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Movie ReviewCheta Singh
CastJapji Khaira
Mintu Kapa
Prince Kanwaljit Singh
Directed byAshish Kumar
Written byRana Jethuwal
Release date1st September 2023
Budget10 Crore
Movie ReviewMastaney
CastTarsem Jassar
Simi Chahal
Gurpreet Ghuggi
Directed bySharan Art
Written bySharan Art
Release date25 August 2023
Budget10 Crore

Movie Review

Now a days in the Indian film industry, there is less talk of Bollywood and more talk of regional cinema. KGF, Kanta came from the Kannada industry. Nepal Industry also released its movie in Hindi here in India. Sairat was rocking in Marathi industry and nowadays movies like Viber, Bhari, Deva which were made in 4-5 crores, today she is going to touch 100 crores collection. That is, it is better to call these movies as Indian cinema instead of just talking about Bollywood and we keep talking in between movies that have come from different places.

Like recently I told you about The Rise of Hanuman, which will give water to a movie made in 700 crores like Adipurush, similarly it is coming from the Punjabi industry of Indian cinema. Two movies whose trailer I saw and both the trailers of Mind shook me from inside. Brother! First of all I would like to talk about Shweta Singh. Today I am going to tell you about one such Brutus and as well as thriller movie coming in Indian cinema history, whose trailer I personally liked very much.

The name of the movie is Cheta Singh. As I told earlier, what I personally feel is a revenge story. Means I saw two or three times. The trailer first came in front of me. The brutality shown in this film is Cheta Singh holding someone and he is talking about making tea for him.

He puts tea leaves, water, sugar in the prisoner’s mouth and sets fire under the prisoner. Brother. And every two or three scenes are such where this brutality is clearly visible and from the expression and acting of the actor, it seems as if he is taking revenge on all those because of whom someone in his life has been hurt. Sad mood must have come and me too. As far as I know he has a sister. Something bad must have happened to him because in one shot he is seen laughing happily with his sister.

In another shot, two men in a big car are going after his sister with wrong intentions. In the next shot, there is the sound of his sister crying. And perhaps his sister is killed and the blame goes on his brother, because of which we see Cheta Singh in prison clothes too, so perhaps he must have run away from there and because justice was not met, he himself Catching the murderers and giving them such punishment as it was in a stranger.

If you remember the unfamiliar movie, then the same character is being played here as Chet Singh, who is dead from inside in the matter of revenge and is killing the criminals in such a way that will make your soul tremble. I saw a shot in its teaser where he is inserting a piece of bone in the ass by making someone lie upside down, so imagine what level of content is coming. This film is going to be released by the Punjabi industry on September 1 and if this film is released here, then brother, I will definitely go to see it.

And a movie related to another historical event is coming from the Punjabi industry called Mastani. Now to be honest, after watching the trailer, I did not know what is the historical angle of this movie. But sure if you are Punjabi or belong to Sikh community then you must know about it. But where I have done a little research. This film is going to show such a historical event of 1739, when there was terror of a ruler like Nadirshah.

He was an undefeated ruler. But some Sikhs together looted Nadir Shah’s army, so Nadir Shah issued a fatwa to arrest those Sikhs at that time. But when that doesn’t work, five such ordinary people are called who can act out all the fighting tactics of the Sikh rebels and tell them how they fight and what they do. Those five people go on fighting with Nadirshah’s army in false form and killing his army in real. What I am telling now, it may be that I could not explain properly, for which I apologize to you.

But after watching the trailer, the way the film sets have been designed, the way the costumes have been designed, the way the camera work and presentation are visible, its production quality is being understood that it is excellent and Only because the movie is going to be released in Hindi as well and not only in Hindi, this movie is going to be released in Punjabi, Hindi as well as Telugu, Tamil and Marathi.

If seen, this movie is going to be released Pan India and we are going to see a historical action drama about which we need to know and I am definitely waiting for August 25 when the movie will be released in theaters. Will go Rest, if you still haven’t seen the trailer of Chet Singh and Mastani, then go watch it first. Then do leave a comment here that how did you like both the trailers.

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