Akelli review: Nushrratt Bharuccha excels in survival dramas that don’t always follow logic.

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Movie ReviewAkelli
CastNushrratt Bharuccha
Amir Boutrous
Rajesh Jais
Tsahi Halevi
Directed byPranay Meshram
Written byPranay Meshram
Gunjan Saxena
Ayush Tiwari
Produced byAparna Padgaonkar
Shashant Shah
Vicky Sidana
Ninad Vaidya
Nitin Vaidya
Release date25 August 2023
Budget₹ 10 crores

Akelli review: Nushrratt Bharuccha excels in survival dramas that don’t always follow logic.

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Although the intention behind Akelli appears to be similar to that of The Kerala Story, the creative liberties taken in this Nushrrat Bharuccha-starrer are a little too far-fetched.

Although the intention behind Akelli appears to be similar to that of The Kerala Story, the creative liberties taken in this Nushrrat Bharuccha-starrer are a little too far-fetched.

A helpless teenage girl stands in the middle of the road, bound with explosives on her chest. Her mother is standing nearby, pleading for help. The bomb squad is attempting to defuse the time bomb in order to save her. A minute later, we hear a loud explosion, followed by dust and fire engulfing the area. Everyone in the area flees for their lives. In that chilling moment, you realize that Nushrat Bharuccha’s Akelli will not be an easy watch.

Akelli is a story of grit, conviction, and determination, inspired by the true story of a Middle Eastern woman. It also depicts the atrocities committed against women by the terrorist organization ISIS. Director Pranay Meshram uses blood and gore to create shock value while also leaving an impression. Akelli is shocking and frightening, but she is rarely convincing.Also Read:Gadar 2 box office collection day 13: Film starring Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel earns 10.4 crore, bringing its total to 411 crore.

What is the story of Akelli?

Jyoti (Nushrratt) is trapped in a combat zone in Iraq when the film begins. In a flashback, we learn that she is from Punjab and lives with her mother and niece. She needs to get a job to pay off her family’s debts. In desperation, she agrees to work as a factory supervisor in Mosul, Iraq, after being enticed by a job agent (Rajesh Jais).

When she arrives, her coworker-turned-friend Rafiq (Nishant Dahiya) tells her how ISIS members storm the factory and kidnap all the women to use as sex slaves. Jyoti’s fate takes an unexpected turn when she arrives at the home of ISIS leader Asad (Tsahi Halevi), where she meets more victims, many of whom he sexually abuses. She tries and fails several times to save her life and the lives of a few others in order to escape the clutches of ISIS and return to her country. But will she be able to pull it off?

How’s the story going?

Akelli is well-timed at 127 minutes and, thankfully, does not digress. Though I thought the dialogues were too ordinary and lacked punch. Even the screenplay becomes overly convenient at times. We are led to believe that whatever is happening on screen is real, when in reality, this may not be the case.

Jyoti’s ability to escape from deadly situations despite hundreds of armed men guarding the dark dungeons and jails appears unbelievable. Meshram’s story, which he co-wrote with Gunjan Saxena and Ayush Tiwari, lacks logic, which is difficult to overlook. Even though the story keeps you interested, you do wonder about the practicality of the situations.Also Read:OMG 2 box office collection day 13: A film starring Akshay Kumar and Pankaj Tripathi makes 123 crore.

Nushrrat, how are you?

Nushrratt’s outstanding performance stands out among the story and screenplay. She pushes herself to get into the skin of this character from the start, and she shines in every frame. Nushrratt exudes confidence while playing this difficult and physically demanding role. There’s a scene in the film where she’s hiding in an airplane, and her silent screams will give you chills. This could be her best performance by a long shot.

Tsahi Halevi, the Fauda actor, is as good or bad as it gets in his Bollywood debut. You despise him for his barbaric ways, with his obsession with handcuffs and penchant for torturing women. He sings the Arabic song Wayak just before sexually assaulting Jyoti in one scene. That was a tense scene. Nishant Dahiya has a charming screen presence in his limited screen time and plays a short and sweet role.

The Kerala Story Relationship

In terms of the subject, we recently saw The Kerala Story. The Adah Sharma film also sowed the seeds of innocent Indian girls being converted to Islam and then taken to Syria to be used as sex slaves. The intention behind Akelli appears to be similar — to familiarize us with ISIS’s brutal methods — though the creative liberties taken in this one are a little too far-fetched.

Akelli prevents you from breathing, both literally and metaphorically. It’s a difficult film to watch, and it’s not for the faint of heart. If you must watch it, do so solely for Nushrratt’s outstanding performance.

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