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Although the intention behind Akelli appears to be similar to that of The Kerala Story, the creative liberties taken in this Nushrrat Bharuccha-starrer are a little too far-fetched.


Movie ReviewAkelli
CastNushrratt Bharuccha
Amir Boutrous
Rajesh Jais
Tsahi Halevi
Directed byPranay Meshram
Written byPranay Meshram
Gunjan Saxena
Ayush Tiwari
Produced byAparna Padgaonkar
Shashant Shah
Vicky Sidana
Ninad Vaidya
Nitin Vaidya
Release date25 August 2023
Budget₹ 10 crores

Akelli 2023 Movie Explained In Hindi | Movie Ending Explained In Hindi | MOVIE STORY

So friends, once again welcome to our blog where we are going to explain. to the movie Akelli. The story of the film begins. The families of those killed in the 2014 Kedarnath tragedy, who are denied compensation by the insurance company because all those who are declared dead, could not find a relief agency, and it is the insurance company that wins in court. Jyoti, a girl from the same family, decides to go abroad to repay the loan and run the household.

She has sacrificed her job in the country to save the job of an elderly person. At home she tells to go to Muscat, while she says yes to a ₹80,000 supervisor job in Mosul, Iraq and Jyoti reaches there after a few days. Iraq A girl who never came out even from her city. She reaches a country where there is always a state of war.

As soon as she reaches the airport, her manager Rafiq meets her there and when Rafiq is telling Jyoti the situation here, then we see an incident happening in front where a bomb is planted on the chest of a girl. Was. Bomb defusers try hard to defuse that bomb but in the end they are not able to save that girl.

Due to which there is a huge explosion and everyone gets badly shocked. And the biggest shock was felt by Jyoti here because she had never seen such a situation. He was starting to get scared here but he is comforted that such accidents are very rare. But the situation there had started deteriorating a lot. Read More | Jailer 2023 Movie Full Explained | Jailer Movie Ending | Jailer MOVIE STORY

Things were going from bad to worse. The ISIS men were badly killing the people of other country and capturing the girls. But here Rafiq tells Jyoti that we are at a very safe place. Nothing like this happens here. He introduces everyone here and everyone eats food together. Slowly Rafiq starts coming closer to Jyoti here.

He is teaching work to Jyoti here and somewhere Jyoti has also started liking Rafiq and she has also liked this place. He also liked the work very much because he has to do very less work and his salary was 80,000. But one night when she wakes up, she sees that explosions are happening at many places and she is able to see these things clearly. Meaning that the atmosphere was starting to deteriorate again. That’s why the next day all the working people who were here demand their passports.

But the madam who is here says that we have got three important orders and they have to be completed, only after that you can leave from here.

But before the situation gets too bad, Rafiq sees that ISIS people are coming here. They know it’s a huge problem because everyone is so disgusting. That’s why all the people working here are hidden in the basement. But their leader knows very well that these people have hidden the people here. Rafiq and there were two other people with him who were standing in front of the people. Those people were asking the address of those people but Rafiq was not telling but the man next to Rafiq had told that man everything.

So as soon as those people come to know that all these people are hiding in the basement, then all the people reach there and they take all the girls under their control. All the people who were here were very scared because they felt that these people would kill all of us. But here they do not kill the girls, but all the men working here are made to stand in line and brutally killed. And from here all these girls are taken to a secret place. Means at every intelligence base where there is no question of girls running away.

Everyone is made to wear black burqas and that man was selecting all of them one by one. But first he selects Jyoti here.

He takes Jyoti with him and here Jyoti is begging to leave her. But here the man Jyotimisbehaves with them. Later he learns that Jyoti’s body stinks. So sends him to the bathroom to take a bath. But later that man also follows her and starts misbehaving with her. But here Jyoti gets angry and she pushes the man from behind and in this push and punch, the man is accidentally killed.

Jyoti is completely shocked to see this and immediately tries her best to run away from here. But she is unable to escape from here. She is caught and now she was feeling that maybe she will be killed.

But only then there is the entry of their leader named Asad, who is very cruel. He doesn’t think twice before killing people. Here he meets Jyoti and says that you have killed our most important man, so you will have to be my joru for the rest of your life as a punishment. He already had four wives, but now he wanted to make Jyoti his wife here. But Jyoti had to reach her home from here under any circumstances. But now it is completely impossible.

Now every night Asad Jo does dirty things with Jyoti and Jyoti can’t do anything because he has killed her special man. Asad, there were also small girls here. Does dirty deeds with them too. Seeing all these things, Jyoti feels very bad as she cannot do anything. Her age will be around 10 to 12 years but she cannot do anything here. But one day when Asad is sleeping, Jyoti, who is here, steals his gun and also ties handcuffs on both his hands and asks him the way out by keeping it at gunpoint. But by then we can see that all the soldiers of Assad had come here.

He was armed with weapons and he could kill Jyoti at a single signal. But Jyoti had pointed a gun at Asad’s head, so all those people could not do anything. And while doing so, Jyoti escapes in a car taking both those girls with her. But in the middle of the way, Asad jumps out of that car and seeing this, Jyoti shoots Asad. He had never used a gun before, but today he had to use it, after which he reaches some soldiers of the army by the next morning. Reaching where he felt that perhaps his life would be saved here.

Because the army men were against the ISIS men. Here, those army people feed those people. He felt that maybe he is completely safe here. But then here Jyoti overhears all his words. He comes to know that Assad and Assad’s people can reach here anytime. From which we come to know that Assad is alive. After hearing this, Jyoti immediately leaves here taking both those girls with her. Here she picks up her car and all those soldiers and people of Assad get behind the car.

Jyoti who is here, she very bravely runs away with her car. All those militants were following him. But here Jyoti teaches a lesson to all of them and reaches a place where they had to reach earlier. They reach the cam where there were real soldiers who were helping all the people and everyone was being taken to their country one by one. On the other hand, our Indian Government was also fully helping that all those who are trapped in Iraq should be taken out from there, then a new identity is created for Jyoti to come out, in which her name was Maria Sultan.

She is sent to the airport where she reaches the airport in Baghdad. From there he had to take a flight to India. But then Jyoti sees here that Assad and Assad’s people have reached here and they have sealed the entire airport and get the flight that was about to fly canceled as well. The Jyoti who is here somehow hides in the toilet but Assad’s people also come behind. As Asad’s men enter the toilet, they find that Jyoti has escaped through the windows.

They follow him outside as well and search him at many places. But Jyoti dives into the water tank and hides holding her breath for a long time. As soon as all those militants leave from here.Jyoti comes out of the water and gasps for breath as she felt like she was saved. But at night when she is watching her flight then a man comes from behind and that man is none other than Rafiq because Rafiq had to save his life so he started working with them.

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Here Jyoti tells Rafiq that this is the last flight. If she misses this flight, she will never be able to reach India. You somehow turn off the lights here so that I can reach that plane. So Rafiq does the same on Jyoti’s advice. He turns off all the lights of the airport and taking advantage of this, Jyoti reaches the plane.

But Rafiq, who is here, is unable to switch off the lights for a long time because Asad’s men come there and they kill Rafiq. The planes were also being checked here, but people do not get Jyoti even during the checking. Because she hid in the plane’s chamber, that flight is sent here and Jyoti reaches India safely. Thank you. Jai Hind, Jai Bharat, Jai Shri Ram.

Anyway, will meet again with a powerful explanation of the new movie.

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