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Day 5 worldwide box office results for Gadar2 and the fifth day overall results for Sunny deol Gadar

Day 5 worldwide box office results for Gadar2 and the fifth day overall results for Sunny deol Gadar
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Movie ReviewGadar 2
CastSunny Deol
Ameesha Patel
Utkarsh Sharma
Directed byAnil Sharma
Written byShaktimaan Talwar
Produced byAnil Sharma
Release date11 August 2023
Budgetest.₹100 crore

Movie Explained

No such movie has been made till date, which has collected such a collection on 15th August. I was able to take out the production of Parking’s collection. People are becoming millionaires by getting parking done. Get Gadar two parking done, get Jain Vande Mataram done. First of all, many many congratulations to you on the 70th Independence Day of our country’s independence. I hope you have a very happy day today.

Be very happy Today it has been almost 76 years since our country became independent and we are celebrating 77th Independence Day. In such a situation, I would like you to put the tricolor in front of your house and celebrate this day with great enthusiasm. Let’s talk about brother of Gadar, I will speak one line. From this line itself, you will understand that what is the craze of this movie that the celebration of not getting the movie ticket is being celebrated.

Yes, you will not believe. Jaisalmer, Chandigarh, Delhi, UP, MP don’t know from where, I have received messages in which people are saying only this. We are not getting online tickets here. If you have a bus, go and get in line. Take the ticket in line. Now this is the situation of this movie and this situation is not wrong. This situation is very correct. It is right because see a movie comes on the occasion of 15th August in which patriotism was shown in which the love of a father for a son is shown.

In which it has been shown that what is the condition of Hindus in Pakistan today, in which it has been told that what is the status of Pakistan and how it needs to be treated. And above all Tara Singh. Tara Singh is actually not just a person, a man, not a character. Tara Singh is an emotion that is sitting somewhere inside every Indian and Sunny Paaji has done all that he has brought that Tara Singh on the screen with his talent and his art.

This is the reason why when abuses are heard in the theatre, the brothers think what is going on, why is it being given. This is the reason that when the song came out in both of them, people started dancing with their bundles. This 15th August is going to be the biggest day in the history of Indian cinema. No such movie has been made till date which has collected such a collection on 15th August as Gadar will collect and I will give you the reason for that too.

The reason is that its screens are still only 4000. Usually when it happens that a movie becomes a huge hit, then its screens start increasing. We were shown on the occasion of Bharmastra, we were shown on the occasion of Pathan and don’t know when it happened that as soon as the movie started, the screen was increased. This did not happen with Gadar. This is not happening with Gadar because Sunny Deol was a huge star of his time.

How did you suddenly disappear? This is how the brother suddenly disappeared. After that only some three to four people made their careers. Everything else was sidelined. That’s why Sunny Deol got sidelined. That’s why you see for yourself what mainstream Bollywood is supporting. Some support nickel screen yet not increasing brother movie is earning 40-45-50 crores a day on 4000 screens. You still can’t extend the screen.

Something or the other is going on somewhere. That’s why the shops of those who are sitting fiercely, are running fiercely. If we talk about ourselves, friend, today’s advance booking of this movie, isn’t that advance booking itself torn apart, leave today’s collection prediction and the most difficult collection. Will be able to extract the production of the parking collection. People are becoming millionaires by getting parking done.

Gadar to ki parking karwa karwa ke this is the craze of this movie. What else should I tell you about the craze of this movie. If it is so that people are earning so much from parking then you think what is going on. Well if we talk here and do advance booking then advance is very good. How its total tickets have been sold. 13,8231 tickets have been sold, I am telling you that tickets are not available on 15th August. This is exactly what is happening everywhere.

Can’t find it anywhere. The same message, the same calls are coming from everywhere that we don’t have online tickets. Now the thing is that people have to buy tickets by queuing up. If we talk about the total amount, then brother, when this amount is reaching a very big amount, it has reached ₹ 33 crores. Advance booking of Rs.

When advance booking of ₹ 33 crore is being done, then you yourself think that the original ticket that will come out of the sale will be How much will come Is this the reason why this movie was being sidelined so much? Why was it not being given values? Why didn’t anyone want to talk about it? you see don’t you?

When I am not taking the name of any big actor, but you will recognize that whenever a movie of such an actor comes out, all other actors come out from their bills. Hey brother, your movie has come, I will like your movie very much. Hey brother, we went here and saw a movie, did you make a movie? You start complimenting each other forcefully. If you are really supporting your co stars then do it to all Brother. Gadar 2 day collection. So if we start from the first day, brother, see, we will go one by one. More will be fine. So on the first day the collection was ₹ 40 crores.

After that the movie saw a growth of 7% and collected ₹13 crores. After that 20% growth was seen on Sunday ₹ 52 crores. The initial collection is being told, but now it has reduced by ₹ 30 lakh after being consolidated. 51.7 crores. Its collection is being told as final. The fourth day collection which we were doing 33 crores has turned out to be 6 crores more than that ₹ 39 crores. That’s why I tell you that while making predictions, there are always ups and downs of 2-3 crores. This is his living example.

But the biggest thing, the biggest impact that is being seen here is today’s collection of the day of Independence Day, the advance booking of which I have told you. The collection which is said to be ₹ 33 crores is being said to be ₹ 55 crores. Now you will say that in terms of 33 crores to 55 crores it is absolutely less. By the way, it can increase further by consolidating, it can definitely increase. But the thing to be understood here is that the screens are not being increased.

When the screen shows only 100 tickets for sale, out of that, 70 of your tickets were sold in advance booking. If there is still a third ticket, isn’t it? If he increases 100 tickets to 200 tickets and then 70 tickets are booked in it, then 130 tickets will be left to be booked. Your collection will go higher there. Screens are not moving here. When the screens will not increase then from where will the collections increase.

So this is the reason that despite the advance booking of ₹ 33 crores, the collection of the movie which is now being told is ₹ 55 crores which is going to release today and I can definitely say that this collection will increase further. It absolutely must grow and if it grows then obviously it will be very good. ₹ 55 crore is currently being told as the collection and as far as I feel it will touch 60 crore and if it touches 60 crore then nothing can be better than this.

See, brother, the movie of Tara Singh ji has created an uproar, there is no concern for that outcry. There is no competition. We can’t say anything. The single screens which are sidelined so much by the people of the big cities, don’t we pay attention to the single screen, then brother will make a picture for the big city. Big city pictures don’t work because the premiums of real cinema are sitting in small towns and if you are not able to please them then what will you do?

After all, a person makes a movie to earn money, doesn’t he? If you can’t make money then what will you do by making a movie? Well, the simple thing is that brother, this much collection has come out of the total collection. Reached 228 crores. Today’s Mila is getting a collection of 228 crores.Stay connected with us for Latest Bollywood News Council Movie Review Song Review

anyway, will meet again with a powerful explanation of the new movie.

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