Are you single and living in the United States? Here’s how much money you’ll need to live in America’s most costly and cheapest states.

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Are you single and living in the United States? : Living solo means never having to wait for the bathroom or compromise on household decisions, from dinner choices to nighttime room temperatures. However, this convenience comes at a price, and some Americans bear a heavier financial burden than others.

Are you single and living in the United States? Here’s how much money you’ll need to live in America’s most costly and cheapest states.

GOBankingRates recently conducted a survey revealing the income necessary for a single person to live comfortably in each state. The site calculated the yearly costs of essentials for unattached individuals using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), then doubled the figure to encompass discretionary spending and savings.

The top three most expensive states for singles are Hawaii, requiring an annual salary of $112,411, followed by Massachusetts at $87,909, and California at $80,013.

For those seeking an economical solo lifestyle, Mississippi proves to be the most affordable state for singles, necessitating the lowest salary at $45,906. Oklahoma follows as the second most budget-friendly with $46,024, and Alabama comes in third at $46,577.

Yet, according to the latest BLS data, the median U.S. salary is $57,200. With 18 states requiring a higher income, places like New York and Washington may be beyond the financial reach of the average single.

Fight the singles tax

Living the bachelor life often means paying more for fewer amenities. The “singles tax” translates to higher costs for necessities compared to those shared by cohabiting couples. For example, single renters in the U.S. typically pay an average of $7,000 more for a one-bedroom apartment than couples sharing a living space.

The singles tax is substantial enough that 1 in 3 individuals remain in a relationship solely to avoid it, according to a Forbes Advisor survey. While the singles tax is a reality, uncoupled individuals enjoy greater flexibility in saving money. Moreover, there are creative strategies to reduce costs without resorting to sharing expenses with a partner. Read More: Housing Market 2023: The Top 10 American Homebuying Destinations

Move to a cheaper state

Following the advice to “follow the money,” the GOBankingRates survey highlights states where singles can lead a comfortable life with lower salaries. Is it possible for you to relocate to one of these places to save on expenses?

With remote work now prevalent, this option is more viable than ever before. If your employer allows flexibility, why not consider a move to a more affordable locale like North Carolina or Utah for greater cost efficiency?

However, since many companies are now calling employees back to the office, this option may not be suitable for everyone. Additionally, consider whether you’ll have a support system in your new state. Some singles may be willing to pay a premium for the comfort of being near family and friends.

Find a roommate

If moving is not an option, focus on reducing your largest expense: rent. Roommates provide an effective way to achieve this.

Adjusting to living with someone new may be challenging, but the payoff is a 50% reduction in expenses. With many individuals grappling with high rents, it’s not just college students seeking shared living arrangements. You can find a compatible roommate who fits into your lifestyle and helps you save on expenses.

If finding a roommate isn’t feasible for you, consider listing your home on Airbnb for a few days each month. During that time, you can stay with a friend and generate some extra income.

Couple up — with a friend

Groceries, rent, and entertainment cost less when shared between two individuals. Even if you’re single and not seeking a committed relationship, you can still find ways to divide some of these costs.

For instance, consider teaming up with a neighbor or friend to contribute to groceries. Sharing a Costco membership is an excellent way to get more for less. While many families benefit from buying in bulk, individuals often end up with excess waste. By splitting the cost with a friend and sharing the haul, food waste is minimized, and both parties enjoy reduced expenses.

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