Bill Gates By VGMR Full Book Summary 2023

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This book tells about the life of the biggest innovator and successful businessman of our time. In this many incidents related to the life of Bill Gates are mentioned and at the same time we also get to learn that if we want to become the richest man in the world then it is not impossible.

Who should read this book?

Every person who wants to achieve something big in life must read this book. It contains the story of Bill Gates which will inspire you to take the first step towards achieving your goals. Every person who wants to follow his dream, his passion, must read this book at least once and also encourage others to read it.

Bill Gates

How would you feel if you were the richest person in the world? Sounds quite exciting doesn’t it? I can bet that whoever is reading this must have thought at least once in his life that he would be the richest person in the world. This is the dream that most of the people see but how many of them get fulfilled?

Well, we know such a person who fulfilled his dream of becoming rich at a very young age. Yes, he is none other than Bill Gates, who is one of the people in the world who first started innovation and technology. He has a perfect balance of talent, business skills and humanity. We all have heard his name, we all know what he has accomplished, but do all of us know about his life? What he was, how he was, how he reached this point, probably many of us would not know this.

Everyone dreams but only a few people are able to fulfill those dreams. These people are not born with mental power. They are people just like us, but there is something special about them. So what is this special thing? What makes them different from others?

There is no reason in the world that can stop you from achieving what you dream of achieving. Look at these revolutionary guys! We can learn a lot from them, just as they made a way for themselves, we can also make a way for them. Come on, come on! Listen to the story of the person who is considered to be the world’s richest and all-time influential person i.e. Bill Gates:

William Gates Sr. and Mary Manxwell were born on October 28, 1955, shortly after nine o’clock in the night, a child who was named William Henry Gates III. His family was an upper middle class family where everyone had achieved great heights in their life. Bill Gates was born in a family which was a family of rich and business minded people. These people not only had political connections, but also believed in community service.

Bill Gates’ father was a well-known lawyer who rose to the top, and his mother was a respected local teacher who was involved in local community service throughout her life. Bill was the middle of his siblings, he had an older brother and a younger sister.

Bill had got every comfort since childhood, which was like a strong foundation for him, he grew up in a very free and open environment since childhood. At home too, he had received a lot of love and care and good care. He never felt lack of anything. Bill’s social life was very active from the beginning. He used to do many types of activities in his childhood and used to participate in sports too. Overall, Bill’s childhood was very happy.

As Bill’s age increased, the symptoms of his sharp and intelligent mind began to appear. Since childhood, he was a very sharp and clever boy and always topped in studies. However, he never really liked the regular school system. He did not have much interest in simple studies. He used to get bored very quickly, that’s why nothing could keep him tied for a long time, slowly his frustration was reflected in his behavior as well.

Once, when Bill was twelve years old, his father Gates Sr. threw water on his face because Bill had quarreled badly with his mother. Then his parents decided to get to the root of his anger and vengeful behavior and took him to a counselor so that he could find a proper solution to Bill’s problem.

They came to know that Bill is a very talented boy who is not getting a chance to bring out his talent, so he needed a special school where he could get the right direction and guidance. And thus thirteen-year-old Bill Gates was sent to the Seattle Lakeside School, which was specially made for his kind of children. Lakeside had a rigorous study program in which the level of difficulty was much higher than other schools and at the same time the children were given complete freedom to explore their talents.

There were other people like Bill Gates at Lakeside School. Bill felt great coming here because he found people like him here with whom he could interact and find opportunities to challenge his mind. This school proved to be a turning point in Bill’s life.

Because this was the place where he came to know his real passion and met people who would later become partners in his future projects.

At Lakeside School, Bill met Paul Allen, who later became his business partner at Microsoft. Apart from this, Bill’s friendship was also with many other people, who would become the first employee of his company Microsoft in the future. This was the place where Bill was first introduced to computers, which later became his first and last love.

Computers were very expensive in those days, so it was not a matter of buying a computer for Sidelake School, although they had bought a computer terminal link from a company so that the student could learn computers. In this way, they didn’t even have to actually buy a computer and the students also got a chance to learn computers.

This was the time when Bill Gates and his friends got a chance to see and learn computers for the first time. What was it then, those people used to sit whole night and try to become aware of every aspect of the computer. He got so intoxicated with the computer that Bill and his friends spent all the hours on the computer that the company had given to the school children. The result was that the company people stopped giving link terminal to the school. But soon Bill Gates got another chance to learn computer.

In 1968, a computer center corporation was formed in Seattle and the owner’s son was studying at Lakeside School, due to which the school got the link terminal again. Gates and his gang started learning computers with full passion. However, due to this, the Computer Center Corporation started facing a lot of problems as the system was crashing again and again. And the biggest thing was that Bill and his hacker gang had broken the security system of the computer.

Not only this, they used to tamper with the files which kept the record of log-in time of the school students. The company did not like his exploits at all and banned Bill and his friends from learning computers for several weeks.

These were the golden days of Bill Gates’ life when Bill Gates and his friends had a passion for computer learning, due to which they used to miss classes and submit assignments late. This whole group was crazy about programming and they found their passion. Bill Gates and Paul Allen were now anxious to apply their computer skills in the real world, for which they formed “The Lakeside Programmers Group” in 1968.

He didn’t have to fight much for his first chance. Unfortunately the Computer Center corporation was running into a lot of trouble because they were doing the exact same thing that caused them to ban the Lakeside programmers. His system used to crash again and again and the security of the computer was also very weak. The company hired these students and asked them to find bugs in the system, in return the company gave them the one thing Bill and his gang desperately needed, unlimited computer time!

In return for the help of the Computer Center Corporation, the Lakeside programmers group received unlimited computer time, and this gave the group the opportunity to hone their skills, which later helped them develop Microsoft.

Then soon he got another chance and this opportunity was given to him by Information Science Inc. He wanted the Lakeside programmers to write a payroll program for him. This was the first time where these programmers were getting money along with work. However, in order to deal with ISI, it was necessary that their company should be a legitimate company. And then Bill Gates and Paul Allen opened their first company called “Traff-O-Data”. And this company remained till Bill Gates went to college. He was getting money for every computer with his software, he earned around $20000 from this business venture.

In his early years at Lakeside, Gates was offered a job by LakeSchools where he was to build a scheduling system for the school. Gates and Paul spent their early years developing software for the school. Even in their senior years, those people used to look for such opportunities where their skills can be improved and they can earn along with it.

Soon they created a scheduling program for Lakeside School. Then in senior years, TRW contacted him because this company was also facing some issues in its computers just like the computer center. Then for the first time Bill and Paul got an official responsibility to find and fix bugs in the system and that is why Bill and Paul came up with the idea of ​​opening their own software company for the first time.

After completing his senior year at Lakeside School, Bill got the chance to go to college. He scored 1590 in his SAT which was considered a perfect score. A new page of his life was about to open, he started preparing to go to Harvard.

Till then Gates had no idea what he would study after going to Harvard, but he liked the company of people like himself. Right now he has not decided what subject he will take, so he took admission in Pre Law. In his first year at Harvard, he took basic courses, except for the maths program. He chose the Advanced Maths program because Gates was a genius in Maths.

As was evident, Bill had a great performance at Harvard as well. But he was not happy, somewhere he always felt as if there was something missing. Like he is missing something. Then one day he saw Harvard’s computer room, he felt as if he had found his lost treasure of years, he was absolutely passionate to see the computer again in front of him.

During this, Bill Gates and Paul Allen always kept in touch with each other and used to talk about their future plans, both wanted to open a company together one day. In the first year of college, both of them decided that Alan would stay somewhere near them so that they could discuss their future plans together. Paul Allen was then Washington University College drop out. Allen went to Boston to visit Gates. It was summer in those days, both of them got jobs in Honeywell. Now Allen started insisting Gates to start his own software company.

But Gates liked going to college and college life and did not want to leave his studies in the middle. He loved spending time and studying with people like him. Overall, Bill was in no mood to leave college. But he did not know that soon a new twist is going to come in his life.

It was a normal day, but something happened that made Paul Allen extremely excited. He ran straight to Bill Gates’ hostel, holding a copy of a popular electronics magazine with a photo of the Altair on the cover, with the caption “World’s First Microcomputer Kit to Rival Commercial Models”. This news was very sensational for Bill and Paul.

Both understood that such an opportunity does not come again and again. He knew that there would be a flood of such computers in the market for which software would be needed. This was a golden opportunity for him. He called MITS, which was making the Altair 8080, and told them that they had a software program called BASIC that could work on the Altair 8080. MITS was quite interested by his talk and agreed to give a chance to both the boys.

Actually Gates and Paul told white lies. They didn’t have any software ready, not even a word of coding. He had only one chance where he had to prove himself. Both of them worked hard day and night to prepare such a basic program that they could present to MITS.

Bill handled the coding while Paul worked on a simulation to make his code work on the Altair. Far from working on Altair, both had never even seen Altair before. Allen had worked on school computers. Today, for the first time, he was going to run a simulation on Altair, which he had to show in front of MITS.

The code took ten weeks to be ready. Allen traveled by air to give a presentation to MITS. There were many things that could go wrong, such as if there was a fault in the code, if the presentation failed, if the simulation was not compatible with Altair, such fears were in the minds of those Allen and Gates. But his software was very successful! Everything went according to their planning and MITS expressed their desire to buy the rights to the basic software.

This was the moment when Gates realized that a big earthquake was coming in the software industry. Realizing the importance of time and the needs of the world, Gates decided to leave college in the middle of following Allen’s footsteps, and thus Microsoft was started.

When Bill Gates decided to drop out of college, his parents were very upset, his heartfelt desire was that Bill complete his law studies and become a lawyer like his father. But seeing Bill’s determination, he allowed him to fulfill his dreams. Later, Bill Gates mentioned many times that he liked college life and he would not advise anyone to leave studies midway, but he did it under compulsion because it was a great decision taken at that time. .

Microsoft got its first real break when IBM approached them to develop software for their machine. Earlier Microsoft was a small company but after this break many big things started happening with them. He designed MS-DOS for IBM. This was the time when glimpses of his being a successful businessman started to appear. Instead of selling all of the MS-DOS software and giving them ownership of the software, Microsoft licensed them to use the software, thus retaining ownership of the software. Microsoft got a commission of its software on the sale of every IBM computer, which was installed on IBM’s computers.

This brilliant idea of ​​Bill later proved to be of great use when there was a big boom in the software industry in the 80s. He also licensed IBM’s competitors to use MS-DOS. This was a deal that brightened the fortunes of Bill Gates at such a young age.

Microsoft had just reached the heights of success that a tragic incident happened, Paul Allen was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s blood cancer. He had fallen very ill, the entire responsibility of Microsoft was now on Bill Gates. Now he was the only representative of the company. But no trouble could stop Bill from fulfilling his dreams, he continued to work hard with hard work.

In 1985, he launched the first edition of Microsoft Windows. This was the foundation on which personal computers continued to run for the next twenty years. This was a very important achievement for Microsoft, after which Bill Gates decided that he would make Microsoft public. In 1986, the next year, a share of Microsoft reached close to $21. Bill had 45% of Microsoft’s shares and the rest had been sold. This earned him the first million dollars.

Although he earned a major part of his wealth from his 45%. Microsoft’s going public was highly appreciated, in 1986 Bill Gates’s net worth was 350 million dollars. And the next year, at the age of just 31, he became the youngest billionaire in the world. And in the coming eight years, that is, at the age of 39, the title of “world’s richest man” was named after him.

He remained as the CEO of the company till 2000. However, he then decided to leave his position, after which Steve Ballmer, who was his roommate at Harvard, became the CEO. Bill continued to work as Chief Software Architect.

However, in the coming six years, Bill realized that now there were different things to focus on, he realized that he should give back to the society what he had received. Bill now began to focus more on ventures related to social work, and thus the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation was started in 2000, just when Bill Gates was leaving the post of CEO of Microsoft.

By the time of 2008, Bill Gates started getting part-time involvement in Microsoft instead of full time. He and his wife were constantly working towards making this world even better with their efforts. His foundation worked to help the poor, sick and destitute. Bill and Melinda, realizing their duty towards America, were also trying and contributing for the betterment of the country’s education system. Bill Gates has spent a large part of his personal income on social work.

By making Satya Nadella the Chief Executive in 2014, Bill Gates decided that he would now leave both the post of Chairman and his active role in Microsoft. However, his position as “Founder and Technology Advisor” of Microsoft will always remain intact.

Since then, Bill Gates has been helping the needy people of the society through his Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which is the largest Charitable Organization Trust in the whole world.

Even today when the world is facing a major pandemic and lock down, Bill Gates’ Foundation is making efforts to help the needy around the world. Bill Gates has shown by his work that he is not only the richest man in the world but also the most kind hearted person.

If he wanted, he could have kept all his earnings only for his family and himself, no one could say anything to him, after all, he can do whatever he wants with his money. But in spite of this, considering the sorrow of the people as his own, he took the initiative for their welfare. He has not only earned a lot of money but has also fulfilled his responsibility very well by giving support to the poor and backward sections of the society.

So this was the story of the world’s most famous and successful innovator and technological saint who also had the skills to do business. It is very difficult to find such people who have so many qualities, so many goodness inside them. But if it is a matter of having all the qualities, then Bill Gates is a great example of this. He was very intelligent and a genius of maths. He had the ability to do business. And at the same time, he also had the courage to work hard to fulfill his dreams.

Struggle of his initial days, working hard all night and focus on coding, all these things laid the foundation of his huge future empire. And the biggest thing is that he had the understanding to take the right decision at the right time, and he was not afraid to take risks where needed. And he also knew where to step back and for the betterment of the company, sometimes others should also be given a chance.

The biggest thing was that despite reaching these heights of success, he remained connected to the land and did not forget his humanity. He did good to people without greed or any personal interest because he knows that money is not everything.

So what lesson did we learn from this story?

Of course it taught us how to become the richest man in the world and fulfill our dreams, but at the same time this story also teaches us to be a big hearted person like Bill Gates. Now, when we have all the information then it depends on us that what we have to do in life. Should we enjoy it just considering it a good story and then forget it or should we start fulfilling our dreams from today and now? It’s your wish, you can do whatever you want.

Finally, if you have reached the end of this summary, then Congratulations, there are very few people who invest time on knowledge, otherwise you could have wasted time elsewhere. See you soon with a new summary

Jai Hind

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