Ankita Lokhande Laughed More Than She Cried When Her Father Shashikant Lokhande Died At The Age Of 68

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First Sushant and now father also left. The most difficult task in the world for a child is to shoulder the bier of their parents. Carrying her father’s bier, Ankita had never thought in her dreams that her father would leave her daughter at the age of just 68. Standing unconscious, Ankita is unable to believe that her father’s shadow has disappeared from her head. Ankita would sometimes smile seeing her father’s dead body and sometimes she would drive everyone away.

His heart is not ready to accept that by holding whose finger he learned to walk, he has left his hand and gone. A mountain of sorrows has broken on Ankita. Weeds have spread in his life. It was three years ago when Ankita lost Sushant Singh Rajput and today Ankita’s biggest support her father has also left her alone in this world. Ankita did not cry for hours on the death of her father. But when the father’s bier was placed on Ankita’s shoulders, she realized that her father’s shadow had risen. Stay Connected For Latest Bollywood News Movie Reviews Song Reviews

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