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BECOMING By Michelle Obama Full Book Summary 2023

BECOMING By Michelle Obama Full Book Summary 2023
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About Book

We all know Michelle Obama as the wife of former US President Barack Obama. But who is she as a woman, mother and human being? What is his family and educational background? In this summary, you will learn about the life of Michelle Obama. You’ll learn about her beliefs, values, and the programs she worked on as First Lady. You will be inspired by a woman who made her own identity and helped as many people as she could.

Who Should Read This Summary?

* young boy or girl who want to make a difference in the world

* Teachers and parents who want to teach children to be kind and strong-willed

* Those who want to become Lawyer, Politician

* Those who want to do social service

About The Author

Michelle Obama studied law from Harvard University and has worked in well-known law firms. Later on, she trained young adults in leadership and helped connect medical staff with the community. Being the First Lady of the US, she has worked on many projects. Her initiatives focused on nutrition, obesity in children and families of military personnel. Right now Michelle is running a non-profit organization named ‘The Obama Foundation’.

BECOMING By Michelle Obama Full Book Summary


Michelle Obama is considered one of the most influential people in the world. She is a lawyer and has been the First Lady of the United States of America.

Who is Michelle Obama? How did his childhood on the Southside of Chicago shape his identity and principles? How was Barack Obama’s first impression on her? How did she learn to balance the roles of a wife, mother and first lady? What contributions did she make as the First Lady of the United States of America?

In this summary, you’ll learn about Michelle’s journey from childhood to the end of her husband’s presidency. You will learn how she has faced racism, sexism, the responsibility of motherhood and politics while trying to maintain her identity.


Michelle Obama talks about her childhood in Chicago in the late 1960s. During that time the condition of the US was very bad. The country’s political situation was thrown into disarray due to the assassinations of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. Families of white people were moving to the suburbs for a better life. Discrimination on the basis of caste was increasing. These killings created a disturbance in the law and order of the country.

Michelle and her elder brother Craig were raised by their parents with great love. He lived on the second floor of a bungalow. The house belonged to his mother’s Aunt Robbie and Uncle Terry, who lived on the first floor.

His parents were very supportive of their children and remained focused on the growth of their children. His mother was a homemaker who used to take him to the public library. His father worked in the city, who taught him about jazz music and art. He began to develop Michelle’s reading skills and love for music at an early age. At night the whole family would play board games together, tell stories and listen to Jackson 5 songs together.

The lively atmosphere of Michelle’s home was in sharp contrast to Auntie Robbie and Uncle Terry’s, which was dull and drab. Aunt Robbie was strict and used to give piano lessons at home. Whereas Uncle Terry was a retired potter who was of a calm nature.

Craig begins his piano lessons with Auntie Robbie. Seeing Auntie Robbie’s positive response to her teaching, Michelle also decided to take piano lessons when she was just four years old. He believed that his passion for music came from his family, especially his grandfather Southside, who loved jazz music.

In his first piano class, Auntie Robbie scolded him and told him to keep his finger on the middle-C key. Mitchell notices a slight chip in the middle-C key of the old piano, and it helps Mitchell master that skill. He also read workbooks separately. Auntie Robbie is annoyed that Michelle learns so quickly. Both of them would often argue in which Michelle would behave like a lawyer.

Soon Michelle, Craig and the rest of the students got their chance to showcase their talents on stage, which was organized by Auntie Robbie at Roosevelt University. When it was Michelle’s turn to take the stage, she was surprised to see a new piano for the first time in her life. Auntie Robbie calmly placed her finger on the middle-C key because she didn’t see any chip in the piano keys. After that, Michelle played the song flawlessly.

In this chapter, Michelle told about the experiences of her childhood which made her understand the problems and reality of the world. The stories of discrimination told by his grandfather and the sight of expensive pianos made Michel realize that not everything in the world is fair and balanced.


Craig transferred to a school that had mostly white students. He was selected to join the basketball team. Michelle joined a new school named Whitney M. Young High School. 80% of the students in that school were black. Craig used to study in the same school earlier. It was easy for Michelle to develop confidence here because people already knew her through Craig. But Michelle had to forge her own identity at the new school. He worked very hard in his studies to get good grades.

Michelle went to Princeton University, just like Craig. He noticed how most of the students at that university were white and boys. Michelle was a victim of discrimination due to racism there. When her white roommate’s mother found out that Michelle, a black girl, was in her room, she changed her room. Her new roommate, Suzanne, was friendly, but not organized. Through him, Michelle learned that holding onto things doesn’t do anything, so let go and move on.

She became an assistant to Czerny Brasuell, the director of the Third World Center. Under his mentorship, Mitchell started an after school program for the black staff children of the university. This job gave him a feeling of getting something and forced him to think out of the box.

Michelle often used to talk to her parents on the phone. One day she went to Princeton to support Craig during his basketball game. Michelle was shocked to see that her father’s health had worsened. Now he needed a wheelchair to walk.

Michelle was performing well in studies. She had become more confident about herself and her identity. She added the Chicago Southside to her introduction because she wanted to convey to people that not all Southsiders are part of a notorious gang.

Michelle wanted to stay connected to her roots at a school where the majority of the students were white, so she often visited her grandfather’s sister, Aunt Sis, who lived in Princeton. There he came to know about his ancestors and the history of slavery in America.

Michelle went to Howard Law School after graduating with a degree in sociology. Although she was not that passionate about law, she knew that it would give her a stable job. After finishing law, Michelle got a job offer from a very big law firm ‘Sydney & Austin’. She didn’t like working there but there she was earning more money than her parents had ever earned.

Michelle was soon asked to mentor a male summer associate. He was a Harvard law student named Barack Obama.

Meeting Barack

Barak had arrived late on the very first day of work. Michelle was not impressed by this, but Barack apologized to her and spoke very politely. Being his senior, Michelle guides him, but Michelle realizes that Barack knows too much about Chicago politics. He was 3 years older than her and had more work experience. Barack was making a good impression at the law firm. He was writing detailed memos and giving very useful inputs. Soon he was also being called in important meetings.

Michelle and Barack grow closer through office events. He would launch together every week. Michelle got to know him better. Barack’s parents had separated. His father was from Kenya while his mother was from the US. He was born and raised in Honolulu, but also spent some years in Indonesia.

The mission notices that he cares more about the well being of the society than his own success. His aim was to climb the ladder of success so that he could help the community at large. Michelle liked his ambition, but did not like his cigarette smoking habit.

She was hesitant to pursue her interest in Barack. Michelle felt that their relationship would affect her work. But Barack was clear about his intentions. He said that he feels that both of them are compatible. One night the two had ice cream at Baskin Robbins. Barack asked her if he could kiss her. Michele pushed aside her apprehension and reluctance and leaned forward for a kiss.

Career and Relationship

Michelle and Barack’s relationship turns serious. They realized that Barack was different from other men. He is not afraid to show his fear or weakness. Barack also openly shows his love and care. He cares a lot about the society. Once Barack went to the place where he used to work as an organizer, Michelle also went with him. While Barak was training with energy and positivity, she was looking at him lovingly. Barack went back to Howard to complete his law degree, while Michelle continued to work at the law firm. They kept in touch with each other through phone.

Michelle was on the hiring team at work and she was looking for a variety of people. He encouraged his team to consider students who didn’t come from Ivy League schools and who weren’t white or boys. Michelle met Barack again during the hiring trip. On Christmas he took her to Honolulu to be with his family. Michelle notices that Barack’s family is very supportive and he has many old friends.

Soon, Barack was living with Michelle on the second floor of her parents’ house. His family, especially Craig, liked him. Barack Howard became the first black president of the Law Review. Despite having more money in corporate law, he wanted to pursue his career in civil rights law.

Barack was enjoying his law career, but Michelle realized that she was not enjoying her career. Both of them had different opinion regarding marriage. Where for Michelle, marriage was the union of two lives, for Barack, marriage was the march of two lives together.

Michelle’s father’s condition was getting worse but he was avoiding going to the doctor. He was soon rushed to the hospital, where Michelle spent a memorable time with him. He passed away the next day. His father’s death made him realize that life is too short to waste time doing things he doesn’t like to do, so he decided to change his career. She knew Valerie Jarrett who was the chief of staff to the mayor of Chicago. Valerie offers him a job at City Hall, which Michelle accepts.

Barack had passed the bar exam in the first attempt. Michel had to try twice for this. To celebrate it, he went to a nice restaurant. While they were eating, Barack brought up the topic of marriage. Michelle is heartbroken when Barack says he is against the idea of ​​the wedding, but then the waiter brings dessert. When the waiter removed the cover, Michele saw the ring box under it. What happened was that Barak was teasing her for the argument he had with her about marriage. Barack proposed on one knee and Michelle said yes.

Barack took her to Kenya to meet her grandmother. Although Michelle felt alienated in the new culture, she loved her family.

Marriage, Family, Michelle Changing Careers and Barack Entering Politics

Michelle was inspired by watching two of her female co-workers balance home and career at City Hall. And the Barack Project VOTE! Was working on a voter registration project named. The project was to register new voters in states where minority attendance was low.

Michelle and Barack were married in 1992. His family was present there, but Michelle missed her father a lot. They danced to the song “You and I”. The song was on a record given to Michel by his grandfather.

After returning from their honeymoon in California, Michelle and Barack learned that Project VOTE had been successful. More than 5 million black voters went to the voting booth, but the bad news was that Barack’s publishing deal was canceled because he could not complete his book. Then Barak decided to go to a cabin in Bali to complete his book named ‘Dreams from My Father’. At the same time, Michelle was immersed in thinking that how would she balance her family life and career. Barak returned a week later with the first draft of the book and another publication contract. On his return he bought a house.

Michelle decided to switch from corporate law to the nonprofit sector. She soon became the executive director of Public Allies. The objective of this organization was to place talented students for training in the non-profit sector. After 3 years of hard work this organization became financially stable. Michelle has been successful in providing professional experience to students from diverse backgrounds.

After working for several years with Public Allies, Michelle was offered a job at the University of Chicago. She accepted it and became Associate Dean. Through this job, Michelle focused on increasing student connections to volunteer opportunities. While there, Barak continued to work in the Public Interest Law Firm. He also took classes at the University of Chicago Law School. At night he used to work on completing his book.

An American Congressman was caught in the scandal. A state senator moved to fill his place. Barack decided that he might run for the vacant senatorial seat. Michelle thought Barack was not good enough to be in politics because he was too nice. Although she did not want Barak to go into politics, she supported him. Barack eventually prevailed and became the State Senator of Illinois. His mother passed away during the campaign. He could not go to Honolulu to meet her. He was sad but he remained strong. When Michelle saw Barack working passionately to introduce new bills, she realized that Barack was made for politics.

He wanted children, wanted to start his family but even after trying a lot, he could not conceive. After some time Michelle became pregnant but then she had a miscarriage. The doctor suggested that they should try invitro-fertilisation. Michelle successfully became pregnant after 2 months. Their first daughter, Malia, was born on 4 July 1998.

Michelle began working part time as an associate dean in order to balance her life with her child. But even with the help of a babysitter, there was too much work for them. While Barack was re-elected as a state senator, he wanted to run for the US Democratic seat. Now he was busier than before.

The family decides to fly to Hawaii to visit Barack’s grandmother. Malia became very ill during the trip. The State Senate arranged an urgent election to vote on a bill. Barack could not go back because of Malia’s health. His absence was used by the opposition to promote the idea that he is not a serious candidate for a US Democratic seat. In the end, he lost this election.

In 2001, Michelle had a second daughter, Sasha. At this time, she was trying her best to balance her career and her role as a mother. Luckily, she was offered the position of Director of Community Outreach at the University of Chicago Medical Center.

His life was going on in routine when 9/11 happened. Seeing the condition of the country, Barack decided to stand for the US Senate. But he was already very busy with work. He used to return home late at night and could hardly spend time with his family. Michelle was tired of trying to take care of everything herself. So he said that both of them should go for couples counseling.

Counseling proved very helpful. It made Michelle realize that she shouldn’t just look to her husband to find happiness. He started taking time for himself. He set a fixed schedule at home. Now it was Barack’s job to fulfill his responsibility of being a husband and a father.

Barack’s Presidential Campaign

Michelle started a program to help the University of Chicago Medical Center. The plan was to increase the number of volunteers in the hospital and encourage hospital staff to do more work in the neighborhood. Mitchell then noticed that the emergency ward was always full due to the high volume of patients with serious injuries. He came up with the idea of ​​setting up appointments for these patients.

When Barack decided to run for the US Senate, Michelle made him promise that he would quit politics if he lost. But Barack’s campaign was great. His opponents got caught in the scandal and people lost faith in him.

Barack gave a powerful and positive keynote speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. He talked about his roots and how keeping hope can improve the condition of the country. That speech became an instant hit and made him famous. His book ‘Dreams from My Father’, was republished and became a best seller. Barak won the election with 70% votes in his favor.

They moved to Washington, but Mitchell remained in Chicago despite the advice of several senators’ wives. She went to Washington once to support Barack during his orientation. He saw that the atmosphere there was very sad. There men are given more importance because the women were there having lunch on one side.

Barack wrote his second book, ‘The Audacity of Hope’ to share his vision for the country. He had also started thinking about running for the Presidential election. Michelle was initially not in favor of it. But due to Hurricane Katrina, many people were trapped on the roof of their homes and most of them were African American. Michelle realized that Barack’s ambition could improve the lives of these people. She became an active part of his campaign. But he suspected that he was unlikely to win because he was black.

Barack launched an active campaign with the help of his campaign and media manager. He accidentally announced his campaign on the day of the State of the Black Union. It was an annual event that discussed the issues of African Americans. Because of this, the leader of the organization accused Barak of insulting the importance of this day. Negative media coverage attacked his personal and family background. Rumors spread that Barak was a Muslim and was loyal to the Muslim community.

Michelle and Barack remained strong despite all the challenges. He knew it was important to get his message to the people of Iowa. In her first speech, Michelle spoke from the heart with complete truth. He shared his life story and the values ​​that mattered to him. She started going to Iowa every week. He quickly earned the nickname “The Closer” because of his ability to win over voters.

During this busy time, Michelle could not pay much attention to cooking and eating at home. Malia’s doctor tells her that her BMI (body mass index) has gone down. Michelle immediately hired a talented chef named Sam Kass. He used to cook food for the family and also taught them about the ill effects of processed food. Sam later became a big part of Michelle’s children’s health initiative.

According to polls, two candidates, Hillary Clinton and John Edwards, were ahead of Barack. But Michelle believed in him. He knew that the youth and minorities of the country are with him. Barack wanted to leave a lasting impression in his last speech in Iowa. There were around 3000 people in that event. He gave such a powerful speech that the entire auditorium was filled with thunderous applause. The next poll showed that Barack and Hillary were tied.

It was announced two months later that Barack had won the Iowa nomination. Michelle was very happy. They realized that if Barack could win in Iowa, he also had a chance of winning the presidential election.

Michelle Obama, First Lady

As a child, Michelle was punched by a bully. After several weeks of campaigning, she was feeling the same way again. This is because the video of his speech on maintaining optimism was edited and his words were used wrongly. They felt that everything they said and did would be twisted and used to perpetuate stereotypes of Black women. Michelle expressed her concern to Barack that this could affect his campaign. He said that Michelle is very important for his camping and those who are criticizing him know this thing.

Mitchell quickly hired an expert on body language and facial expressions. He agreed that women have to work harder than men to not look angry and that this is wrong. But he advised Michelle that she should appear more friendly. He trains them to be relaxed, to joke and talk about what they love. This way the public will see a woman they can approach. Soon Michelle started liking giving speeches.

He gave a 17-minute speech at the Democratic National Convention. She talked about her childhood, her father, husband and children. When the speech was over, the people present in the auditorium applauded loudly. Michelle realized that maybe she had changed the way people saw her. He started feeling more confident in himself.

Michelle’s entire family came for an interview. That session went very well. The innocent answers of Sasha and Malia were loved by the people. But Michelle and Barack later felt that they had given their children too much public attention. That day was Malia’s birthday. Being busy, he felt that he might not be able to make this day special for Malia. But Michelle is overjoyed when Malia says it was the best birthday she’s ever had.

Sarah Palin was chosen as Barack’s Republican opponent. Palin’s poor performance increased Barack’s chances of winning. But Michelle was worried about the Bradley effect. It is named after Tom Bradley who lost the election even after polls showed he was winning.

Barack’s grandmother passed away in Hawaii 2 days before the election. He tells Michelle that he is sad but okay. Michelle said that whatever the result of the election, she loved us.

On election day, Michelle and her family went to vote. When Michelle stopped in front of the booth, Barack joked to her that she probably hadn’t decided who to vote for yet.

Soon the news channels started announcing the election results. Barack won in most of the states. It was announced that night that he had become the 44th President of the United States of America and also the first Black President of the country.

Michelle, Barack and their kids drive to Grand Park. The Secret Service had got the entire road cleared. His family stood in front of 200,000 people. Then Barack gave an inspiring speech on hope and determination.

Life in the White House

Michelle goes on to describe how she and her family adjusted to their new life in the White House after Barack won. She spoke about the anxieties of balancing the roles of a mother, wife and first lady.

Michelle understood that she would be judged for whatever decisions she made as the first black president and first lady. So he spent whatever expenses were incurred while shifting to the White House from his own pocket, instead of spending it from the federal funds he received. Obama was warmly received by the returning President, George W. Bush, and First Lady, Laura Bush. Michelle immediately felt a connection to Laura Bush, who continued to give her advice.

As a single mother, Michelle wanted her children, Sasha and Malia, to lead normal lives, but it was difficult in the beginning. The children drove to their new school in bulletproof cars, and Secret Service agents were always stationed outside their classrooms. On the first day of school, Michelle accompanied them to school to support them. He was relieved to see that both his children were happy when they returned.

A few weeks later, Michelle’s mother also moved into the White House to help support the family. He refused to take the protection of the Secret Service. Soon she started taking the children to school without an agent. Michelle was happy that her children were able to lead an almost normal life.

She observes Barack and notices how serious he looks after the briefing. He understood that the economic condition of the country is much worse than what people think.

Michelle and Barack immediately became involved in several projects. The White House needed to be redecorated and he also had to plan an inauguration. As First Lady, Michelle focused on child obesity, nutrition, and military families.

The weather was very cold on the day of inauguration. But about 2 million people came to attend it. Barack was sworn in as the President of the United States of America by placing his hand on the Bible of Abraham Lincoln. In his inaugural speech, Barack talked about the contribution of African Americans to the country’s history. He encouraged hope and unity over fear and strife. Michelle and Barack then lead the parade with Prime Minister Joe Biden and his wife.

After the ceremony, Michelle and her family returned to their new home and began preparing for the Inaugural Ball. By then the staff had decorated the White House with their belongings. As she dressed in her white dress, Michelle reflected on how much her life had changed.

Michelle’s Projects and Advocacies

Within a few days of Barack becoming President, Michelle had realized how many privileges and privileges come with power. They had house helpers to maintain the place. Barack had a staff of 50 people to read mail and a helicopter to travel. Michelle’s old apartment could fit inside a White House master suite.

They didn’t need to pay staff salaries or rent, but they did pay for food and other utilities. Michelle was from a humble background, so she knew that her responsibility towards the country was huge. She wanted to make basic necessities more available to everyone.

In the first month, Barack passed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. This act protects workers from discrimination in salary on the basis of gender, race or age. He also banned the use of torture during interrogation, which was quite common during Bush’s time. He was also successful in passing the bill to boost the economy through the Congress. Michelle was proud to see Barack fulfill the promises made to the people of the country.

As First Lady, Michelle was in charge of planning social events at the White House, such as the Easter Egg Roll. But he felt that such events diverted his attention from other important issues. He and Barack put the work of African American artists on the wall of the White House. He replaced the statue of Winston Churchill with that of Martin Luther King Jr.

To promote nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, Michelle began planting a garden at the White House. The idea was criticized, but Sam Kass and a group of elementary school students helped him complete the project.

Barack and Michelle maintain a friendly atmosphere with their staff and teach their children to treat everyone with respect. The staff often visited Michelle’s mother on the top floor of the White House.

Even after so many achievements, Republicans have always been against Obama’s work. In his first speech in Congress, Barack talked about the condition of the economy and the ongoing war. He gave a realistic yet hopeful speech. But the Republicans didn’t mind his speech. Despite the bad times going on in the country due to the work of the Republic President, he continued to oppose them.

Michelle and Barack meet with Queen Elizabeth II during the G20 summit. It was a meeting of the leaders of the world’s 20 largest economies. Mitchell notices that the Queen’s palace is 15 times larger than the White House. He was very surprised when the food was served with gold knives and forks. Michelle was embroiled in a scandal when she touched the shoulder of the Queen while greeting her, but the Queen didn’t mind and she too touched Michelle’s shoulder.

Michelle then went to a girls school where most of the students were of dark complexion and from ethnic background. She notices the passion in the students’ eyes as she reminds them of herself. Michelle wrote letters to him and motivated him by speaking from the heart. He also hugged everyone before leaving.

A few months later, Michelle and Barack went on a date. But people criticized it for the wasteful use of tax. Michel then began to feel that living a regular life was no longer possible.

She received criticism from several women, who were unhappy that Michelle was playing mother rather than using her degree. But instead of reacting to this, Michelle focused on a plan to improve the health of the children. That’s why he created Let’s Move! launched the initiative.

He talked to many organizations to promote a more healthy lifestyle. Three organizations announced that they would reduce the amount of sugar, salt and fat in school lunches. Disney, Warner Bros. and NBC created ads that encouraged children to eat healthy. The American Beverage Association promised to make its ingredients list even clearer.

Michelle wanted to promote home gardening, meaning growing fruits and vegetables at home, so she ate the things grown in her garden and donated a part of it to non-profit organizations that feed the homeless. She also showed how fun exercise can be by hula-hooping on the White House lawn.

Michelle notices that the media are too quick to judge her clothing and style. She was often criticized for wearing clothes that were too bold or too casual. On the other hand, Barak is a man, so he was not judged. Michelle began to feel that she could use her style to make people focus on what she wanted to say. So she worked with her stylist and appeared on the cover of a fashion magazine. Due to this exposure, she was able to promote young American designers and talk about healthy lifestyle.

Failures and Success

Michelle felt it was her and Barack’s responsibility to appear strong and calm even in the darkest of times. In the Gulf of Mexico, a large amount of floor fell and spread all over. Even after cleanliness, people were afraid to go to the beach. Michelle plans a beach trip with her family to set an example. Through this, he had shown that the beach is now completely safe for everyone.

Michelle then went to the hospital to meet military members and their families. He started an initiative called Joining Forces with Jill Biden. Michelle spoke to several CEOs and encouraged them to provide jobs to military veterans and their spouses. He stressed upon the teachers to better understand the needs of the children of military personnel. Along with this, Michelle spreads awareness against the misconception that the mental health of military people is affected after coming back from the military.

Donald Trump, a real estate developer, started spreading rumors against Barack Obama. He was putting this idea in the minds of the people that Barack is not a US citizen. Due to this, hatred started to arise in the hearts of many people. One day a man fired several times at the White House with a rifle. No one was injured in that firing, but a bullet hit the window of the room where Michelle usually drank tea. Due to this, he started worrying about the safety of his family.

Michel felt that success is made by small victories in a person’s life. She started a mentorship and leadership program to give opportunities to young girls. 20 girls from different schools were regularly called to the White House where elders used to mentor them to become confident in their future professional life.

On May 2, 2011, Barack got good news. US Navy SEALs killed Osama bin Laden at his hideout in Pakistan. This news gave a lot of happiness to the people of the country.

In the 2012 re-election campaign, Michelle felt pressure from her role as First Lady. Even though she was feeling very tired, she still supported Barack, giving a speech on keep hope. He took the criticism of Republicans positively and worked harder on his program.

Michelle went to South Africa with Sasha and Malia over the summer. She met Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela. After talking to two African leaders, she felt motivated and returned to the United States with renewed energy.

Michelle discovered she could use social media to promote her message. She met bloggers and TV hosts. She also did push-ups on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to promote the exercise. It was because of his hard work that two big restaurants, Olive Garden and Red Lobster, agreed to make their menu healthier.

Election polls showed Barack only slightly ahead of his Republican opponent. Michele was constantly worried while listening to the news, so she decided to stop watching the news. She was shocked when Barak told her that he had won re-election.

About a month later, a man armed with a gun entered a school and shot 20 students and 6 teachers. Michelle and Barack sat in silence, grieving for those who had lost their lives in the incident. He knew that his pain was nothing compared to the pain of parents who have lost their children. Barack promised to work on legislation for gun control. In this way, such incidents can be prevented from happening in the future.

During Barack’s second inauguration, a girl performed with her school band. A week later, he was shot in a local park after being mistaken for a gang member. This incident shook Michele. She spoke to the girl’s parents and also attended her funeral.

Michelle often thought about the progress the country had made. Congress passed the law of same sex marriage. The White House was decorated with rainbow lights. Barack had reduced America’s troops in other countries. The Supreme Court passed the health insurance plan that Barack was working on. Osama bin Laden was killed. Michelle Let’s Move! The initiative reduced the percentage of obesity among children in the country. The Joining Forces Program improved the condition of military families.

But Mitchell believed that there was still a lot left to achieve. After Osama bin Laden, ISIS became the new threat. A white man killed 9 African Americans in a Bible study group. Michelle and Obama attended his funeral. Barack led the gathering in singing “Amazing Grace.” Even after such a dangerous crime, the Congress did not pass the strict law of gun control.

In 2016, the presidential campaign was underway, but Michelle was more focused on her ‘Let Girls Learn’ initiative. This program promoted the education of little girls. She met Malala Yousufzai, a Pakistani girl who was shot by the Taliban because she encouraged girls to go to school.

Michel decided to talk about the safety of girls in his weekly conversation with the country. She worked with many celebrities and went on TV shows to promote this campaign. Barack talked to many organizations and governments of other countries to help them. The Peace Corps and USAID supported this initiative.

Michelle was happy with what the country had achieved in 8 years. He observed the candidates for the next presidential election. He got very angry after hearing Donald Trump’s derogatory talk about women. She wanted Hillary Clinton to become the country’s first female president, but Donald Trump won the Electoral College.

When the election results were announced, Michelle was surprised to hear that Donald Trump had won. Still, he takes comfort in thinking that at least he and Barak have made some big changes in the country. Trump cannot reverse 8 years of progress.


Michelle and Barack’s last day at the White House was a very emotional moment for them. It was hard for him to say goodbye to the people he had known for 8 years. At the inauguration, Michelle saw the guests and Donald Trump’s team. He was saddened to see that most of them were white men. She couldn’t pretend to be happy about it so she stopped smiling.

Michelle was excited for the next phase of her life and the adventures that would come with it. She was happy about what she and her husband had accomplished in the previous years in the White House. She also knew that after this she did not want to go into politics.

Now Michelle and Barack run a non-profit organization called the Obama Foundation. Its purpose is to train students through leadership and mentorship programs. Michelle is also working on a cooking show that encourages children to cook healthy food at home.

Finally, if you have reached the end of this summary, then Congratulations, there are very few people who invest time on knowledge, otherwise you could have wasted time elsewhere. See you soon with a new summary

Jai Hind

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