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Bahubali 2 kgf2 kgfchapter2 pathan Collection Gadar2 Day 5 Box Office Collection

Bahubali 2 kgf2 kgfchapter2 pathan Collection Gadar2 Day 5 Box Office Collection
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So that is the simple matter. The collections of the fifth day, which are there, have started coming out. The fifth day means the day of August 15 and the day of August 15 for Gadar Two and OMG Two. It is also a day off for many people. So in such a situation more and more people are going to watch this movie. As the comments of all of you are coming out, in those comments you are telling that tickets are not already available in your cities. Here a very thought came to mind that we are seeing that Pathan’s collection was running only this much.

50 crore 55 crore collection was going on. But despite that also the tickets were available. Nowhere was it visible that Nayyar had become houseful. Tickets are not available. In the case of Gadar Two, it has happened that tickets are not available in cities. Now leave the talk of one or two theatres. When people are commenting in different cities, here we are from Jaisalmer. We are not getting tickets here from Chandigarh. Tickets are not available here. Tickets are not available in Delhi. We are not getting tickets in Rae Bareli. Your comments are coming to me from different places in Lucknow and you still tell yours, we will make a video on this too.

Very good comments of the public are coming in front, so if you want to explain Gadar in one tagline, like Gadar Me Tabaaah Di Macha Di, System Shikar Rakhi Diya. Any such punchline is coming in your mind. You must tell in the comment about this movie. So one thing about Pathan is coming to the fore now. Now in such a situation, let us talk whether some collection of these movies is coming out now and in comparison to Gadar, what was the collection of KGF Bahubali to Pathan on the fifth day.

Will talk about that. Here one thing should also be kept in mind by you that whether it is KGF, Bahubali or Pathan, the screen count of all these was very high. While Pathan had around 7000 to 8000, Bahubali’s KGF had around 10,000, so the screen count will also be kept in mind. Because here only 4000 screens of Hamari Gadar are running. A big difference would have arisen due to this. First of all, if we start talking about the collection, according to me, it will be correct so that you will also be able to understand to what extent the things are here.

Things are getting worse for these people, or rather things are not getting better. It’s a simple matter, first of all, if we talk about the collection of Pathan here, then the same Pathan’s collection was on the fifth day, which was of Sunday. It was 60 crores in which Hindi collection was 58 crores and Hindi had a huge contribution in it. We saw Gadar here and we see that the collection of Gadar is said to be 55 crores. But this includes advance booking of ₹33 crore.

A huge collection is expected to come out and it is expected that this movie will also take its collection above 60 crores and one plus point here is that along with Gadar 2, Pen India has not released. So, here we are talking about the contribution of Hindi only and only, then if we see Gadar in comparison to Pathan at this time, she is definitely behind, but till the time the concealer comes out tomorrow, she can definitely win.

On the other hand, if we talk about its Saturday collection, it was 53 crores and on the other hand, if we talk about the fourth collection of Gadar 2, it was 39 crores. After this, it is the turn of Adipurush. If we look at Adipurush, the collection of all the versions on the fourth day was 80 crores and the Hindi collection stood above 40 crores. Whereas here I mean all these versions because it was a pen India release so that’s why the fourth day collection was what it was.

80 crores. It was also in other languages. At the same time, the collection of the fifth day had fallen to a great extent. The fifth day means that the collection of Tuesday Cash was 58 crores in all languages ​​and its Hindi collection was around 30 crores. So here its full proper week flow happened, then the work started from Friday. But here we are seeing the benefit of 15th August holiday with Gadar 2 and I have already told you the collection of Gadar in comparison.

The collection of Gadar in five days is said to be around ₹ 55 crores. On the other hand, if we talk about KGF Chapter 2, then there was terror of its own level. If you see its collection here, it is given in different languages. Here, if we talk about the fifth day in terms of the collection of Rest of India, then there was a collection of about 30 crores and in Rest of India, we are assuming that there was a collection of Hindi belt, rest of all languages ​​here Together, the total collection came out to be 58 crores.

Now here, if you see the collection of one day before this, then you will definitely be surprised. Because the day before Sunday and Sunday had almost double collection. Means it had earned total 107 crores in one day, in which Hindi had ₹ 57 crores. 57 crore one in terms of SundayIt was a huge number that was achieved by KGF 2 and obviously after seeing this collection one would say that this movie really created a stir. Now there are many things to understand here that we can see, understand.

But broadly speaking, the magic of Gadar is being raised on everyone’s heads and Gadar is in no mood to retreat from anywhere at this time. Gadar has cleared this thing that brother, we are here, everything else is less. The way people are reaching theaters, the way people are saying that they are not getting tickets, I am speaking again and again. You are the people who are our network, so only you will tell us. By commenting whether tickets are available in your cities or not. Because many people say that Pathan’s record is still not broken brother.

It may not have been broken and many people are also saying that Pathan means Shahrukh Khan who will again make a new record with his tongue in the coming days. But the songs of Jawan that have come out have broken people’s hearts. Somewhere or the other, whatever song comes out tomorrow with Nayantara, let’s talk about it. Many people liked the songs before that. Not that it looked bad but not as good as was expected.

From Shah Rukh Khan’s movie, there may be some upside down here. Looking at Pathan, we should not say this for every movie that no man, all the movies will go like this because it doesn’t usually happen. Whatever the response of the movie is coming out here, it is enough to tell that the public is absolutely crazy for Sunny Deol. Many people here say that the movie doesn’t really have that much power. But because of Sunny Deol people are going to watch this movie so much.

The public wants to see Tara Singh again here, a big thing is coming out about the good handpump scene that Sunny Deol should do this scene now regarding the handpump scene. Should not be done include in the movie. Don’t But after that they decided to include it and the public response that came out was amazing. At the same time, this news also came out from the theater that a man raised slogans of Pakistan Zindabad there and then he was thrashed by the people present there and a news also came out from Noida that a theater was running there.

Stopped as soon as it started. Due to which there was an uproar. The time has come for the theater owner to explode. After this the police reached there and the police pacified the matter there. So the public who likes to watch the movie very furiously here, the public is going to watch this movie very furiously. It is obvious that it is being celebrated like a festival. This festival here is such that it seems to me that perhaps more and more people were talking about some of the things being celebrated here and a big thing was being said about Gadar.

Earlier in Bollywood there was a hype about this movie but it turned out to be unsuccessful and that’s why you too have come a few times on behalf of a big Bollywood celebrity. Except them, till now no good response has come out from anyone’s side regarding Gadar 2. Actually, it is also said about Sunny Deol that it is believed that Sunny Deol was sidelined in the industry. He was kept on the side, not a little but quite well. Because of which his career was derailed prematurely.

And now here you will see that now when Gadar has come, not only in multiplexes or national chances, but also in small theatres, single screen cinemas, there is magic of Gadar. He is speaking with his head high. The biggest thing here is that the public is wanting that the second part of the border should also come, so whether the second part of the border comes now or not, well time will tell. But one thing is certain that Sunny Deol has definitely got a second life here.

He has definitely got a reincarnation, which if he takes it in the right way, then I feel that he can give many more good movies in the coming times. Yes, it is just that as we had already told in Gadar that a little more work may be needed on the story. If the rest of the movie made in the budget of 70 to 80 crores is releasing such a huge collection, then there is no doubt that people are liking the movie. Be it the hand pump scene or Amrish Puri ji’s scene.

Yes, if you don’t know then Amrish Puri ji played the character of Ashraf Ali in the first part of Gadar and this time also Amrish Puri ji has been brought alive again in this movie with the help of computer graphics with the help of technology. So you will feel a lot of happiness even after seeing them. And this movie basically has all the elements that should be there in a movie. To hit him. So Kya Pathan Kya which movie, the Tsunami of Gadar is clearly visible here. What do you have to say about this, do tell by commenting and fill the comment section completely. with your thoughts

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