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Akelli Movie Review : A story about escaping ISIS and missing out on excitement.

Akelli Movie Review : A story about escaping ISIS and missing out on excitement.
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Movie ReviewAkelli
CastNushrratt Bharuccha
Amir Boutrous
Rajesh Jais
Tsahi Halevi
Directed byPranay Meshram
Written byPranay Meshram
Gunjan Saxena
Ayush Tiwari
Produced byAparna Padgaonkar
Shashant Shah
Vicky Sidana
Ninad Vaidya
Nitin Vaidya
Release date25 August 2023
Budget₹ 10 crores

Akelli Movie Review : A story about escaping ISIS and missing out on excitement.

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Jyoti, a Punjabi girl, gets a job in Mosul, Iraq, and soon finds herself surrounded by ISIS terrorists, fighting for her life.


A young Indian woman becomes trapped in war-torn Iraq, where she manages to kill a high-ranking ISIS commander and fatally injure another top leader before successfully escaping from the notorious organization’s clutches. This premise suggests an enthralling and engaging plot. Unfortunately, this potential is squandered, resulting in a thriller that only manages to captivate in a few places. The film begins on a thrilling note, building anticipation for an exciting journey.

Nonetheless, after about thirty minutes, the initial excitement wears off, and the film devolves into a textbook example of a well-written script. Such films necessitate a great deal of grit, edginess, and tension. While Akelli has these elements, they are underdeveloped and have not reached their full potential. Read More:Dream Girl 2 movie review: Ayushmann Khurrana dresses and messes

The film takes artistic licenses, with noticeable gaps that leave one wondering how they escaped the makers’ notice. For example, Tsahi Halevi, who plays ISIS’s supreme commander, is fatally shot in one scene, only to appear unharmed and strong at the airport in the next. Regardless, the filmmakers should be commended for their willingness to venture into uncharted territory.

Their efforts are commendable and deserve to be recognized. The film begins with a dramatic scene on a Mosul street in which a girl is bound with explosives. Such sequences at the beginning of a film are undeniably captivating. However, it’s unfortunate that the same level of momentum wasn’t maintained throughout the film.

Jyoti (Nushrratt Bharuccha) is a young woman from Punjab who loses her airport job due to unfortunate circumstances. She is desperate for alternative employment because she is responsible for her mother and niece. She eventually gets a job as a supervisor at a garment factory in Mosul, Iraq. With few options, she accepts the position and travels to Mosul. Rafeeq (Nishant Dahiya), her manager and a Pakistani who develops feelings for her, meets her there.

Jyoti’s life appears to be settling down when an ISIS attack on the factory kills all Sunni Muslims and captures the remaining individuals. Jyoti makes every effort to elude her captors and escape their clutches, driven by a strong desire to return to India. This includes killing an ISIS commander by accident and critically injuring Assad (Tsahi Halevi), another senior commander in the region.

The film gives Nushrratt Bharuccha an excellent opportunity to showcase her acting abilities. While she may not have fully capitalized on the opportunity, her performance was sincere and genuine. Tsahi Halevi, best known for his role in the Israeli television series Fauda, gives a good performance as Assad, exuding a menacing aura. Nonetheless, a more defined characterization from the film’s writer would have been preferable. Read More:Jailer box office collection day 15: Rajinikanth’s action film grosses 298.75 crore in India.

Nishant Dahiya, who plays Rafeeq, manages to make an impression on the audience despite his brief appearance. The intentions of debut director Pranay Meshram are admirable, but a weak script ultimately undermines his efforts. Akelli thrives in enclosed spaces but falters when it ventures outside of them. The film struggles to maintain its impact in an era dominated by cutting-edge, terrorism-themed series on various streaming platforms.

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