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Captain Miller Movie Teaser: Dhanush beats ‘Pushpa’ and ‘Pathan’ with action, will not blink an eye after watching the teaser

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Movie ReviewCaptain Miller
Shiva Rajkumar
Sundeep Kishan
Priyanka Arul Mohan
Directed byArun Matheswaran
Written byArun Matheswaran
Produced bySendhil Thyagarajan
Arjun Thyagarajan
Release date15 December 2023
BudgetRs 60 Crores

Movie Review

A film is ready to come from South Industry which will introduce raw and rustic characters. Allu Arjun’s look in Pushpa, Yash’s Rocky Bhai look in KGF, Nani’s look in Dussehra, all of them had the same old story and bearded look. And now another such film is coming in which the representation of the characters is again raw, rustic.

Captain Mila will star Rajinikanth’s son-in-law Raja Dhanush, who is all set to take the world by storm with Why This Kolaveri Di. And brother! His acting is always amazing and recently he has entered Hollywood with The Great Man. So now he has officially become an international actor. So now let’s talk about the teaser of Captain Miller which came at 12:01 am. To disturb sleep, our stomach runs anyway, so what is this?

By the way, it is 12:00 also because on 28th July is our brother Dhanush’s Happy Birthday. So first of all happy birthday Dhanush. Please accept my special for your great future. If you are post then after watching the teaser I will say only one thing. Killer killer Captain Mila brother. The teaser has been released in such a way that its craze will automatically be created among the people.

To see this film on the big screen. The length of the teaser is around one minute 30 seconds, which was already revealed by the makers. As per the official promo video, Captain Miller will be a historical action adventure film. Nineties will be of the era of thirty or forty. And after watching the teaser, this thing also becomes clear.

Well its announcement teaser came a year ago which was just a combination of some sketches. Motion Poster Type. At one place in it, you will also see the flag of the British era on the ship. So at the same time one thing was clear from him that before independence the fight against the British will definitely be shown and when the teaser is seen then the whole concept will be clear that yes this film is about the people who fought against the British oppression.

A rebel will be of his group, where the sound of guns is heard from beginning to end. If you pay attention to the first frame, three looks of Dhanush are revealed in the wanted poster. Yes, there are not three different people in that poster.

All three are one. Miller found the captain the British were looking for and the setup in which the film is shown, the background, etc., looks quite realistic. Although that’s the setup.

A very realistic approach is coming out because of the cinematography and color scheme of Butt Movie. Brother, when Dhanush is attacking someone’s shoulder like this, look at the aggression on Dhanush’s face, brother, this is a killer look. Now Dhanush has an important role in this film, as well as Sandeep Kishan and John Ko Cain will also play an important role. And in the last poster in Dhanush’s hand, it is known that Dhanush’s name refers to that character.

Nominated by Millers. If you look below, you will know whether his name is Isa or some other name which is not visible properly. People would name him Captain Miller after a big scam. So what is that scam? Why is Captain Miller being called Captain and what exactly will be the story of the film? This will be known only after watching the trailer and the film. But yes, its BDM works to give hype to the entire teaser.

I personally liked its music very much. And yes, the film is scheduled to release worldwide on 15th December 2023. About five months from now. So what’s your say? Do tell me about this teaser in the comments. See you again with the new movie review.

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