shahrukh on your screen. In this you can see that Shahrukh is seen enjoying coffee in his black mug.

In this Shahrukh wearing a black T-shirt, Shahrukh is seen taking a sip from a black coffee mug showing his customisation. Joe Coffee Mug. Shahrukh Khan is seen using in this video. Ahmed Travel Mart is 2+. In such a situation, if we talk about its features, then in this class you can keep any drink at a set temperature. Just for this you have to charge it once. After that for three hours you can remain absolutely carefree.

Not only this, the charging coaster also comes with this platform. Well, Shah Rukh Khan has the amount for this item. In this amount, no one can drink ₹ 3,500 worth of cuttings, tea and what not in his life. For your information, let us tell you that Shah Rukh is currently super busy with his upcoming film Jawan Aur Danki. But the fans keep waiting for Shah Rukh to share some similar glimpse with them from the sets of the film. Stay Connected For Latest Bollywood News Movie Reviews Song Reviews

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