Bawaal Movie Explained: Full of emotions and drama, still what is missing?

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Movie ReviewBawaal
CastVarun Dhawan
Janhvi Kapoor
Directed byNitesh Tiwari
Written byNitesh Tiwari
Piyush Gupta
Nikhil Mehrotra
Shreyas Jain
Produced bySajid Nadiadwala
Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari
Release date21 July 2023
Budget₹ 25 Cr

Movie Review

Ever wondered how difficult life must have been for people who came and left this world before us? We all know some or the other part of our history but take it seriously and even fewer learn from it. But have you ever thought that the people whose names we have read in the pages of history today and at any point in life, were once real human beings. A living, breathing, feeling happy and sad human being. Many of whom had a more difficult life than all of us.

So today I am going to explain one such story whose name is Bawal. This is the story of Ajju Bhaiya aka Ajay Dixit for whom his marriage is everything. In Ajju Bhaiya’s own words, he is a coriander worn in paneer, whose presence or absence does not matter to anyone. But by creating an atmosphere, he has made his image such that he is the talk of the town in Lucknow. But Ajju Bhaiya, with whom the whole world is impressed, is depressing himself and sowing the seeds of lies on the holy land of Lucknow.

Ajju Bhaiya has raised a wave of his image. How Ajju Bhaiya turned down jobs like Army, NASA, Collector and became a teacher. Its interesting stories are told all over Lucknow. But in real life, Ajju is a loser who listens to his parents’ taunts, works as a history teacher against his will without any knowledge, and is jealous of his progressing friends. The one who has created a picture perfect image of himself in front of the world with lies and deceit.

Ajju Bhaiya may or may not have knowledge of anything, but he can give knowledge of everything, so in future we can see Ajju Bhaiya in the class, but not teaching the children. One child is writing on the board and the other child is guarding the door so that no teacher comes. And Ajju Bhaiya has a student named Pappu who is very special to him. But then a teacher named Pandey clicks a photo of Ajju Bhaiya and takes it to the principal.

But here the principal does not believe at all that Ajju Bhaiya can do this. Because the principal has a lot of faith in Ajju Bhaiya and he calls Pandey sir a liar. While Pandey sir knows very well what Ajju Bhaiya is. Right now the child who is guarding tells Ajju Bhaiya that the principal sir is coming towards our own class room, then all the children sit at their respective places and Ajju Bhaiya starts pretending to teach. It was written on the port about the Second World War which was incomplete and when asked by a student, it tells the truth about everything.

Seeing which the Principal Sir was very pleased because that child had given the correct answer. From here the Principal Sir’s trust in Ajju Bhaiya increases even more as he was acting honestly and exposes Pandey as a liar. Now at night, Ajju sees Bhaiya with his only friend Vipin, who was drinking alcohol sitting together.

Ajju Bhaiya here tells Vipin that all his friends are doing something big and I have nothing to do except this image. That’s why I cannot be my image. I can still see my friends’ labels even if I don’t do anything. He says my job is such that I don’t feel like going to work and home is such that I don’t feel like coming back, because Ajju Bhaiya’s father always weaves taunts for Ajju.

Now at night when Zubair reaches home in a drunken state, his father opens the door and as soon as he opens the door, he first tells Ajju Bhaiya the credit card bill which was Hi Fi. Because in order to save the image, Ajju Bhaiya has ordered many branded items. That’s why Ajju Bhaiya’s father also does not spend money on Ajju because he knows that he will spend a lot of money in creating a false image.

Now when Ajju goes to his room, he finds a girl sleeping there. Here Ajju picks up the glass and drops it on the ground. Due to which that girl wakes up in panic and here I come to know that the name of this girl is Nisha and Ajju Bhaiya is actually married. Here he tells Ajju that today is Tuesday and today is his day to sleep on the bed and here I come to know that Nisha and Ajju do not get along at all.

Why is it not made now, for this I have to take you to the flashback story. In the flashback story, I was told that Nisha was an independent girl. She used to be very happy and very intelligent. He had many dreams about his life. He had to do a job and enjoy his life. Although there was no boy in her life. Despite this she was very happy. But she hoped that Jo would choose a life partner.

That would be the best. And then one day Ajju’s marriage proposal comes for Nisha and seeing the way the image was, Nisha falls in love with him. Nisha sees that Ajju’s behavior is very good and his image in the society is also very good and Ajju is also sociable. Here Nisha feels that perhaps she has found her best.

After which Ajju Bhaiya and Nisha talk. Here Nisha already tells Ajju that she has a problem. Nisha tells that I have epileptic seizures, but these epileptic seizures have not come for the last 10 years and now I do not know whether they will come again or not. But it was important to say this. So Ajju feels that maybe Nisha will not have doubles anymore as these are childhood things.

Everything must have been fine now, so Ajju says yes. And here Ajju actually agreed to marry Nisha because Nisha who she is is a very intelligent and topper girl. If Nisha stays with him, then his image will increase even more. So he says yes to the marriage and then after a few days they both get married. The marriage was done very well and everyone was very happy.

Now Nisha’s parting was about to happen and Ajju’s family members were also getting late. That’s why Ajju who is here starts going to Nisha’s room. But after going there, Ajju is shocked to see what he sees because Nisha was having epileptic fits due to which Nisha’s condition was very bad and Ajju is completely shocked to see this. Now no one else can see, so Ajju, who is there, puts curtains on the windows here.

Now he was returning home and only one thing was coming in Ajju’s mind that if people came to know about Nisha’s epileptic fit, what would be the effect on his image. That’s why Ajju didn’t take Nisha anywhere. Neither introduced him to his friends nor does he take him out for a walk. Because if Nisha goes on an epileptic seizure in front of everyone, Ajju’s image will be completely tarnished. Because of this, Ajju has not taken Nisha anywhere till date, so there are frequent quarrels between them.

It was also told from the marks here that she has epileptic fits, which happen when there is too much tension and Nisha had her last fit on the wedding day itself and now eight months have passed but nothing has happened between them and Here, Ajju tells Nisha two straight things, on hearing which Nisha feels bad and she slaps Ajju. After getting slapped, Ajju tells Nisha that if there was no image problem, I would have left you many times by now.

Now Nisha had to go to her maternal home, but Ajju does not go there to drop her off. He makes an excuse that he has some important work in school so he can’t go because Ajju’s mind has already deteriorated since last night and he is not talking properly to anyone even after going to school. But then a student gets up here and he starts asking him some questions about World War II.

But tells Ajju that this course will not come in the paper. But still that child starts insisting, then Ajju slaps that child and asks him to sit quietly. After which we can see the scene of Nisha’s maternal home. Where Nisha’s mother understood after seeing Nisha that her condition was not good. Nisha had also told everything to her mother the truth. Nisha’s mother says that it is still not too late. We can take divorce. But Nisha says I want one more chance.

If he doesn’t get well, I will get a divorce. Next, we see Pandey sir and Ajju doing the toilet. Where he tells Pandey and Ajju that at least he should have slapped after thinking carefully. Because the boy you slapped is none other than the MLA’s son. And after hearing this, Ajju gets completely scared. He goes to home as well as at home. His family members were in tension that the MLA had to do something. They make more calls and source, but no solution emerges. After a while, Nisha comes back from her maternal home here.

Where the atmosphere was not good at all and then the next day we see the MLA who comes to the school. Where as Ajju apologizes to the MLA and says that he made a mistake but here the MLA asks the principal to form a committee and sit with all the teachers and decide whether this man should teach in this school. Worth it or not. But till then this man will remain suspended from this school. So Ajju is suspended for a month.

When Ajju comes out, there was a difference in his image because everyone was staring at Ajju. Even the children were not afraid of him. Somewhere, Ajju started feeling that his image is going to get spoiled now. So he was very sad when he was drinking with Vipin. He says that now is the time to create atmosphere. He tells Vipin to create such an environment that no one asks about the result.

After which he mentions a cricket match and he says that there was a match four years ago and before the start of that match we had done very good irrigation in the ground, had also installed lighting and also distributed cricket jerseys to the children. Was. Do you remember how many runs I scored in that match on which Vipin tells him that maybe you scored 70 to 80 runs but Ajju tells him that I scored only five runs. But the atmosphere was created.

Seeing that atmosphere, everyone still feels that I must have scored 70-80 runs, because no one sees the result after creating such an atmosphere. Brother has to create an atmosphere, but he could not understand how to create an atmosphere. After which he meets his most favorite student, whose name is Papon.

Papon tells them that in your period all the children enjoy a lot because instead of what you were going to teach about World War II, there is a game period, an idea comes to mind and he immediately goes to meet the principal. reaches. He tells them that I was supposed to teach children about World War II this month but now I am suspended. But I am not going to sit like this because I will obey the children after teaching them.

I am going to Europe from where World War II started and going there I will give live classes and teach children through videos because I cannot put my children in loss. He has also booked its tickets which were of 320000. After which Jo meets Bipin and he tells him to leave the job etc. but if he is fired from the job then his image will be completely tarnished. But if he goes to Europe and teaches, his image will double and an atmosphere will also be created.

But the problem is that he needed more money to go there and he had managed it too. he goes to his father And blackmails them emotionally. Although he had told all the things that he had said to the principal to his father and he also says that till date he has not taken Nisha anywhere. That’s why he wants to bring Nisha on a trip to Europe. Now at night when Ajju’s parents were sleeping, Ajju’s mother tells his father that I feel that Ajju is fooling us, on which his father tells Ajju’s mother that I know that He is fooling us, but somewhere he feels that the distance between Ajju and Nisha will end.

Nisha tells this to her mother as well and her mother is also very happy as Ajju rarely does such work. After which Ajju’s father goes to convert the rupees to Euros where he tells everyone that his son is going to Europe and from there he will teach the children about World War II. Here Ajju’s mother had also given some Euros to Nisha as she knew that Ajju would not give her the money.

Now when Ajju comes to her house, she hugs Nisha here and says thanks to her and says that she is very excited. But then Ajju tells her that there is no need to get too excited as you are not going to Europe but I am going alone. You will walk with me only till the airport, from there you will go to your home.

That’s because if I don’t take you to the airport, he won’t get money from his family. Nisha cries a lot after hearing this and remembers what her mother told her that divorce was a good decision. But then Nisha starts packing her stuff and she tells him that she is not going home but Europe. And she also tells Ajju that I have nothing to do with you because my father-in-law is giving the money and she will go to Europe. So Ajju has to take Nisha to Europe even against his will. Next day he says bye bye to his parents and then board the flight.

While Ajju was enjoying a lot on seeing Mumbai. But then a boy named Kalpesh asks to pass the food items behind. Once he passed, but here Kalpesh starts giving him some things in turn and asks him to pass back. But here Ajju started getting angry and Kalpesh is a Gujarati boy and next time when he asked to pass Fafda here Ajju bit him with teeth and told him that from now onwards toll tax will be levied and now whatever you do Will ask to pass things, half of them will be mine.

Only some other things will pass. Now finally Ajju Nisha reaches Europe, then Ajju tells Nisha to walk in confidence. As soon as he passes an officer, he greets them with style. But then that officer calls Ajju to him as he wanted to check his luggage. Here they check his luggage, but the chain was not opening, so they break the lock. On which Ajju comes to know that in reality this luggage is not his. It actually belongs to someone else and they come to know that this luggage belongs to Kalpesh and both had the same bags.

But here he could not say this, otherwise the goods would have been confiscated and along with them these people would also have been confiscated. As soon as the checking is over, Ajju immediately starts running after Kalpesh. But by then Kalpesh had left. Now here Ajju is checking Kalpesh’s things.

Like Massey was wearing colorful shirts and strange clothes, seeing which Ajju feels very bad. Now after reaching a hotel in Europe, Ajju was all set to make the video. Makes videos with full confidence. Wherein all the children were watching the videos excitedly because everyone was waiting a lot that Ajju Sir would bring a video from Europe. But Ajju tells the children that tomorrow he

Where he will tell them about World War II. Next we see that Ajju arrives wearing Kalpesh’s clothes which were completely ill-fitting and were not even fitting properly. Or on the other hand, the clothes that Kalpesh wears, he finds all these clothes very strange. He says who wears such a plain t-shirt, but he was having a lot of fun here. Kalpesh’s mother also says that no one should wear such a plain T-shirt even in summer. So Nisha and Ajju were about to go for a walk.

But Ajju has no interest in roaming around. He is saying that I am going to the museum to know about World War II. So here Nisha leaves alone to roam Europe. Here we see Ajju who hires a taxi and from there he goes to the museum. But to go only four kilometers he has to pay 40 Euros. Which also costs around ₹4,000. Ajju feels very bad hearing this. After which the museum reaches and buys a ticket for 10 euros. But he makes a video in front of a 50 euro poster and tells the children that I am doing it here for 50 euro to teach you.

After which he sits in the museum where no one was getting any kind of knowledge but there is a woman here. Which is telling about World War II in the same style as it is sung in the opera house and that language was not even English. That’s why Ajju was not able to understand anything here. Here on the other hand Nisha was enjoying alone. She was exploring things and she was very happy too.

Had also done a lot of shopping and had also got a sketch made which was very beautiful. Here, on the other hand, Ajju was completely frosted. He was not even being allowed to leave here. But when he finally got a chance to go, his mind was completely spoiled. Now he wanted to eat something but nothing was below 8-10 euro. Which was very expensive, so it goes from here. After leaving, he feels that somewhere he should change this pant shirt of Kalpesh.

So he goes to buy clothes where there were no clothes for less than 100 Euros. So he buys only one underwear from here and immediately comes back to his room. On coming back, he sees that Nisha has bought a lot of things and seeing them, he understands that Nisha has enjoyed a lot here. Here he also sees the hidden photos in Nisha’s mobile and as soon as Nisha is about to come here, he immediately lies down on his bed. After which he tells her that he has enjoyed a lot

But Nisha understood after seeing him that Ajju has not done anything. Then here Ajju tells everything the truth that his day was very bad and he tells Nisha that can you come with me tomorrow because you are my only person who can take me around Europe because you have a lot of knowledge. And this is an unknown country. If you will not be my support then how will I be able to survive in this country.

Then Nisha tells Ajju here that when a girl gets married, her in-laws house is also like a new country for her and her last support is her husband. But you were never able to become that support. But don’t take tension, I will definitely help you because I am not like you. Now the next day both of them go out for a walk where Ajju was wearing a very nice shining shirt of Kalpesh.

First they go to the Eiffel Tower where Nisha tells them that when Hitler attacked Paris, all the people here had fled. That’s because he didn’t want to see this beautiful city ruined and the place he stood on. This was also not affected by Hitler because when Hitler attacked, he also broke the stairs here so that no one could come up. Now whatever Nisha had told Ajju, Ajju had told all this to his children through video.

All the kids were watching these videos and even the MLA was watching these videos. After which we see Ajju and Nisha at a place where they both wanted to be photographed together. He gives mobile to a man and that man says that both of you turn around and turn back when I say three. But then that man starts running away with his mobile. Ajju chases him for a long time and Nisha comes in front of the thief from another way, due to which the thief gets scared and out of fear, the thief throws the mobile over Nisha and runs away.

So finally he had got this mobile. Now when Ajju and Nisha were together, Nisha tells Due that now you have no problem keeping me calm. On which Ajju tells that no one knows me here. On this Nisha tells him then why do you cry so much about the clothes. Now Ajju’s mother calls to Nisha as she could not find her bracelets. On which Nisha tells that they are kept in my cupboard. After which we see the MLA who arrives at the school. He came to know that these people are not taking any action.

So he shouts a lot to the school principal and says that if you will not do anything then I will have to do something. Giving this warning, he leaves from here. On the other hand, when Ajju’s mother opens the cupboard, she finds a letter from it and that letter is actually a divorce notice. Seeing this, Ajju’s parents get completely scared. He could not understand anything, so he calls Nisha’s parents to his house and informs them about the divorce notice.

Where Ajju’s father says that our son is not worthy of this, he is not worthy of your daughter. But here those people want to do corporate and they do not want to call and tell them. About this divorce notice because if they come to know about this, then their condition will get worse and there is no one to take care of them. So he can take any wrong step. So he says he will come back. After that we will talk about this. After which he goes to a beach where Hitler attacked and many soldiers were killed here.

All these things are being listened to through an audio book for which he has done five Europeans. Here Nisha also becomes very emotional and on Ajju’s request, Nisha gives him her headphones. Now when Ajju puts on headphones and starts listening to her voice, he too gets very emotional. because he found out that there were many such soldiers in this war

Those who were 15, 16, 17 years old. Many were fighting for the first time and many for the last time and within an hour all of them were killed by Hitler’s soldiers. All these soldiers were just protecting them so that we could stop them from going to the city for an hour. Ajju Bhaiya tells the children through the video that knowing about the war on TV, it is very easy to tell people.

But only those who have fought or seen the war know the consequences of the war. The true tribute to a soldier would be that these people should not be forgotten and should not be remembered just because they will appear in the exam. After this Nisha asks Ajju why do you love your image so much, on which Ajju tells that you all are top class people and I cannot become top in average, but I can look like top and This is my image.

I am that coriander of paneer curry whose presence or absence does not make any difference to anyone. But I have made my image like cheese so that now if I sit with people like you, then I am no less than you. Now when both are talking that’s when Ajju gets a call from Bipin. Bipin tells Ajju that the MLA has lost his mind and is planning something big because of the videos you are posting. After hearing this, Ajju gets scared and tells Nisha that he is going back to India.

But Nisha tells him that you must be doing something good. This is why the MLA is suffering. I want you to keep doing this work. you are doing well That is why the MLA is suffering. That’s why I want you to enjoy. And then one day Ajju meets Kalpesh. Both start quarreling with each other and demand each other’s luggage. But Kalpesh had left his bag with his relatives and he had come here for a walk.

Tells Ajju that till I do not get my bag, you too will not get your bag. But they want to exchange at least one pair of clothes. On which the clothes which were worn by Kalpesh and Ajju are changed next. The one who dances a lot yesterday wearing clothes because he has favorite clothes. Now from here Ajju goes to a hotel room where his room was on the top floor and the lift was also completely broken which alone takes these heavy bags to the top floor.

His condition deteriorates completely while being taken. Then here Nisha gives him water and also feeds him. Ajju was very happy to see that. After which the next day these people leave to know about Anne Frank. Here he learns that Anne Frank began writing a diary at the age of 13, when the Germans were hunting and killing Jews.

Then Anne Frank and her family hid in the secret room. Where there was a beer house below. All the morning work had to be done before it opened. As soon as the warehouse was opened, no one used to make any sound after that. They had nothing but still they were happy and Nisha and Ajju have everything but still they are not happy. Ajju also narrates the story to the children through videos. Anne Frank wanted to be a writer.

Despite this, he did not stop writing his diary in difficult circumstances. Anne Frank could not survive but her diary was saved and because of her diary she is still alive in the hearts of crores of people. Ajju Nisha had felt all these things. Ajju tells Nisha what would you like to do if this is your last day. On this Nisha tells Ajju that she would like to go to an expensive club and drink beer wearing an expensive dress, on which Ajju gets her a dress which was very beautiful.

Seeing whom Ajju keeps on watching. After which they go to a club and go out and drink beer. While drinking beer, they start trying to find out each other’s favorite things, which they

They didn’t even know each other’s favorite film. But now everything is known. But no match was happening between them. To which Nisha tells him that sometimes it is not necessary to have a match, it is necessary to remain calm. Now further we see both of them doing a romantic dance and everyone was watching them and a video is also being made of it. Later on, both of them start living with each other. Both start enjoying Europe.

Now whoever somewhere had started liking Nisha. Both were very happy and here Nisha shared that dance video. Now when both of them are sitting together talking, Vipin’s call comes to Anju. Vipin tells Anju that seeing your romantic dance, there was a stir in the whole of Lucknow. It seems to everyone that you have gone there not to teach about World War II but to celebrate your honeymoon.

On hearing this, Anju immediately rushes to Nisha and shouts profusely. Here Nisha starts talking about Ajju’s false image, on which Nisha shouts that I have never got anything in life and if I get a life partner, that too defective. Nisha loses her mind after hearing this and leaves from here.

Here Ajju also felt very bad and he started realizing that his false image will never work anywhere and he stands in front of Hitler’s photo and thinks one thing that the image which is created with the help of lies and appearances Yes, it doesn’t last long. We get this lesson from Hitler’s life only, because the situation is similar here too. Because there is only one car park where Hitler died. Because in the end everyone will remember your truth, not your lie.

After which Ajju calls Kalpesh and calls him to a place as they had to exchange luggage and Nisha comes here when Ajju is packing Kalpesh’s luggage. She tells him that she is going to India tomorrow. Next, we see Kalpesh and Ajju exchange their bags and then go to a museum together where they are looking at some things. They see a bag here, seeing which Kalpesh says that what can one keep in this small bag.

To which Ajju tells that when you only have half an hour you have not realized what you can put in this thing. Then Kalpesh tells him that if you have half an hour then what would you put in this bag on which Ajju starts feeling that thing. He sees here that he has kept a lot of shoes, belt and sunglasses, but then he realizes that it must have the photos of his parents and he also realizes that it is Nisha. There should also be a photo of

Ajju’s life is also like this bag. He has many things to show off, but there is no place for his parents and his wife in his life. While it is necessary to have them. After which he goes to Nisha and apologizes to her. He tells her that I have done big mistakes but I want one more chance. After which they start going for one last place as only three days were left before that they call their parents where they tell them that they will return to Lucknow after three days. Nysa and Ajju visit a place called Ostrich where 1.3 million people were imprisoned by Hitler.

They had only this much to eat that they could not even satisfy their hunger, they could only stay alive. Water was also mixed with half a liter and out of 13 lakh people, 11 lakh people died and here their punishment for refusing anything used to be death. Next we go to a place where out of these 13 lakh people, only one person was saved.

He tells his whole story to everyone and somewhere this story matches with Nisha’s story, he tells that I did not get along with my wife. Though I never hit her but I didn’t give her much attention which she deserves. I never gave it to him and when we reached Hitler’s prison, the only thing he used to say was that when he woke up in the morning, he would not get to see his face.

After waiting for 30 hours, they used to get one hour and these 30 hours were spent impatiently that they would get one hour. But one day his wife did not return which he knew would not return one day. That’s why whoever is special in your life, love him very much because there is no trust in life. On the other hand, the principal who is not taking any action against Ajju. So MLA reaches Ajju’s class, where he gives a surprise test to all the kids.

Now further Ajju Nisha goes to a chamber where Hitler used to bring people here through work and killed them mercilessly. Ajju Nisha was feeling all these things. But then suddenly Nisha starts having epileptic fits and Ajju gets very nervous seeing this. He immediately goes to Nisha, takes her head in his lap and tells everyone that this is my wife and he does not leave her hand till the last. After which Nisha gets cured, Ajju starts living with Nisha.

He also cooks the dinner himself and takes great care of Nisha. Now the time had come to go back home and Nisha and Ajju had completely calmed down. Ajju Nisha was taking care of him completely. Here Nisha felt that he has changed. So now she does not go home and tells Ajju that she wants to go back to her in-laws house and seeing this, Ajju also becomes very happy. Now when both go to their home, Ajju’s parents are also very happy.

They understood that everything is fine now and here Ajju even returned the baby Euro to his father which was the first time he had done it. Here Ajju tells Nisha that now you can do whatever you want. You can also do a job and I will fully support you. After which Ajju goes to school. Here he was about to decide whether Ajju would stay in this school or not. But before that Ajju gives a speech. He tells that I am a very bad teacher.

I have never taught my students with full concentration. I always used to give them higher marks so that no one fails and my image remains intact. But I want to tell you that all this is fake. My image is completely fake but I want to say that in the last 15 days I have taught children honestly. But these 15 days old sins cannot be washed away, can they?

That’s why he gives resignation letter here and says that I am leaving this school. Then the MLA says here that I had taken a surprise test for all the children and in the surprise test all of them have scored very well. Then I tore up that resignation letter and threw it away. When Ajju goes out, he sees respect for himself in the eyes of all the children and this is actually a real image. Nisha had also come here and he is very happy to see Nisha and then they both leave from here. Since then Nisha and Ajju and their entire family start living happily ever after.

Ajju and Nisha start living like friends and Ajju had completely accepted Nisha. So friends, the story in this film may be about two people coming close, but it has been served amidst the information of the world war and this information has been given in an entertaining way without getting bored. Children must be shown this film so that they can get information about it. The film does not bore anywhere, moves at its own pace.

Nitesh Tiwari has been successful in striking a good balance of love story and information. It is really interesting to see World War through the location of Europe and it is a clean film, which can be watched comfortably with the whole family. And when the trailer of director Nitesh Tiwari’s new film Bawal, which gave meaningful films like Dangal and Chhichhore, came out, the same question was arising in the mind that how the love story of Varun Dhawan and Jhanvi Kapoor would have been linked with the Second World War.

But after watching the film, it came to know that Nitesh has used many stories of World War II as a metaphor in the film and linked it with the complexities of today’s relationship. This suggestion may seem far-fetched to you at first, but as the story progresses, the characters and situations start influencing it and the audience also gets connected to it. Talking about the director, the first half of the film is woven with fun and light-hearted comedy.

Although the director has spent little time in establishing the story and characters, the film seems a bit slow. But after the interval, the story comes to its real purpose. From here Nitesh gives a different treatment to the film. There is no doubt that weaving the love story on the breakdown of World War II was a task. But Nitesh pulls it off well with Ajbaniya Tiwari’s story and Piyush Gupta, Nikhil Malhotra and Sewius Jain. The dialogues of the film Hum Sab Bhi are a little like Hitler. Not happy with what they have. Others have what is needed.

The world war is over but when will the war inside end and while coming to the climax the film not only gives a cute message but also makes one feel good. In terms of acting, this film has proved to be good in every way. Varun Dhawan, who played cute and playful characters in films like Hero Number One, Jug Jug Jio, has gone on to grow as an actor in films like Badlapur, Sui Dhaaga and October.

This time a very complex role has come in his account, which could have been negative on the screen as well. But Varun portrays this mean-spirited, cocky and self-centred character with utmost sincerity and Varun and Janhvi’s on-screen chemistry is endearing. Janvi Sidhi is very complex in the role of a simple small town girl and Manoj Pahwa has given full justice to his character in the role of father, while Anjuman Saxena has proved to be right in the role of mother. Child actors have done a good job in the film.

Anyway, see you again with the powerful explanation of the new movie.

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